The Draenei Effect and Mistaken Identity

lokeffectI only have one Draenei and since I became disenchanted with Enhancement she hasn’t seen much action until recently. She stumbled to 90 for professions and then just sat. Now that she’s trying out Elemental she’s out and about again.

What I’m wondering … is this a thing? Is there really some sort of Draenei Effect going on here? She’s on the Timeless Isle and she can’t take three steps before someone’s trying to “help” her. Seriously, she was underwater trying to kill a crab and down swims a male Draenei to assist her, what is going on here?

I thought it might be the pathetic way she yelps when things are hitting her while she tries to cast but I don’t know … could that Draenei hear her from the shore?

She’s not dressed provocatively; she’s wearing Timeless Isle superstore gear. No one else gets all this help, just curious if you Draenei out there notice this or does old Lok have some kind of super power. I don’t know, maybe it’s her pigtails.
notadudeAnd while we’re talking about “help,” I get a lot of requests for it. I get the “slam a window open in someone’s face while they’re fighting something” mostly. Do you not realize that’s like sitting down to dinner and having a telemarketer interrupt you? It’s not likely to get you any help. At least from me. I like to get kissed before … well … it’s just not good manners.

So anyway, on the Timeless Isle I also get whispers for help. Fine, if you TALK to me I will more than likely help. On two occasions that I can remember it quickly became apparent that I was assumed to be male. Why? Because almost immediately I was made aware that they were female.

And then I was told, “Oooohhhhh … you’re so good at this … oh, can I have that? Oh, you really know how to plaaaayyy …

Yes … I’m bad. I don’t ever fess up. I’m ROTFLMAO while this person runs merrily around screaming for help as they run willy-nilly about aggroing everything in sight. They occasionally stroke my ego again and ask for anything that drops and a few times have asked me to buy them things.

I may be too sheltered but I’ve never encountered a female that acts like that … ever. It’s just too over the top. THEY CAN’T POSSIBLY BE FEMALE. Oh yeah … I’m thinking male … trying to take advantage of some other male … that’s actually a female. Only in an MMO.

I’m somewhat of a disappointment to them as I’ll help or tell them how to do/get something but no, no showering with gifts even if they ARE a sexy Draenei.

You know, you people out there looking for help? It may not be a guy, it may be something else that responds to pathetic cries for help … a MOMMY.

Yep … that dude … HAHAHAHAHA … it’s a mommy.

Okay … hours to go before maintenance is finished … dust bunny cleanup? Work? Groceries? No, I’ll do something REALLY important. I’ll teach my dog to do jazz hands!

44 Responses to “The Draenei Effect and Mistaken Identity”

  1. When I was at Blizzcon there was a guy “cosplaying” as a girl gamer. He had a blonde pigtail wig on and he had a sign around his neck (can’t remember what it said). He proceeded to tell me I was doing it all wrong, and that he had all the gold and got anything he wanted in game by how he acted. Some pointers he gave were a) to name my characters with names that had sparkle or pink or girly parts in them b) use smilies while typing c) flirt a little but not too much d) ask for help even if you don’t need it. I haven’t followed any of his advice since. (okay so I am guilty of using smilies waaay too much, but the rest? Nahh)

  2. I have a female Draeni shaman that I haven’t played in quite some time and she is at a much lower level and in Outland. I started giggling because your perception isn’t wrong, I’ve had the same type of thing happen to me – only on this character do I have someone racing to her aide if they perceive that she is having trouble with something.

    • I know! No one EVER helps my Forsaken, Humans, Night Elf unless it’s Cat in kitty mode, kitties seem to get attention from some people but that Draeni can hardly move through the crowd of helpers!

  3. You know, now that I think about it I wish I had kept track of the data so I could analyze it — how many times I’ve been helped or been the helper. Wait, what? Data analysis? Hell no. I brought a suitcase of that with me. No joke. I was two pounds over the limit because of PAPER. The bag checker said she would let it go ‘this time’ (very generous of her since I could have taken two pounds out and put it in my backpack). It’s interesting, because as far as real help goes, my friendships cross both genders and any sexual orientation. Very interesting — very interesting indeed!

