The Hound of Heinous Intent

hintentThe hound is telling me to quit. Call it a day. Move on. You suck. Go clean dust bunnies. Right now I kind of agree with it. Sigh …

thumperI guess I’ll have to write this post as I don’t seem to be able to move past it. I was brought up on, “if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.” Yeah … I guess my Mother followed the Disney Method of Child-rearing cause I’m pretty sure Thumper in the movie Bambi said that.

I really hate to whine and that’s what I’m doing. And I’m angry which is preferable to depressed so I’ve got to keep the anger going. The risk there through is that I’ll descend into my angry talk which is pretty much an effing every other effing word.

Blizzard did nothing wrong, Blizzard did things right and that’s the problem. Years ago I finally realized that I was not going to find a guild of retirees and night shift workers that were a merry band who raided between 10am and 4pm eastern time weekdays on my server.

I would have to find other ways to entertain myself. Okay. Things were going smoothly until Blizzard added what I had always wanted. Solo content. Something I could do in the lonely hours of … well … daytime.

So I remembered that Cim had stopped the Brawler’s Guild fights around level five or six. They were fun, I thought I’d go back. I had been stuck on that big stupid Marsh Walker thing Proboskus.

I’m still stuck on that effing stupid thing. I can’t avoid the rain drops. I’ve tried. There is no lag. Although I dress like a street person and drive a 13 year old car my COMPUTER is very, very nice. It’s not my computer. It’s effing ME.

When my mind registers those rain drops enough to attempt to move me I’m now already effing dead. Icy Veins says, “you need to position your camera above you and zoom out as much as you can. This way, you will easily see the water drops.”

Yes, I did that. Yes I can see them, I can see them EFFING KILLING ME. Over and over. It’s me. Whatever reflexes I ever had have atrophied to the point of nonexistence. While I can manage to interrupt Torrent I CAN’T AVOID THE EFFING RAIN DROPS.

I tried standing in the stupid thing’s crotch thinking maybe he wouldn’t be stupid enough to throw rain drops on himself. Nope. Dead again.

It occurs to me that if I keep trying sooner or later I may just accidentally stand in a spot that no water drops on. Oh, it COULD happen. People win the stupid lottery, it’s possible and it’s my only hope. I’m just not up to it yet.

I didn’t even want to login I was so upset. I decided to do stuff irl. Okay, I’m always jealous of these bloggers who can write poetry. I’ll try a haiku. See, I don’t need you WoW. I can entertain myself over here. I wrote a haiku about my dog that made me cry. Really. Apparently poetry also involves reflexes cause I SCREWED THAT UP TOO.

So in a very mature fashion I have deflected the blame from myself and directed it at Cim. She’s being punished.

aloneI sent her to dinosaur island and told her she can return when she either decides she’s ready to overcome a stupid Marsh Walker or she collects 9999 dinosaur bones. It seems that’s all she can handle, because HER REFLEXES SUCK.

So anyway … you all have fun. Enjoy Warlords. Wish I could join you but it looks like I’ll be stuck here in Pandaria trying to AVOID STUPID EFFING RAIN DROPS FOR ALL ETERNITY … because my Cim’s reflexes suck.

A family friend used to always say something to the effect of getting old is not for sissies. We used to titter and giggle and roll our eyes behind his back. Not THAT again. I apologize. He was right. Had I paid heed to his warning maybe I could have found a way to turn off my exp. It’s too late now. I should have listened.

37 Responses to “The Hound of Heinous Intent”

  1. I feel your pain. Really.

    I’m not so thrilled about the physical issues associated with aging, and I’ve started to see some occasional problems creep into my gaming. And yeah, the maddening thing is that you can actually SEE what it is you want to do, but your body doesn’t respond nearly as well as you want it to.

    And there are other issues with aging, such as eye changes, that drive me bananas. I’m so used to being able to see everything close up without need for a magnifying glass, but now I can’t do that anymore.

    So yeah, I’ll pour you a big glass of wine, and we’ll commiserate.

    • That’s it exactly! That is the worst part, you SEE what you need to do and wonder why isn’t the message getting through.

      I think on the eye thing it doesn’t bother me that much as I’ve had bad eyesight all my life so any worsening just seems normal, lol.

      Let me go get my glass of wine!

  2. I know that feeling quite well. There’s a reason I haven’t even attempted to do the Brawler’s Guild. (I did the first fight and that’s it.) I know I’ll hit a wall in there, and instead of going in and seeing how far I can get, I’m just avoiding it.

    • I know, both my Warlocks have had their Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion for ages but I really am afraid the frustration of attempting the green fire thing would be the last straw and I would call it a day and I don’t want to leave.

      Having read the accounts of that thing it sounds like I’d just be asking for trouble.

  3. Tome.


    Yes. I get it.

    But – are you sure those are rain drops? I mean with a name like that…ew! Maybe you need the Kleenex and Theraflu buff!

