Zul ‘Am … OW!

janalaiCim did some reading and then set off for Zul’Aman where the shoulders for her trangmog reportedly dropped from Jan’alai. I’d also read that the bosses could be done in any order so yay, let’s go straight to him! After some difficulty banging the gong she finally entered. That’s when we realized our reading hadn’t covered the trash … just the bosses. OW! OW! OW!

The boss was trivial, easy, not a problem but OMG I don’t know if I did something wrong but I kept encountering roving bunches of homicidal trolls seemingly EVERYWHERE. It might have been that while trying to find my way we inadvertently aggroed more than we should have but DAMN, that hurt. Cim switched to Destruction as Sasche has done nothing but talk about how fun it is. We managed to finally fight our way to Jan’alai, thankfully get the correct drop … then left.

I really wanted to continue but it was evident that further reading was required. Maybe we need to kill certain trash first. I don’t know … you other guys … just so you know … we’ll be back!

Which brings me to the ridiculous part. Kamalia had kindly offered to help on my transmog journeys, I hadn’t forgotten but …

introvertI found a humorous chart comparing extroverts/introverts once that I borrowed a part of because they really knew me. The problem with battletags is that people might think that I’d actually initiate a conversation.

You have to speak to me first cause then I know you’re not busy. I’ve often wondered if a crazed EXTROVERT serial killer broke into the house and was threatening to chop me and the dogs up would I at least THEN quickly message one of my friends to CALL THE POLICE!

I’d like to think I would but honestly I’m not sure. Navi once posted saying that she had to make room on her battletag list as she’d hit the limit of 99 I think it was. So in my little introverted mind I envision everyone of my battletag friends having 99 people simultaneously talking to them. They certainly don’t need me bothering them.

So yeah … there’s that.

janoutfitAnyway, Cim got her shoulders and decided to wear her new outfit even though we haven’t found a suitable cloak yet. The trip to Zul’Aman was costly though. She had so much fun as Destro she made me re-gem, re-enchant and reforge her. What happened to DEMO FOR LIFE Cim? Sheesh, these guys will break me.

So to any introverts on my list, if you ever want to beat up trolls or ANYONE else, let me know. You’re not bothering me. I just can’t … you know … bother you.

23 Responses to “Zul ‘Am … OW!”

  1. Looking good Cim (not Cym) 😛
    ZA is a pretty fun place. I’m glad you managed to get your shoulders so quickly.

  2. Very nice looking transmog you got going there. ZA is a lot of fun, however, you’re right in the reading thing. I haven’t been back in forever, so, if you need help, give me a shout and I’ll give it a go with you.

    • Thank you! It looked like one of those places I’d like as I love outdoor instances as I tend to get less lost out in the open, lol. I much prefer them to those dank, dark dungeons.

  3. Okay, being an ambivert (though my other friends did not believe me) I will do my best to put out the welcome mat and put on a pot of coffee. The Zuls are terrible, evil places, places of nerd rage and death. Pretty much learning how to really “play” there nothing seems hard any more. I need to go back and exact revenge on those trolls, cause man oh man, ‘back in the day’ it was painful. Make you a deal okay? I hate bugging folks too, so let’s just clear the path: if you can help, or if I can, we will, if not, we’ll set a date. There are just too many things to do in Azeroth that require a buddy not to. Got your back, Tome.

    • Thanks Matty! And you know anytime you need something I’m there. I’m thinking Cim may have not given those guys the proper respect and didn’t take them seriously enough. Boy, did they set her straight, lol.

  4. You and I are SOOOOOOO much alike on the introvert thing. It works out great though, because you know that I will send a sentence or two when I have something to say, but won’t bother you the rest of the time. 🙂

    • I know, it’s a perfect fit! No wonder we’re guild mates, lol! I really feel bad though when people offer to help and then must wonder, what’s wrong with her? Why doesn’t she ask?

  5. Friendly reminder. Whisper me ANY TIME you need a hand with something, or just want to faf about with some company. Unless I’m on DND, I’m always available. Or, ping me just to chat.

    • Thank you JD, I might even do that sometime. It’s hard to overcome my little introvert mind sometimes yelling at me, don’t bother people, lol.

      • JD Kenada Says:

        Hence why I mentioned not too long ago that I would happily carry your lowbie around to get all the Elders and improve your rep with Claws so that you could get the pets/mounts you don’t yet have via guild rep.

  6. Congrats on getting those lovely shoulders on the first try! That’s always such a wonderful feeling.

    Re. introverts — you and me both! I’m afraid I’d be bothering other people, too, so I really only usually try to strike up a conversation if I feel like I have some kind of interesting comment to begin with (like the long conversation I had with PlaidElf the other day about quirks of character naming).

    • Thank you! After being beaten up by the trash the boss was kind of anti-climatic but turns out a nice guy for handing them over first try!

      Character names would be interesting! I’m always so excited when the name I want is actually available.

  7. Yay! I am so glad you are having fun as Destro! Grats on getting the drop on your first attempt!

    There is nothing better than firing off a chaos bolt and seeing it crit for an obscene amount.

    If you would like to add me to your bnet list I would be willing to help you out and randomly whisper you when I see you online. I do the same thing with Rep. 🙂

    • I never thought I’d change her to Destro but it really is fun. I might not be all-powerful but I feel that way so that’s all that counts, lol.

      Sure! I am TotA#1973, your Minions can talk to mine!

  8. Oh dear, were you having trouble with those gorram scouts who sound the alarm? I HATE those guys! They obviously studied under the Fel Reaver since they can remain unnoticed sneaking up behind you until they are in aggro range…bah.

    I am going to add you to btag, Tome, and when I do return to WoW I will come and visit you. Meanwhile I’m happy to chat when I am in Hearthstone! Look out for a wild Menashi asking to be your friend! 😀

  9. Grats on the shoulders. I love that chart, might print that out and stick it to my desk, might keep people from pestering me if they think I’m a potential serial killer.

  10. I love that chart.

    And yeah, in spite of my blog, I’m an introvert.

    • Another introvert! Must be something about communicating through posts that we’re comfortable with. I know on Twitter I do the same I would do at a party, stand in the back and listen to everyone else, lol.

  11. Congrats on shoulder! and let me know guys if your running anything ill join ya! #amergamer#1255 add me! =)

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