Calling All Old Ladies!

olrgnightMatty is battling real life dragons right now. She wanted me to get the word out to the Old Ladies’ Raiding Guild members on our upcoming battle. She’s going to have to reschedule Saturday’s raid to Sunday unless …

1. We want to wait for her.

2. We go as Horde.

3. All of the above!

I’m fine with whatever everyone wants to do, just let Matty know and if you need to contact me in game I’m TotA#1973.

Whatever the decision, I know the Old Ladies’ Raiding Guild will prevail!

18 Responses to “Calling All Old Ladies!”

  1. What server are you guys at Ancient?

  2. I’m fine waiting until Sunday. My guild is actually doing ICC Saturday starting at 8est, which is when I’d normally be with the OLRG, so this actually works out.



    Gawd it would be good to be a goblin again. But I’m cool with waiting too.

  4. I would be okay with waiting until a later hour on Saturday.

    I’d love to have a Horde-side OLRG run sometime (or two).

    If it was rescheduled to Sunday, I’d have to sit out this week. I’m trying to not play WoW on Sundays — except when it’s Darkmoon Faire Sunday and I just can’t wait until Monday to push all my characters through those sweet profession quests :P.

    • I guess I should have asked Matty what time she could do it Saturday and then people would have a better idea what they want to do.

      LOL! Lured by those profession quests! I know how that is!

  5. I would love to play as horde one day, but either day is good for me 🙂

  6. Good luck! I want to come but i try not to play wow during the day (which is when yours would be) coz of kiddies, and othertimes when I”m on during the day I am at work and I am horribly unreliable with lots of afks… for the horde!!!
    OMG you put your btag there. Is this the same Ancient???

    • I do put it up occasionally in a post but I’ll probably feel compelled to write a post telling people I don’t actually talk, you have to talk to me first as I’m always afraid I’m disturbing someone, lol.

  7. zwingli Whisperwind Says:

    If I were to roll a female toon, talk in a really high voice in vent, and sing songs from the Artist Previously Known as Prince…Can I come some time in the future?!

  8. are you all horde for ORLG? awww no alliance? >.<

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