    No one moves slower than I do – I have bad golf-swing habits and terrible instincts that will forever keep me out of the big leagues. I’m digging pretty deep myself this morning, trying to look on the brightside even thought I gained back weight, CD Rogue finally labeled me “overweight” and not “goddess” anymore (he backpeddled all the way from here to Timbuktu yesterday, but still)…anyway, thinking of doing a ‘state of the Matty’ post, but think I’ll go kick some Mogu before I have to go to work. /sigh

    • OMG! Matty! You mean that damn thing is raining down snot on me! Now I really want to kick his ass, lol.

      Yeah, I really can’t afford to lose WoW cause it’s my xanax for rl and all those stupid real life issues like weight, work and taxes.

  4. I always do Brawlers bosses with a friend along to encourage me. There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that I would have stopped trying on these a long time ago without his help. As it is I have got to level 9 and am now stuck on Hexos, but I’m not giving up!

    The point is, I am a bad dpser unless I’m facing a Patchwerk-style boss. Any running around and having to target multiple mobs while avoiding fire is just not my thing at all. So, don’t think you are incapable of doing it, because I’m sure I’m no better than you at this.
    For example, I can’t beat the Green Fire quest endboss despite all lhese guides I see with people telling me how easy it is and how they did it on their first try after just dinging 90 and wearing greens, ho hum. If my friend was there to cheer me on I’m sure I would do a lot better!

    • Thank you! I’m going to keep giving it a try. Yeah, I won’t even try the green fire quest. I read accounts from some bloggers who are much better than I am and they were talking many, many deaths.

      And I can’t quit on a Marsh Walker, that’s just embarrassing, lol. If I’m going to quit trying it will have to be something more intimidating.

  5. Is the damage from the drops instant death? Or can you use cooldowns to midigate the damage?

    I’m just trying to look at this from another angle. Maybe you just brute force it with the amazing abilities of warlocks. 😀

    • I can’t figure out what is going on, it may be that I’m slow on the interrupt with Torrent so that I’m already damaged when the drops hits me. I really did think I’d be able to just bash my way through because … Warlock.

      Instead of punishing her I should apologize for letting her down like this. I’m going back after I’ve sufficiently recovered and try to pay attention to where it’s all going south. I do know that I have a very bad habit of not paying ANY attention to my health as a Warlock because I rarely need to.

      • I don’t know what talents you have, but I would make sure to have the bubble one. That has a 1 min cooldown so it should be up a lot. There is another ability that will negate around 60% of the damage taken. So that might help as well.

        In reference to the green fire quest, it is HARD. I’m a decent raider and I had so much trouble with it I gave up. Who knows if my warlock will ever get her fire. 😦 So I feel your pain on that one.

        • Thank you! I never think to see if changing talents might help I just show up there on a whim and if no one’s around give it a try. I will prepare next time!

          I can’t remember who it was now but I remember reading accounts of the green fire quest written by active raiders and they talked of attempts of over 50 so I figured there’s no sense me trying it.

  6. Brawler’s can be brutal, especially when you hit that road block – like the one I’m on now but it’s not bad enough that’s I’d prefer to farm bones. Not sure if you saw the comment on wowhead but best of luck. I hope you can get him soon.

    • You know it’s bad when farming bones seems better. I’ll give wowhead another check but I’m pretty sure it’s just that I’m too slow to react. Maybe I should get jumped up on coffee on my next attempt, lol.

  7. ((hugs))
    Terrible reflexes are one reason why I’ve never even picked up a Bloody Invitation, even though there are always tons of them on the BMAH. I just know that I would get way, WAY too frustrated if I tried to do the Brawler’s Guild. I got frustrated enough with the Thunder Forge and the Celestial Challenge solo scenario parts of the Legendary Cloak quest chain. If I ever manage to get my Lock to 90, I’ll probably get quite frustrated at several points of the Green Fire quest chain — and might end up waiting to tackle the final event until level 100, when I might, perhaps, be able to cheese it 😛

    • You know while I was trying to do it I remembered your post about the Thunder Forge and thought Kam overcame it, you can too. Except frustration and an audience got too much for me. The thought of a stranger watching is WAY too much to take, lol.

      Yay! I never thought of that! There’s hope that I’ll see that green fire quest down the road!

  8. I’ve been having the same problem with those fishman rares. I get all excited because I found one noone has killed yet and attempt to kill it only to get hit with one of those big drops of rain while he dances over my corpse. By the time I get back someone else is killing him and my chance is lost. Just when I am feeling all happy about being able to kite that nasty spirit the rare troll scouts spawn I get killed by a rare 3 levels lower. BAH! I feel your pain, I do, because it’s mine, too.

    • Oh no! It’s bad enough without that troll scout sticking his nose into things. I remember Cat trying a fishman once and then steering clear of those things after one attempt. Stupid, stupid rain drops from hell!

