When the Cat’s Away …

geomountApparently the Pandaren will play. I’m beginning to question the wisdom of creating all these alts. I can’t keep track of all of them 24/7. Now I had emphatically stated that there WOULD BE NO making of Geosynchronous World Spinners at this time. I told Liwu the Engineer that we needed to be MAKING money not spending it and we were doing a poor job of that as it was.

Liwu we need to MAKE money right now, not spend it on three Orbs of Mystery … just NO. I thought we were clear but when I was busy with Cim trying to defeat the Brawler’s Guild bosses APPARENTLY there was some funny business going on behind my back. I don’t know who all was in on it and Liwu’s not talking.

And yeah … she’s trolling me. Of ALL the places she could have stopped to show off she lands by Sele’na, a FISHMAN who has rain drops, the very thing that had been stumping Cim in Brawler’s Guild. Coincidence? I think not.

What do you mean, what really happened? I TOLD you Liwu …

Oh alright … okay. I’ll stop blaming my characters and take the blame … this once.

I was researching the mats for the Geosynchronous World Spinner seeing what it would cost as SOME day a few expansions from now I’d like to get Mount Parade. The big ticket items for this are the three Orbs of Mystery. When reading the comments I saw people talking about using these to take more money with them when transferring servers to get around the gold limit. Kind of a money laundering scheme.

Cool, let’s see if any recent immigrant to our fair shores is laundering money!

YES! Yes indeed they are!

With rep they would have cost 54,000 gold at 18,000 a piece. Here they are listed at 14,000 a piece! A mere 42,000!

I would be SAVING 12,000 GOLD! See how that works? Like the good little consumer I was raised to be I saw the SAVINGS blinking in flashing lights … not the whole … 42,000 gold … chump.

So yeah … it was me who did it … but the trolling with the fishman?


12 Responses to “When the Cat’s Away …”

  1. That Liwu, she’s such a scamp!

    Grats on the shiny rocket 😀

  2. Grats on the awesome mount!

  3. Congrats on the Mount!! LOL almost made me choke on my coffee when I saw the price though. 😀

    • Thanks! I know and it isn’t even a two-seater or anything. I’ve been saving up for Warlords but even though I’m usually pretty frugal I think I had temporary insanity when I saw a 12,000 gold savings, lol.

  4. I half hope that there aren’t any similar savings on my realm when I get home and check this now that you mentioned it.

  5. Where did all my comments go! 😦 Stupid phone!
    Yay Liwu – that was a nice thing to do! Such a bargain hunter you are 😀

  6. And now I’m going to be checking those orbs of mystery on the AH. There are still a few jewelcrafting mounts I’m missing. I really kind of hope I won’t be finding any ‘savings’ like that. Grats on the rocket, though. It’s amazing and Liwu looks so happy in it!

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