Of Blogs, Drops, Snow and Love

spritesYeah, I’m all over the place today. I think I’m suffering from the aftereffects of a genuine REAL Tuesday maintenance. I forgot how painful they were.

Yesterday, because of snow and maintenance I was entertaining myself by browsing my screenshot folder and reading blogs. I really hate this war WordPress and Blogger have going. I mean grow up you two. I can comment on Blogger blogs that have name/url but can no longer comment using the WordPress setting.

So anyway, I had wanted to congratulate Jojo for winning Mr and Mrs WoW’s competition. Then I was off to visit Altoholic Anonymous and once again was foiled … so I’ll say it here. Congratulations Jojo and I agree Sofia!

liwulegOkay. The ridiculousity of RNG. Catwynn and Cimmeria have been on that Isle FOREVER. Between them they have killed Rattleskew what must be hundreds of times. They got zip … nothing … nada. Liwu sees Rattleskew for the first time on her way to kill frogs and gets Captain Zvezdan’s Lost Leg. I think it’s safe to say I’m not getting this unless they make it account wide but Liwu can probably make more use of bodyguards than the Warlocks.

ogrewrongThat’s how wrong the weathermen were yesterday. As wrong as that Ogre. We just got 4 inches of polite snow but they’re right about the cold. I know it’s weak but I just HAD to use my WoW Modelviewer screen shot. I kinda wish they did look like that. I TOLD you I was rooting around in my screen shot folder … expect the worst!

gnomeblitThere were two high points in Cata for me. Both in Uldum, Thieving Little Pluckers and Gnomebliteration. I think I once spent a whole afternoon rolling around … I just couldn’t let it go. Okay I’m done with the screen shots. Promise.

So this morning Matty said to be sure to see the guest post at orcish army knife. Not only great advice but a love story too! You can sign up to receive updates and know when Death Knight Love Story Part Two is available. So that’s what Hugh of MMO Melting Pot’s been up to! Now we have two WoW films to look forward to!

Got to go, Sasche’s calling. Now that Horde isn’t so depressingly empty after the server merge, Sasche’s been out and about. She wants to go back to the Timeless Isle Target store and continue gearing up. You’d think I’d get sick of it but it seems every time a new character gets there, it’s all fun again. Weird.

11 Responses to “Of Blogs, Drops, Snow and Love”

  1. I totally understand about the blogger and wordpress they really need to do something about the comment system to be honest Im actually thinking of buying a hosting through wordpress now. I don’t know the only trouble is that my blogger is already been established its just hard to redirect all the links again.. especially trying to update everyones links as well.

    Anyway, Hope non of my readers or visitors will get disappointed not able to comment in my blog. =( but using the Name/URL still works i guess.

    • I know, they seem to communicate for a while and something changes and then you can’t comment. So far name/url always seems to work. Yeah, I once thought of self-hosting but then thought, no too much work for me, lol.

  2. Yayy thanks for the congratulations 😀 I have a WordPress account (as well as my blogger one) and a gravatar thing simply for commenting on other blogs – it can be a pain though.

  3. From now on, I am using my old blog and will be posting here more than my other blog which is my blogger, My blogger site will be just an outlet for Blog azeroth and community events! But my own Priest, and random thoughts blog will be at amerpriest.wordpress.com now… Just add me in your blogroll too! Thank you!

  4. It’s so easy keeping up with other wordpress comments which is one reason I love wordpress but it’s always a little more difficult going back to blogger all the time for that reason. That ogre is so weird it’s oddly mesmerising LOL

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