  9. Yup, I’m there too. I’m stuck at Silver Proving Grounds 4th wave – just can’t kill stuff fast enough.

    One thing I found though, is that for rares like the fish guy, I can do it just fine on a different class. My DK has the interrupts and stuff my priest doesn’t have. Sure, a better priest can do it but not me.

    Same with the Brawler’s Guild. My DK got stomped into the ground because I wasn’t fast enough for a melee class, but my ranged priest didn’t have many problems.

    Yeah, I’m so old I remember when dirt was mud…

    • Yup, Cat the kitty Druid stays away from those brawlers I am a MUCH worse melee than a caster so poor thing would have been whomped probably at level one.

      I started the proving grounds but haven’t gone back as I can only take so much humiliation at once, lol.

  10. I pretty much just heal these days, so I suck suck suck SUCK at the Brawler’s Guild! I don’t nearly have the DPS skills it would require. And the game keeps rubbing it in my face by causing guild invites to drop by the dozen for me. So I finally turned one in and now it constantly drops those special boss quest items for me and all my alts. I keep dutifully turning them in, on the off chance that one day I might be good enough at DPS to use them.

    But I too am getting old. I hadn’t really noticed until recently, but a friend of mine has an 11 year old daughter who’s big into gaming, and she invited me to play a bunch of her cute mobile games with her. And she kicks my ass at them. Constantly. Then she takes my phone away and gets me the achievements out of pity. It’s quite humbling. LOL

    • OMG! Yes! I was playing a wii game with a six year old and got my ass handed to me, I know how that feels, lol.

      I know, I get those quests and hand them in but level 9? Seriously? I don’t think that’s happening unless I come back at level 100 although the rain drops would still probably get me!

  11. Hang in there!! I’m probably older than a lot of the people in the game or so Social Security tells me so with a check each month. Yup. I’ll be sixty five this year and I can definitely tell my reaction times are slower than they once were, however, I keep going back and trying.

    I do run primarily hunters in-game because it buys me some time with their pets. Just started the Brawler’s Guild and always wait until I have an insomnia event and work on stuff that is embarrassing at 4:00 a.m. — I hate looking stupid in front of people.

    I’m laughing about the “I’m so old I remember when dirt was mud”…I remember when black dirt turned into oil.

    Just hang in there and don’t let it get you down, just keep going back and don’t get too frustrated – it will happen. I won’t get all the way through Brawler’s until the next expansion, I’m sure and I’m geared to the Level 100 too. *hugs*

    • Thank you! I know, Warlocks and Hunters give you that extra bit of thinking time. While my Druid is my favorite character I know better than to try it with her.

      I’m not letting that Marsh Walker get away with this! As Arnold say, I’ll be back!

  12. I’m pretty sure you are destro on Cim, but I could be wrong. Try what I do when I can’t seem to react quickly enough… just don’t stop moving. I believe it might be a talent, but I know destro locks can cast their main nuke while moving (incinerate??). Instead of having to react to the rain and then move, just keep moving as much as possible.

  13. I started reading this on my phone in a rather boring meeting, saw “The hound is telling me to quit. Call it a day. Move on. You suck. Go clean dust bunnies. ”
    Got ever so sarcastically asked if I was paying attention by a rather “rude” policeman who was lecturing us about lone working and panicked. In fact I had to sit through 45 minutes of worrying that you were in fact quitting and I’d never get to read about Cat’s adventures again. So 45 minutes of tedium later, I was planning on effectively stalking you and telling you in person that you couldn’t quit but luckily before I went totally overboard, I managed to sneakily finish at least the first few paragraphs under the guise of looking in my bag for a tissue whilst fake sneezing.

    I killed the plant thing by angling my camera angle up and dancing about like mad. I wasn’t specifically trying to avoid, just keeping moving and it worked on the third time for me. Does look a bit silly though. I have my fingers crossed for you!

  14. If older means being like you then I will happily take that. I am still at rank 4 brawlers and I am the laughing stock coz I keyboard turn. If I get any older and slower I might just have to give up my game….

  15. I feel bad because your post was written in such an entertaining way, even though the topic was your frustration. And so I laughed and then I felt bad, and then you wrote something else funny (like standing in his crotch, oh Tome!) and I laughed again.

    I’m a total loser and quitter myself, if it gets too hard, “waah waah” and then eat pie – that’s me. Noelani on the other hand, the guy freaking scares me when he gets his mind set on something, like doing his green fire warlock quest. He would sit there all strained and look possessed and bark every time he failed. He did it in the end though. But that was long after I would have quit trying myself.

    • That’s okay! I did finally get him in the end, now I’m stuck on the next boss, lol.

      I’m so bad that both my Warlocks have the green fire quest and neither of them have even tried to do it. I’ve read accounts of Warlocks much better than I am saying it was too hard for them so I’m not going to try that one.

      Oh! Big grats to Noelani!

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