Illustrated Guide to a Free Burden of Eternity and Stuff

loknailSo yeah, I always think if I know something EVERYONE must know it already but reading chat on the Timeless Isle I realized that in fact everyone didn’t know this. So while I know YOU know it, someone else might not, so this is for them.

Yes, my Enhancement Shaman lately turned Elemental thought it was time to visit the Timeless Isle. I told her it’s a rough place in iLevel 493 with a handler who is just learning Elemental. Lokkan didn’t care. I thought I’d try to make her look tougher so I mogged her a board with a giant nail poking out of it. There … that should intimidate anyone she comes across. Off we went.

Right off the bat it went like this.

Lokkan 0 Pink Flamingo 1

Okay, maybe some better gear might help. There is a free Burden of Eternity in a chest where it says sneak over here:

maptoburdenIt just takes a little work. If you’re a sneaky Rogue or Druid or a Hunter who can use Camouflage it’s no big deal but if you aren’t sneaky here’s the method my non-sneaky classes use.

spineclawFirst, kill Ancient Spineclaws. Yeah, you can imagine how well that went for her but if you persevere with luck you’ll soon have the most wonderful drop on the Isle. Scuttler’s Shell. This is a wondrous addition to any wardrobe. See Bufo but there are a gazillion frogs between you and his location? Not a problem, just don your shell and walk through them. But I digress. Now that you have your Scuttler’s Shell go visit Ku-Mo and purchase his Golden Glider.

kumoNow fully armed you can do damage to a passing Highwind Albatross to hitch a ride. If you’re a pet class it’s best to dismiss your pet or he might get the ride instead of you.

albatrossrideEnjoy your flight … yeah, really not that enjoyable being hung by your hair high over the ground but you’ll get your revenge. When you reach the lake shown on the map, kill the bird to drop. Just don’t drop on Garnia if he’s up. Could end badly.

importantstepMost important step, put on your shell. Jump and use your glider. I always jump here and have the tower stop me so I can pick up eggs. Then walk around and jump down into the water. After that you just sneak around to the location of the chest. The horrible bad guys won’t see you as long as you don’t run into them.

freeburdenAnd YAY! She got two chests and a free Burden of Eternity which she used on a chest and now she’s a high and mighty iLevel 496. Okay, maybe not so mighty but now she’s no longer a pushover for those damn pink birds. We might learn this elemental thing yet!

11 Responses to “Illustrated Guide to a Free Burden of Eternity and Stuff”

  1. I….had no idea. Thank you!!!!!

    • Oh good, I always figure if I know it probably everyone does but it became apparent that many on the Isle didn’t know about it. It’s probably not a big deal for people who get their gear through raiding but for the rest of with a bunch of alts it sure helps. I’m even starting to love my Shaman again!

  2. I love those shells. Mr Harpy’s Gnome spends far too much time wandering around wearing one. If I ever force myself into going back to the Timeless Isle, I will give this a try.

    Glad you’re falling in love with your Shaman again.

    • I use them to get up to the top quick when I hear Huolon’s up. Run right past all those pesky guys, lol.

      I really should have thought to change her spec sooner, I’m not good at it yet but I’m enjoying playing her once again.

  3. I’m one of those poor people that didn’t know this stuff about the Isle – thank you so much for sharing because, yeah, those flamingos are real killers.

  4. I love using that turtle shell to avoid stuff. No doubt I’ll be getting a lot of them waiting for that crab to spawn. I forgot about that free burden. Just as well as I’m not gearing anybody up.

  5. That’s a cool thing to know for my baby lock when she grows up! Thanks ancient!

  6. […] he quit WoW to go play TESO until Warlords and he escorted me up to get the Blazing Chest. Despite Tome’s terrific tips, I am too much of a coward to try to get there by myself.) After that one trip, I generally […]

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