Best Laid Plans

cimsetI had big plans for the week that was. I decided it was time everyone went into moneymaking mode to get ready for Warlords. Unfortunately no one paid the least bit of attention to my plans, I think we’re in the red on money for the week.

I don’t know how those world class transmoggers do it. Cim went through, I don’t know how many iterations on that outfit up there. She’d pick something … nope … dropped by someone in Siege of Orgrimmar … forget that Cim, pick something else.

Nope … that’s a piece of Horrendously Vile Lord of PvP gear … pick something else … and on … and on. And then sometimes you get the piece and it just doesn’t look as good as you hoped … pick another Cim.

liwuflyLIWU! I thought we agreed that you’d go do the Isle of Thunder Scenario chain. You have elevenly billion Greater Kirin Tor Offensive Insignia that everyone sent you, let’s get on this. Liwu? LIWU! Oh … she’s gone.

saschedeadagainWell at least Sasche is … Sasche? Seriously? Again? Really? Sigh …

hearthstonemeYeah … it’s not just them. I knew … KNEW that I wouldn’t be interested in Hearthstone. I knew I’d be awful at it but had to check it out when I got my invite in the last wave. I don’t know … I must be a masochist.

I so suck at this … it involves strategy, which I eschew at all costs. I start out telling myself, THIS TIME I will have a plan and then at some point I start just throwing down cards willy-nilly in excitement. Yes, then my hero dies horribly.

And yet still, at the moment, I am addicted. I even played a REAL PERSON. They THRASHED my Paladin with their Hunter. I mean really badly … embarrassingly badly. And then I found out the game has emotes. They emoted me …

Well Played! OMG! I got a pity emote! That was so nice of them! I later found this, Well Played = The Emote of Jerks. Perception is a strange thing, I’m sticking with “that was a nice person who thought they were saving the feelings of a strategically challenged ten year old … otherwise known as … well … me.”

14 Responses to “Best Laid Plans”

  1. I noticed most of my buddies are playing that now, and figured I should go check for my own Beta…now I know the sarcasm emote exists. Thank you for warning! Oh, and Cim looks amazing. Truly.

  2. Cim looks great! I love that purple.

    I think hearthstone is addicting as well. I was a bit frustrated with how to play at first but began watching streams on youtube who explain why they are playing the cards that they are and you also develop a familiarity with the cards specific to classes and what kind of strategy you can expect when playing those opponents. I’m still middling at best but I still really enjoy the game.

    • Thank you! I will have to take a look at some streams where they explain why they play cards, it would make a huge difference to know. I need to do some more research and MAYBE I could improve.

  3. I think Cim looks fantastic! I still haven’t tried hearthstone yet… I didn’t want to get addicted or anything as I don’t have much time to play other games, but I really should get on it…

  4. I go through pretty much that same sort of cycle when I’m designing an outfit in MogIt — this item is from something I can’t do, that item is from something I don’t want to do, I thought this other item would work okay but really it doesn’t. That set up there is fabulous, though, and if Cim wants some company (not that she needs *help*, being a Lock and all) farming content that is level 85 or below, Kinevra would be happy to come along. 😉

    • Oh thanks Kam! She might take you up on that! I’m been trying for the easy part which is the belt cause I want to make sure it looks right. Every time I go though Keli’dan the Breaker hands her an axe, lol.

  5. Ohhh my i love that staff… your transmorg purple theme! love it! and is that a new card game? sorry im so ignorant about it haha! But Cim looks nice!

  6. That mog looks lovely. Good luck getting the rest of the pieces together. It’s funny, I had no real interest in card games so when I received the beta pretty early on I decided to try it and found it a lot more fun than I expected but I think I burnt myself out at the time. I don’t really have any interest in logging back in until it goes live.

  7. That’s a great transmog Tome, do it up!

    With Hearthstone going Open Beta I will probably download it yet tonight (but not play). I’ll happily sit down and play a game or two with you (and also not have the foggiest idea what I’m doing).

    • I’m trying but that stupid keli’dan the breaker only wants to hand her an axe, over and over and over.

      That would be great as I have no clue what I’m doing either. I found that out when I battled real people, OMG, what hit me!

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