Born Under a Bad Sign … Again

notoysThat’s right Missy! No pets for you! Not this again. And I see the post was over two years ago and I’ve made no further effort to free myself from the grasp of parental control. I just don’t have what it takes. I CANNOT defeat the Boss of Parental Control. I guess there’ll be no shopping for me cause mean mommy me won’t let me.

teabagYeah … should have seen this one coming. Hadn’t been Horde for a while and of course didn’t just land at the wrong hotel; Sasche flew right into the lobby. You can sorta see poor Sasche under the pile of people teabagging her my Alliance brethren. I was fascinated but I don’t get the appeal. She stayed there a while as I wondered if there would ever come a point that they’d tire and just leave her be … Nope. It was kind of interesting but not really worth the 75 gold admission. Cat should try it and see what my Horde brethren do … but naked without gear.

hugdeadOH! I knew it! There IS hope! See, one of my Alliance brethren hugged her! All is not lost! We can get along, we can … What?

What do you mean it’s not a real hug … a hug’s a hug … achievement? It’s an achievement? OMG! Is nothing sacred? Not even a hug? I’m not going to tell her that … I’m going to let her think it was sincere.

sasdemorI’m sorry hun. I know how you feel. I have days like that in my world. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to get out of bed. Here … have some music to cheer you up. Since this is a reoccurring theme I’m running out of versions of that song but you have to admit if it fits any race … it is the Forsaken.

10 Responses to “Born Under a Bad Sign … Again”

  1. I admit I haven’t done that for a while but that’s probably because my alli is either in the Shrine, the Isle or Stormwind. LOL, your edit looks like a hotdog 😛

  2. Well, being the Ever-Mary-Sunshine, at least you gave someone 10 points for an achievement? Folks keep asking if the OLRG will ever have a Horde run, and now after reading this, I’m even more disinclined. They really should distinguish those places with more than a few blue or red streamers. I’ll go speak to the manager.

    • I know, I was like all … I just did that for you guys to get achievements … yeah, it was on purpose, lol.

      An air raid warning would be nice since I seem to not take the color hint … sigh.

  3. I feel for ya – every time I do the Pandaren Earth Spirit pet battle on my Alli I see the “?” on the map to turn it in at the Horde shrine and well….you know the rest.
    I don’t know if it’s a glitch or Blizzard just trolling me.

    • LOL! I didn’t ever notice that but I think it’s because when Cat does that battle she then flies on to do the guy in the cave in Kun-Lai. She’ll have to thank him for saving her a beatdown!

      I’m betting on Blizzard trolling us!

  4. I like to think there is a cross-Atlantic similarity between the occupants of Dragonblight (Dragonblight-EU is my ‘home’ server). I frequently hug Hordies when I see them out and about. I also like to congratulate them when they kill rares etc. I know were enemies and all that but a rare’s a rare and ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’ springs to mind 🙂

    • Oh! I didn’t know there was an Eu Dragonblight! I’m really happy we merged with the US one, I like the people.

      I think my characters die so much cause they just don’t get the whole faction thing, lol.

      • Unfortunately EU Dragonblight is a bit of a joke server but we aren’t all like that. I can’t wait until we get merged!!
        Haha yeah. I have flown into many Horde camps and dismounted to find a load of angry Orcs charging at me!

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