Alani … Painless RNG

thunderingI know, I know. Your mileage may vary, but to me this grind was painless RNG. Yeah … last post I was whining about the RNG involved with the Burden of Eternity so I thought about whether there are times when RNG DOESN’T bother me. This was it.

Anyone who has spent time in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms has seen Alani circling high above in her shroud of protection. To pierce that shield you’ll need to collect 10 skyshards that drop from a variety of mobs but mostly those in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Nothing still in the game has a drop rate above 1%. They are very, very rare drops.

I found a comment I made on WoW Rare Spawns on December 10, 2012. At that point I had two skyshards. Yesterday the tenth dropped. Took me about a year. When you’ve collected ten skyshards you fuse them to make a Sky Crystal that you use to remove Alani’s protection and she becomes targetable.

Sasche did the honors as I think she collected the highest number of skyshards, it’s an easy fight and best of all the Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent are a guaranteed drop. GUARANTEED. That is painless RNG to me. When I tired of beating up Mogu I’d quit for a few months. Lately the thought of approaching Warlords made me feel that perhaps now was the time to take care of business.

Sasche and Cim are taking sea sickness tablets so they can ride around on their new mount. I hate to harsh their mellow but they are going to have to find a way other than Mogu to collect cloth now. Which could mean … THE FARM. Yeah, Warlocks think they’re above manual labor. They aren’t going to like it. Maybe I’ll give them one more day to savor their new mount before I break the news. It’s down on the farm for them.

24 Responses to “Alani … Painless RNG”

  1. Congratz! Sounds like it’s a lot of hard work, however, that is an awesome mount.

    • Thanks! I didn’t seem that bad as I wasn’t in a great hurry to get it and both those Warlocks are tailors so they needed the cloth anyway so they killed two birds with one stone!

  2. Oh congrats, she’s a beauty. I felt such a relief when I finished that grind.

  3. Congratulations! Sasche looks very self-satisfied up there on Alani’s back 😀

    I’m up to five shards now. I had *two* drop in my last farming session — for that bit of good luck, I won’t be surprised if I don’t see any more for several farming sessions to come.

    The cloth farming isn’t so bad, except for the whole manual labor part. 😛 I’m currently farming Windshear Cacti with two characters, which provides enough cloth for my tailor to do both a Celestial Silk and an Imperial Silk transmute each day. Once I’ve gotten all the Celestial Silk discovery recipes, I’ll drop back down to one farm of cacti, because that will be enough for the daily Imperial Silk transmute.

    • Thank you! Sasche was quite pleased! She’s still discovering patterns so she needs to do both every day. Cim just the one for bags.

      I think I had six for the better part of the year and the last four have been in the last month. I was afraid I wouldn’t come back once the expansion comes out.

  4. Wow, that mount is so amazing! Grats! Bet I’ll never get it. I haven’t farmed for the shards but I’ve done all quests there for the Golden Lotus etc and never gotten a single skyshard! 😦

  5. Grats. She really is a beauty. I have two shards so far but suspect the next expansion will have rolled out before I have anyway near 10.

    • Thank you! The other thing on my list is probably not getting done before the expansion, 10,000 dinosaur bones. I mean to do it but somehow always buy the pet and have to start over.

  6. Oh cool! I didn’t realize it only took ten, and I’m sitting on a big fat pile of 6! Damn, no! No RNGS, I did NOT just say anything positive out loud…look away RNGs, nothing to see here…

    • You are almost there! I had six about a month ago and got my last 4 recently. Not to mention all the recipes and Golden Lotus rep for Liwu they got opening the caches in the Ruins of Guo-Lai.

  7. As the others have said “Congrats”. It really is a special mount. Well farmed/fought.

  8. Grats! 😀

    I got two shards the very first day I was in the Vale waaaaay back in the first week of the expansion, and I haven’t seen a single one since. (They seriously nerfed the drop rate after that first week.) I can’t bear the thought of mindlessly killing mobs there with such a small drop rate, so the chances of me ever getting the mount are slim indeed.

    • Thanks Khizz! I find mindlessly killing mobs very relaxing in small doses after some days in real life. Since, yeah, it’s kind of frowned on over here, lol. Take that! Guy who cut me off at the light! Take that woman who … you get the picture.

  9. Congrats Ancient! Nice mount! Love the colors! ❤

  10. Grats! Pink is the best cloud serpent color 😀

    After a year or so I have the grand total of one shard lol.

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