Flipping the Bird

thebirdYeah … Cim tried Yikkan Izu a couple more times with the same result … splat. Look at him, just take a look at that so called Yikkan Izu. Yeah, I didn’t just fall off of the turnip truck. I’ve been to a few dances. THAT IS ANZU, I don’t care what kind of an alias he’s going around with these days, that is Anzu. I feel there may be some karmic justice at play here. I don’t suppose it has ANYTHING at all to do with the fact that we killed him 160ish times for a mount. I smell a rat.

controling_test_anxietyA thought occurred to me … probably cause it’s tax time and preparing taxes has the same effect on me as tests do. I mean I’m not even DOING the taxes it’s just the forms for my cousin the accountant and I still freak out. This cartoon is me. Tests make me incredibly obtuse and nervous and I realized I behaved much the same way when I play.

The last attempt on that bird I was spamming Fel Flame while on the move … nothing was happening. OMG! Don’t tell me I need to replace my keyboard now, what the hell is the … oh. When I calmed down I realized that in the heat of the moment I apparently forget what keys are what, all knowledge drains right out and is replaced with hysteria. I had been spamming my minion’s attack key. Yeah … really, what must he have thought. Surprised he didn’t call me on that.

After years of test taking I finally realized that yes, when I first look at the questions they make no sense. I don’t know WHAT THE HELL they’re taking about. I learned to calmly look through all of the questions until one made sense. I then went back and found that now so did the ones that had been written in Sanskrit previously. Commence the test taking!

I have to figure out a WoW version of this. I haven’t yet but I’m hopeful. There must be an Azeroth equivalent. On my list of things to try is the “get snockered until I don’t even give a rat’s ass” approach but even if it’s successful it’s not really an approach I can endorse. I seem to get so worked up I can’t FIND his little flock of birdies. If any of you educators know a WoW method of overcoming test anxiety let me know. I’m all ears. I’ll hold on the snockering.

And oh, I must thank Matty. She recommended Ready Player One and I really enjoyed it. Okay, enough stalling. I have to go put my snow boots on and trudge through YET ANOTHER snowfall with the dogs. The only good thing about it is there’s unlikely to be a test so I  don’t have to get snockered first.

11 Responses to “Flipping the Bird”

  1. Did you spec into casting incinerate on the move?

    • Yes, I’ve got that but who knows what key I think is incinerate when rattled, lol.

      I think if I wasn’t so chicken and run off every time someone comes in there I might have a better chance if I just kept doing it. I give it one try and then leave as soon as there’s an audience.

  2. I recommend the snockering.

  3. Hang in there, you’ll get it.

  4. I’ve got Ready Player One on my reading pile; you’re not the only one to recommend it. I’ve been reading Libriomancer by Jim Hines, and I think you’d like that one if you get the chance to read it.

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