Shared Topic: Mountable Mounts

catbirdFor this week’s Blog Azeroth shared topic Dragonray asks:

What are your top 5 mounts – or just the ones you go to all the time because you like the way they ride? What are the ones you really dislike and can never bring yourself to use – does it rub against your collecting nature (if you have one) to buy all the mounts even though you know you will never use them?

I’ve noticed my different characters have different favorites, so I thought I’d ask a few which mounts were their favorites. There’s Fire Cat up there being a Catbird which is the form she almost always uses for flight but she says her favorite mount is her Time-Lost Proto-Drake.

Whenever she feels sorry for herself about RNG, I remind her that she found him while reading the just published Wowinsider post on him. When I maximized the WoW window after reading about how to find him I found him on top of her flapping her head with his wings.

tlpdI asked my once main, once Enhancement Shaman who now tends a farm in Halfhill if she had a favorite mount, I was surprised by her answer. Her favorite mount is her Swift Mistsaber.

mistsaberWay, way back in the shrouded mists of Vanilla and BC she very much disliked her racial mount, the Elekk. While I assured her it was only her imagination that he moved slower than other mounts she didn’t care. In a time when it was unusual to see races riding mounts other than their own, she refused to attend to any business until she became exalted with those Night Elves. She has ridden it ever since.

sandstoneMy Hunter the Alchemist’s favorite mount is the Sandstone Drake. She doesn’t use it often but it’s a symbol to her of my promise. Once she made it she could abandon Archeology … FOREVER! Unless of course another expansion requires her help … shhhh … I haven’t told her that part.

bloodwingSasche’s favorite mount is the Armored Bloodwing. It’s favored because it was a gift from a good friend and it reminds her of home when she travels the world … and she thinks it’s suitably Warlocky … very important to her.

cimheavenThe Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent is Cim the Warlock’s favorite mount, she just doesn’t actually ride it. It’s beautiful but she gets sea sick if she rides it. She hovers occasionally on it to admire it.

cimheadlessCim’s go to mount is the Headless Horseman’s Mount … again … suitably Warlocky … must keep up appearances!

So there are the five mounts that … what? But Liwu, it said five … I see … okay, go ahead.

liwumountLiwu’s very excited as it’s just ONE MORE DAY! Tomorrow she’ll make her Sky Golem. Even so, I’m pretty sure I can safely say that the Sapphire Panther will remain her favorite mount. As excited as she was about her flying machines she never mounts up on anything but Sapphire Panther. Another mount that is a reminder of great friends and good times.

It looks like all of my character’s favorite mounts are reminders of events and friends … except Cimmeria … figures … that Warlock is cold. Sometimes I think she actually IS the Big Purple Demon and just occasionally turns into that Human form.

15 Responses to “Shared Topic: Mountable Mounts”

  1. Flight form is the best way to travel 🙂 Back when I mostly played my druid I always felt bad wanting to collect mounts that I’d never use, but I loved collecting them anyways. I remember grinding out the gold for months to do the quest for it.

    I use Time Lost Proto Drake on most of my other toons, probably just because of the effort it took to get.

    I rarely use them anymore, but the old school War Mounts that I got for getting a certain rank in Vanilla hold a lot of meaning still.

    I like the Hyppogryphs a lot too, just the way they look flying and that they can run too.

    I like the old ZA bear because it reminds me of all of the runs I did there.

    Two mounts that I thought I would really love but never ride would be, Anzu’s and Ashes. I just don’t like either’s animation.

    • It is the best way to travel! Also handy for a lot of quests where you can complete them without even landing.

      Cat does like her Raven Lord but I think it’s in more of a “I had to kill that stupid Anzu around 160 times to get you so you are going to run me all over whether you like it or not” sort of way, lol.

      I love Hyppogryphs too. I remember being so excited when I was able to finally buy the Cenarion War Hippogryph.

  2. Bannog has the Sparkle Pony, now and then pulls out the Flameward Hippogriff, drakes of various kinds, but for galopping round the Timeless Isle, I just use the Swift Brown Steed – the very first fast pony I got. It just… looks right. Ariciel either flies everywhere on her own wings, or rides a mistsaber of some description.

    Griggin only uses his Dreadsteed if he wants to shout wordlessly that here is a Warlock, and what was that you called me again? Otherwise, he’s amped up his strider to the max.

    • It’s funny, one of my Warlocks favorite things about the Timeless Isle is it gives them a chance to mount up on their Dreadsteeds which actually is there favorite land mount. No one has a Sparkle Pony, how did I miss buying that, lol. Have to check what else I’ve missed.

  3. The swift mistsaber is definitely my favourite Nightelf mount and mine was my first epic mount. I never quite got my head around the appeal of those jewelcrafting mounts though.

    • My Shaman loves hers, she did NOT love those Elekk at all. Come to think of it my Hunter also loves her Winterspring Frostsaber so I think I’m partial to riding on cats or for that matter being one, lol.

  4. JD Kenada Says:

    Yeah, the jewel panther mounts are pretty awesome. Made me smile seeing that one on the list.

    I can appreciate your Shaman. Siori was far from Darnassus from a fairly early state and as such was never a cat type of elf. She had to have a horse. To the point that she was level 42 before she had said mount because we weren’t getting the training until she was Exalted with Stormwind.

    • Yup, Liwu won’t get off her Panther. She tries out her engineering mounts and then back she goes.

      Seems so long ago that you just saw people on racial mounts and riding one not your own? Hardly ever! An Elf on a horse! Shocking!

  5. Ooh what a great list you have there. I think I need to think about my own list after seeing all these posts around the place.

  6. I love how you made that list for each toon!

  7. Nice collections you got here hon… love the screenies! =)

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