OLRG: In The Mountains

inthemountainsAs it turns out  the Horde did not get to come out and play. Matty was hardly late at all because she loves us that much. No, the song has nothing to do with the raid, I just like it.

I know, I  know, you’ve all done that years ago. I’d never been in Ulduar. The closest I ever got to Ulduar was this. I have been waiting for … what … four or five years for Thorim to realize he recognizes me from IN THE MOUNTAINS. Yeah … cause I was there. I’m surprised … that guy’s got a really good memory. I don’t know if I’d have recognized him except for the … you know, being HUGE thing.

What a great evening. We started out with the Trial of the Crusader where I’d never been either. I just checked Cimmeria’s Activity Feed and and it states:

Displaying the 50 most recent events for this character.

And they were all from last night, so Cim got 50 or more achievements done. Wow, you go Cim!

noneahI was even less communicative than usual because I was busy gawking around and taking screen shots. Matty’s right, OLRG is the most wonderful fantasy tour bus.

Helke the I Will Kick Your Butt dps, Momo (Matty) the Tour Director, Neo the Wonderful Voice of Strats … okay, time out for a sec. Neo has the greatest accent ever and I can’t place it. I know it’s from west of me. Oh, well yeah … everything’s kinda to the west of me but you know what I mean. Where was I?

And Cim the Directionally Challenged were joined by Prinnie, I’m Really a Goblin in Disguise and off we set to Ulduar. I almost got lost once and it’s the first time I didn’t even care. I would have been fine with just wandering around in there because it’s incredible.

ohshitNeo told me to go up a flight of steps first. I was hesitant. Would I be attacked by a flock of chittering, flying monkeys? Snakes, I’m scared of … OHSHIT! WTF! At some point I found I had inadvertently turned my mic off so hopefully the ladies were spared my breach of etiquette. I think I made Kologarn’s night. I’ll bet it’s been a while since he’s been able to scare the bejeebers out of anyone.

kneedeepSo there we are posing in front of Yogg-Saron in the goop and my dog wouldn’t stop pestering me. He’d heard us talking about Neo’s dog’s preference for dining on TV remote controls. Any talk of food gets his attention. His spelling is a little off but his typing skills are spot on.

As always, a wonderful time. Thank you all!

10 Responses to “OLRG: In The Mountains”

  1. Oh Tome, what a beautiful song! I listened to it while I read this post – love you guys more than remote controls!

  2. Oh I wish I could have been there with you. I love Ulduar and hearing your reaction to Kol would have been funny! So glad you managed to see those places after all this time. I’m thinking my raid a few months ago (to finish my legendary) was too late for you.

    • Ulduar really is wonderful! I wish you had been there too. Yes, Matty’s time is perfect for me as I can get to bed by 10:00pm and get enough sleep for the 4:30am wake up bark, lol.

  3. Your guess is as good as mine on my accent. I’ve lived most if my live in the south, MS, but neither my parents nor I and from here. Most of the time I try not to be too terribly southern, but OLRG nights do usually involve beer.

    • It’s very subtle and pleasant. Yes, although OLRG usually involves wine for me. I was so excited to see Ulduar I decided to forgo my glass just so I wouldn’t miss anything. Now all we need is to get you AND Cymre in a OLRG run, accent heaven!

  4. Glad you had fun! Ulduar really is one of the best instances.

  5. wait you run it already!? awww bummer.. when is the next one? Let me know and maybe i can work my schedule out to go with you guys if you need a healer! =) Amegamer#1255 is my battletag. Thanks again!

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