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phantaI always want to do a Blog Azeroth Shared Topic post but I’m always late, or forget, or the topic might not be relevant to me. I saw Matty’s Oathmaker topic idea and thought, well damn, that’s WAY too hard. Can’t do that one.

What vows would your character say, intend, or break, and to what allegiance? Would it be to class/race/specialization, deity, or ruler?

Yesterday I had an accidental epiphany … a swift kick in the mental butt. I sometimes forget why I love this game. I become disgruntled because I try to play as others do, not as I do … then the trouble sets in … I’m being my own private, personal funsucker.

Because of my extreme feeling of guilt for deleting Sasche’s life savings I decided to get her some support staff like Cat has. Above is Phanta, a Rogue with heirlooms ready to go. She’s an Alchemist/Jeweler … she’s going to make Sasche some big bucks.

Sasche can’t afford to buy her all the mats so yesterday I roll Ironrose, the Druid. She had no heirlooms, she’s going to gather. Yeah … kinda boring I know. Phanta’s been around a while and she’s level 8. Yesterday while playing Ironrose I lost track of time wandering through Mulgore and Ironrose was suddenly level 10. Ironrose frequently sat down to enjoy the beauty of Mulgore and the music. I had enjoyed myself.

I will be taking a vow along with my characters. Be true to yourself, be who you are. Do what you enjoy.

I probably won’t always keep it, I’ll sometimes lose sight of it and have to rediscover it …

ironrosebut I’m pretty sure Rose won’t need reminding.

17 Responses to “Shared Topic: Oathmaker”

  1. The simple promises seem to be the hardest ones to keep sometimes, but a valuable reminder and reflection.

    Oh – and on a serious note — email customer service about your mistake. They might help you.

    • It’s amazing how often I forget to do the things I enjoy and make myself and my characters frazzled, lol.

      I thought about it but I have been trying to get our trash and recycling picked up for going on two weeks now, loss of poor Sasche’s money is well worth not having to deal with more customer service right now, lol!

  2. Best of luck to both Phanta and Ironrose. 🙂

    I like your vow — simple and sweet and very much true to who you are to begin with.

  3. You’re right – sometimes we get so caught up in the gear treadmill and performance pressures that we forget why we keep playing this game in the first place.

    I like to solo old raids – not for any particular reason, just because I find it fun. I also like popping out my fishing chair and doing some fishing for no reason.

    Thanks for the reminder – no reason to feel guilty doing something you enjoy 😀

  4. Great! also thanks for sharing your views on this topic idea this week. I had post mine as well. my vows or oaths are just purely about the game and the purpose how my main character plays. I didnt put it too personal but I like your simplicity on this.. @kamalia is right its so you. =)

    • Thanks Amerence! I did read yours but blogger is not allowing me to comment on any blogs right now other than Matty’s, not sure why. Yours is the third blogger blog I’ve tried to comment on recently to no avail. I don’t know why WordPress and Blogger have to fight all the time!

      • Really?! I didn’t know that… thats why i never see any comments in my blog lately haha that could be the reason why =( hope it gets fixed soon. =(

        • okay i just made a test comment in my topics seems to be working well posting a comment.. but when i tried posting as wordpress user since i have one account wordpress doesnt recognized the owner it says… so its something from the wordpress part too i think. if you want to comment just try using the regular name and url instead of the other accounts. unless you might need to make a blogger account just for the comments oh well… hopefully it gets fixed i also just changed my settings incase that could be one of the reason as well. Anyway, Thanks again for letting me know. =)

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  6. Matty is right – the simple oaths are the best!

  7. I’ve just restarted, an aff lock, and I like your attitude about stopping to admire the scenery, smelling the roses and playing for your self.
    I did Stormwind Stockade last night, well the other four did, my lock was barely above the healer in dps :(. Anyway, we ran the three bosses and boom gone/done. No side rooms, nothing. I thought where’s the fun there. It was all get to 90 or get out of the way. What is it the pandas say – go slow. Too right.

    • I know, those Pandaren are trying to get us to stop and enjoy the scenery but do we listen?

      Once in a while I tell myself you have to do this and that and then I realize I’m not enjoying it.

      I know, my little low level Warlock did a Wailing Caverns LFD and although shed accepted quests in there she didn’t dare try to complete them as the tank was running through there like the devil was chasing him. I would never find my way out of there if I lost the crowd, lol.

      • WC? Oh god no. You are right. I’ve done it several times and each time was different from all the others. Thank the lords (of Draenor) for mapping addons that say go here idiot/go there noob etc.

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