  4. That’s hilarious, Cym was a draenei for a while but I don’t remember her getting more help than usual. I was getting quite a bit of help on those rock giants even though it wasn’t entirely necessary but they still take a while to kill so it was a nice time saver for me.

  5. I’ve met the clueless noob before, but never the “oh I’ll just act like a helpless woman and see who will throw gold at me” type.

    Then again, when I’m on a female toon I do get my share of leers and whatnot from other toons.

    • It really had the feel of more like a prank. When my cousin and I were maybe around eight or so when our parents got together and did boring parent things we’d sneak on the phone and call random people in the phone book and ask them if they had Prince Albert in a can. Yeah, and we thought we were really pulling one over on people, lol.

      I definitely got the same vibe from these two and both happened on the weekend. Didn’t know grown guys actually did this until I read Jenni’s comment.

  6. All I can say is it’s because of the tail. The tail is mesmirizing…well, that and the waggle. It’s because of the tail and the waggle.

  7. So I am guilty of helping strangers a lot, but generally I only do so if I notice that 1) they are damned near dead and 2) the mob is still at full health. I do not however really pay attention to gender of the person I am helping, mostly because I don’t stick around to talk after I have bashed a mob in the skull. I kinda ping pong around the map in a whirling tornado of death. The protective nature is just part of my whole “tank” schtick I think. I have not really gone out of my way to render assistance however.

    I have encountered more of the trope that you speak of though than I care to mention. Hell when I went on my two year absence from WoW we somehow managed to get one in my guild. We have sense exorcised her… but it was a point of contention the entire time she was in it… especially among the other female gamers šŸ™‚

    • I don’t notice what gender characters are while playing either, I still try to help those near death although I have been yelled at for it, lol. I ocassionally get, I was soloing that!

      Yes, if I encountered that kind of behavior from an actual female it would get my back up. I can see why the female gamers in your guild would have objected. I would strenuously object!

      I’m pretty sure the only way you can tell I’m female is in chat, I have waaaayyyy too many lols and !!!!!!!!s. They give me away every time … lol.

  8. Thought I would add another comment just to add to thoughts – I did roll a Draeni male yesterday and I have discovered that…with all his manliness, there hasn’t been one person breaking their bums to help him – it’s gotta be the girls. Oh well, poor dude will just have to struggle along with the rest of the “guys”.

    • Oh, that’s funny! I should try a Draeni male if only for a little while. My track record with male characters is abysmal. So many poor males got deleted, I don’t think I’ve got a one left.

  9. I think it’s your natural charisma… Mini gets no extra help or requests. Me thinks you have a new puppy in game. Might need to get it toilet trained. And man, Redbeard is right, that dude Shawndra mentioned needs a boot in the arse.

    • I know! I can’t imagine some guy doing that let alone bragging about it and giving her a quick course on how to fleece guys out of stuff.

      Oh no, you mean when the servers are back up I have dog poop to clean up? Man, that Blizzard sure likes it’s poop quests, lol.

  10. I randomly help people a lot and it doesn’t matter to me what gender their character is. On some characters I don’t care what faction they are either (other characters I just can’t bring myself to help opposite faction people on. It would feel too wrong.). If I see somebody obviously in trouble I stop and help. Because I like to. Since I mostly play male characters I only very occasionally have people stop and help me. More often they’ll let me die and then take what I was killing. lol I definitely hadn’t noticed that about female draenei, but then I’ve only got two, both rarely played. Now that I think about it though, Naneeri does get a lot of random whispers. Now I’m really curious if she’d get more help too, out in the world. I might have to level her more and see. For science.

    Lots of people assume I’m a guy. I play male characters mostly, after all, and though I don’t try to be outright deceptive I pretty much never bother correcting them either. I’ve had a few people play the girl card at me asking for help too and it always makes me laugh. (Also less likely to help. Not more.) And now I really wonder if they were all real life guys, because that just makes it even funnier.

    • Yes! For science! Oh yeah, my Forsaken especially gets people watching to see if she’ll die so they can take over. No love for those Forsaken females at all, poor thing.

