Nothing Ain’t Ever Easy

Yeah, I checked and it doesn’t seem to be a song title but it should be. Sweet Elune! I can only assume this is a further test of our WoW prowess in preparation for Warlords and I failed miserably. All I wanted to do was send an email but I just wasn’t quick enough. I wasn’t fast enough to accept quests either.

The only upside was if a mob was killing you and you were losing … not a problem … he’ll be gone in a minute! All I wanted to do was become a Drunken Fish with Matty.

malemanOddly zones weren’t cycling back and forth in Stormwind so my Maleman (hehehe) was able to successfully use the mail box. Poor Lupelina, let’s hope some day she makes it out of Duskhaven.

9 Responses to “Nothing Ain’t Ever Easy”

  1. Hmm, that’s an odd one. I’ve had ‘your driver is out of date’ several times and cut gems are coming up as +6 which is funky.

  2. “A Drunken Fish with Matty” is the greatest sentence ever written.

  3. That is strange I’ve never seen that one.

    I think the gems are “working as intended” like the enchants – they will “scale” with your character.

    So if you’re level 5 bank alt buys a gems for your level 90, the “stats” will read for your level 5, but be back to “normal” when your level 90 gets it. Just like the enchants.

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