Godmother’s Year of Faff Update

propettiAs Godmother has declared 2014 the Year of Faff, I thought I should check in and see how we’re doing. The only stipulation I gave my characters was that while they could faff, they had to make some money too. I hope they listened.

Does anyone else make a character just because they want to use a certain name? I think that qualifies as full on faffage. Geez, I can’t BELIEVE that spellchecker keeps telling me that’s not a word.

Anyway, that’s Professor Pettifog up there. She’s a Mage so that’s a strike against her. I have yet to be able to Mage properly but on the other hand she came straight out of Gnomeregan, saw that level four rare … he went down.

I said, geez … rage much Pettifog? She shrugged and said, he had a bag on him. I needed it. What?

Maybe there’s hope for her.

gargoyleSo Cim … OMG … it’s hard to concentrate … that Voidlord is staring right at me. Okay, Cim is doing a WONDERFUL job of faffing. Okay Voidlord? U happy bro? Was I nice enough? Anyway, Cim’s down to the stretch on her transmog.

She got her Engraved Gargoyle Femur from Scourgelord Tyrannus once I learned to read and found it dropped in heroic Pit of Saron not regular. I take full responsibility. Sorry Voidlord. Next up Zul’Aman. I’d better read up on it since I’ve never been in there.

eleshamanYeah … The Elemental Shaman Project. This poor Shaman was once my main, she was an asskicking Enhancement Shaman. I remember her leveling all the weapons she could equip so she would always be prepared. Changes happened and I didn’t love playing her anymore.

Respecced to Elemental, she made herself an Inscribed Serpent Staff and I gave her a bunch of Timeless Isle clothes with no gems or enchants. Off she went to the Isle. She was immediately killed by a pink flamingo. This is so wrong.

ellalokThere she is. At great expense we bought her a Mace. Something she’s used to. I’ll get her gems, enchants and she’ll go forth once again equipped to handle whatever she may encounter with her new Mace and … what … is that a fan? Yeah, okay … with her Mace and Fan of Doom. Stupid little pink flamingos BETTER WATCH OUT!

Cat’s status: Pet Faffing.

Zorakar’s status: Farm Faffing.

Sasche’s status: Trying to make money. Well, at least SOMEBODY paid attention to me.

So see, aside from the hemorrhaging gold part I think we’re doing really well. I think Godmother would be proud.

squirrelOMG! MATTY! I was given a squirrel statue as a gift. Until I read your post I couldn’t figure out why I’d come down and find that someone … or perhaps SOMETHING had placed a KNIFE in his paws. THE TRUTH IS NOW CLEAR! He’s the Squirrel of Swift Death! Thank Elune I don’t drink beer … just wine … I wonder if that counts.

15 Responses to “Godmother’s Year of Faff Update”

  1. This post receives the OFFICIAL #TEAMFAFF Seal of Approval 😀

  2. Faff on, sister! 🙂

    As soon as my RaF thingy wears off, I’ll be back to faff around on that monk I made on your server, too.

  3. zwingli Whisperwind Says:

    I’ve been faffing on the farm and pet battling. Good times, good times.


  4. Gnomes are by nature faffers I think. With a name like that your Mage is clearly destined for great things!

    Yay for the rest of the faffage!

    • I’m hoping she’ll make it to 90, my last attempt stalled at about 54 and she’s been my bank alt ever since. If Gnomes are natural faffers then we will get along famously, lol!

  5. Cute that’s all I can say! haha! #Faff

  6. I usually create clones of my main on other servers. At this stage, I think I’ll be stuck on the TImeless Isle until the expansion.

  7. […] Tome reminded me that the Godmother has declared 2014 to be the Year of FAFF. […]

  8. Does anyone else make a character just because they want to use a certain name? Yes . . . several.
    Edna was the first. Actually I had the profession (tailor -for bags) picked out first, then the name, then the rest.

    Also the twins for when I feel like dual boxing:
    Wondertwin powers activate!

    & with the new insta 90 boost:

    Does that make me a “Faffer”?

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