      It is funny to think of someone playing the girl card on Tyl who is a guy but played by a girl and that someone is a guy playing a girl … okay, I’m lost now, lol.

      • Talk about role reversal? But I’m used to it. My husband likes to play cute female blood elves and my best friends play male belfs a lot too, so there have been situations where in game you’d see two or three male belfs and this cute little female mage standing around… and out of game it’s actually three girls and a guy. XD (Husband laughs really hard when guys flirt with his mage.)

  11. I must be doing it wrong. I have a few Draenei characters and no one ever offers to help or give me gifts šŸ˜¦

    I’m betting “girls” who act like that are mostly guys trying to take advantage of a stereotype…at least I’ve never met one and the “real” females I know in the game have never acted like needy drama queens.

    I’ve seen more “drama” from guys than any women I know…

  12. More people hit on Mr Harpy’s characters than they do mine…. I’m clearly doing it wrong. No one ever gives my Draenei Shaman anything apart from a hard time when she kills them in pvp.

    • Okay, then it’s beginning to look like it’s Lok’s pigtails that’s doing it, lol. And she looked pretty capable as Enhancement but as Elemental she’s standing there trying to cast as the mob beats on her and she squeals. That might account for it too!

  13. I remember sitting my female draenei down in front of the guild shop in Stormwind. A player, I assume male, came riding up traded me a bunch of money ( I was just sitting there checking my UI over) then started to chat me up told me I was cute and stuff. Cute? I look like every other bloody draenei in Stormwind. Gimme a break. If you want to throw money around though šŸ™‚ ā€¦.(whoops no smilies right.)

    • I’m about to test this theory! My brand new mage on Matty’s server is a female draenei so I will report back on my earnings! šŸ˜›

    • LOL! You weren’t doing the dance of seven veils or anything? I remember once starting a Warlock on an Oceanic server and having someone follow me around kind of spamming, “Are you really a girl?” at me. Alas, no money though. But then she wasn’t a draenei.

      Watch those smilies! You might get showered with money!

  14. zwingli Whisperwind Says:

    I wonder what the break down between the number of male and female players in WoW. Back in 2006, I read that 90% of the female toons are played by males. I wish I could remember where I saw that.


    That being said, I know quite a few female players.

    I know that I’m guilty of helping “female” toons when I’m on my hunter. I’ve also helped “male” toons as well, but I’m thinking that most of my help went to the “female” types.

    I’ve also noticed this other trend…I tend to help against mobs I can skin! Perhaps I’ve a bit of the “mercenary” in me?


    • Ironyca had a post mentioning stats from a page that’s no longer up that in 2012, “The US had the highest female ratio at 39%.”

      The Daedalus Project’s info was 16% in 2005 so if it increased at the same rate OMG! We’re taking over!

      Oh! Now that you mention it Cat the skinner does that too. She helps on killing things that can be skinned in the hope that they aren’t skinners! We’re mercenary twins, lol.

      • zwingli Whisperwind Says:

        Oh my gosh, I always wanted a twin!!! Skinners unite!

        I also like to help the opposite faction. It keeps then wondering, me thinks!

    • For female characters, the chance is 50 % that it’s a female playing. For male characters, it’s something like 1/100 who are female. Those stats are old (2005), but might still hold up.


  15. I feel the same way sometimes, though my draenei is not level 90 just yet, that will be my next project after i finish leveling with my mage, I had a DK and a Shaman to do , but yes i questioned myself and stare lol really! my DK tank is 85 but never really worked on her even how to tank in raids just yet. But i still like them because they are just sexy and bootylicious haha! =)

  16. Oh my God, hahaha! I was thinking as you were describing the “female” player, that they were being too overt, they couldn’t have been your average female player, too much stereotype.

    Imagine she would have asked for voice chat, and this deep male voice laughs and proclaims to have fooled you, then you answer with your best mommy voice, that the joke is on him!

    • I know! It was pretty funny, he’s thinking he’s pulling one over on some guy and I’m pulling one over on him, lol. I’m not sure why but I’m never taken for female, I’m always referred to as dude. Be a big shock if they heard my voice!

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