I Have a Burden … er … Bone to Pick with You Blizzard

I’m recycling my ranty face. It’s kind of a good news, bad news thing. I only make creepy faces when I’m upset and I haven’t been upset for a while. GOOD NEWS! So I don’t have a brand new creepy face for my rant. BAD NEWS! I’m not upset. I have a rip-snorting ANGRY. Yes! I KNOW! Can you imagine! I am rip-snortingly angry.

My issue probably isn’t an issue for most people, if you raid it wouldn’t be a problem at all. If you dress all your characters solely through world bosses, crafted gear and the Timeless Isle Super Store, it’s an issue.

Cat and Cim got to the Timeless Isle and were in love. Running hither and yon, spontaneously killing all they saw. Just my kind of thing. They upgraded gear with their burdens of eternity caring not a bit that they got a CRAPPY ONE SECONDARY STAT piece of gear. No matter, we’ll go ahead and use it, enchant it and then upgrade it when we get another burden.

Liwu didn’t much care either, she’s all about engineering. I mean she’s still sporting her Ghost Iron Dragonling so obviously gearing is not a top priority for her … but Sasche … yeah … she’s a RIP-SNORTINGLY ANGRY UNDEAD.

Sasche doesn’t have a support staff like her spoiled Alliance cousins. The burdens do not seem to drop as often as they did in the early days. They are hard to get other than the free ones. The first three she got produced CRAPPY ONE SECONDARY STAT gear, she vendored them after all the work they took to get. She can’t afford to pay 500 plus gold for an enchant and then replace the gear when she gets ANOTHER burden and MAYBE a decent piece of gear.

Who thought this would be a great idea! WHO! I know all y’all there at Blizzard MUST KNOW we HATE RNG!!! WHO in Elune’s name thought it would be a great idea to introduce it to the Timeless Isle gear when we just went through a SHITSTORM OF RNG HELL to get the stupid burden.

Oh, this will be fun for them, let’s make the burden incredibly hard to obtain and THEN to make it more fun, let’s put MORE RNG HELL in there, they’ll only get a chance at a decent piece. Yeah, that works for us! They’ll love it.

WHY? WHY? WHY? What were they thinking? How dumb is that! I’m not even kidding here. That was idiotic. WHAT WAS THE THINKING THERE?

Okay … happy … happy. Joy … joy. Deep breaths.

Nope … I’m still RIP-SNORTINGLY ANGRY! And what’s worse, so is Sasche. And let me tell you, you don’t want a RIP-SNORTINGLY ANGRY FORSAKEN gunning for you. No you don’t, even if she is wearing sub-standard, CRAPPY ONE SECONDARY STAT gear.

Genius who came up with that idea. Watch your back. Sasche’s coming for you.

Oh wow … Sasche’s in a really bad mood. I think I’ll visit someone cheerier like Liwu. She’s busy making her Jeeves thanks to Dahakha directing her to the drop area. She’s now well on her way … and happy in her CRAPPY ONE SECONDARY STAT gear. Oh … Dahakha … I forgot you didn’t know my middle name … hyperbole. If I say I killed ten Mogu at once it probably means 5 in Tome speak. Never believe ANYTHING I say!

19 Responses to “I Have a Burden … er … Bone to Pick with You Blizzard”

  1. First when they introduced the burdens of eternity I thought you would be able to use them to upgrade an item you had allready made from the gear tokens. Then when I discoverd how it really worked I was kinda disapointed. I have burdens lying around that I haven’t even used yet as there’s such a small change to get the right stats… -.-

    • I know, I really think the addition of RNG AFTER you already went through RNG to get them needlessly cruel. So does Sasche, lol.

      • I remember how hard it was to get the right stats as a holy pally. A few of the items I had to do about 5 times before I got any spi. There for a while I thought you couldn’t get any spi on the plate caster gear.

  2. I’m not sure what your coin situation is like but you can purchase a Burden of Eternity from Mistweaver Ai (located next to the Emperor) for 50K coins.

    • She did and she’s saving up for another but she used it and got a crappy piece. I think she may have received two decent pieces and maybe six that she either used while holding her nose, lol, or vendored. At least she was able to buy the trinket.

  3. I dony have any idea with the whole situation about the RNG or if I understand it all. I have to much to catch up on. But from reading this and that trying to obtain a gear sounds seriously hard now? Oh boy! >. <

    • No it’s pretty easy at 90 to get gear on the Timeless Isle it’s just getting what you want that’s a little harder. I’m just mad cause I hate RNG, lol.

      • Im looking for a new home for my priest! Im thinking about joining your guild.. but let me know what i need to be qualified! lol i try. =)

        • You are more than welcome to join but I don’t think you’d like it unless you really like to be alone. It’s been a one person guild all it’s life until recently Repgrind started a Draenei.

          It’s very, very quiet around here, lol.

  4. Yeah, I feel for you and I hate RNG myself but look at this way – RNG is a very cheap and efficient way of stretching out content and keeping development time to a minimum.

    After all, it’s probably cheaper to write a couple of line of RNG than make something actually useful. Pet battles are a good example – write in some RNG for abilities OR program efficient and interesting AI…

    It’s sad that cheap will always win.

    • Those cheap bastids! I think right now I’m fighting too much RNG, I’m trying to get the last skyshards for a mount I won’t ride but MUST have and then crappy Sasche gear on top of it. I’m driving myself to a crack-up, lol.

  5. Rip snorting! RRipp snooorrrtingly! It’s such a luscious word. Makes me think of a Monty P. sketch although I can’t think which one.
    Better to be mad at an RNG than at a real person/toon though. Healthier :). RNG no hit back.

    • I know! Even if I had to twist it about to use it I was going to use it, lol. Another of my great favorites is scofflaw. I’ll have to come up with a reason to use that one. More likely a Warlock post than a Druid post as Warlocks are born scofflaws!

  6. Don’t even get me started. Right there with ya.

  7. They’ve mentioned publicly that they didn’t want Burden gear to be particularly optimal, especially since it’s better than SoO LFR gear… even with one stat it’s still good gear (if two stat gear has 1000 combined stats, one stat gear might have 800… you’re losing a bit but it isn’t particularly significant). If Burdens were easy to get and if the upgrades were always relatively optimal, there’d be even less demand for LFR. That might be a perk for some players but not really for Blizzard who want people playing the content. 🙂

    Having said that, I’ve had toons already well over the hit cap (*glares at the hunter*) who have gotten 3 hit-only Burden pieces… so I’m not entirely rage-free on this one, either, I just know where they’re coming from when they designed it.

    • I hadn’t read any reason for the way they handled Timeless gear, it helps to know they weren’t just needlessly torturing us, lol. I am one of those LFR dodgers!

      Thanks for that! I did later in the day have a nice encounter with RNG so that kind of helped take the sting out it. She’s at 45,000 coins and hopes her next burden is a winner!

  8. Is Sasche a member of the Brew of the Month Club? Maybe she can just drink her rage away, haha. It’d be cool if Jeeves were able to produce a glass of top-shelf scotch on demand, too. That’d calm me down for sure.

    • No, Sasche didn’t become a member as she found that in her Undead state alcohol no longer had the desired affect, poor girl. Liwu immediately checked her Jeeves just in case he had that scotch but was sadly disappointed. I think she’s at the pub now, lol.

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