OLRG: A Cure for What Ails You

SethekkHallsI know it looks like a weekly recovery meeting of “those who spent too much time in Sethekk Halls” but it’s OLRG in Firelands.

Yesterday kinda sucked. Early morning we readied the dogs for their patrol through the neighborhood. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER I walked out the door into the garage and closed the door and then OMG I DON’T HAVE KEYS … which is sort of my job … to remember … the keys.

I told my husband, no worries, we’ll use your emergency phone you have in the truck … for, you know, emergencies … like this. Silence. Um, I don’t think it’s charged. Okay, we’ll go next door … oh, they’re not home. Anyway I finally found a friend at home, called our daughter who had to trek an hour southish to rescue us.

WE ARE IN! My husband turned on the TV … I don’t know … it’s a reflex or something. Our daughter told us we needed a new TV as ours was ATROCIOUS which made my husband happy as he thinks so too. We explained that the whole process is beyond us with all the choices and options it’s too difficult to make a decision.

Not to mention the fact that we’d need a new piece of furniture to place it on. And everything I like costs about three times the price of the TV. He told her he’s an old man … technology is now beyond him.

She of course scoffed at this until he reminded her she had just rescued us from the garage we had locked ourselves into … yeah.

Generally a bad day, so I login. Great … my “start moving, stop moving” key is sticking. I’m stopping and then lunging forward at unexpected moments. Geeeezzzzz.

By the end of the night after Firelands and Ulduar the entire day had been redeemed. Nobody seemed to notice me lunging unexpectedly into things, or if they did, they were too polite to comment. But then it was common knowledge I WAS drinking wine so there’s that.

Neo collected me from my frantic circling because I can’t ever find the entrance to Ulduar. People got some great transmog gear and I know I got a bazillion achievements.

It was a wonderful night, I forgot my time in lockup. I forgot that technology is beyond us. I forgot about our atrocious TV. I just had fun. Thanks again Matty and all the Old Lady Raiders!

And yes, we now have keys hidden all over our property. Now … remembering where we hid them.

12 Responses to “OLRG: A Cure for What Ails You”

  1. Yep, yep, I’ve a few days like those, keys being misplaced “I thought you had them” syndrome that never stops. Yes, kids say our technology belongs to Thomas Edison – hehe, good job on redeeming yourself there with some good runs – awesome to hear the upbeat. Keyboard issues, I just give mine a sharp shot of air, bang it a few times and I’m off again….

  2. It’s funny – I felt a disturbance in the force yesterday morning when I noticed you weren’t on, and figured real life goblins were being goofy. I had a lot of fun last night — I never notice anyone else but me, and after a glass of red wine wasn’t caring too much about anything anyway!

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has those key mishaps from time to time.
    Last night was so much fun, as it always is. Glad it brightened your day as much as it always brightens mine 🙂
    I didn’t notice your random lunging, but I’m fairly sure nobody missed Tyl’s accidental auto-shotting Kologarn while we were still making plans. I’m really glad everybody just picked it up and got everything done anyhow. XD

    • Thanks! It really did brighten a ridiculous day here in the real world. Honestly I never notice things that other people do because I’m so busy noticing what a big derp I am, lol. Anyway, Tyl can do no wrong because he’s just way too handsome!

  4. Hugs. We managed to go out for the day and leave the house key in the front door.. luckily no one “broke” in but apparently key mishaps happen easily and often.

    Glad you had a great night of raiding to make up for it though.

  5. Good to see you made it to Uld again (and back inside the house for that matter). Looks like you all had a lot of fun. There are a few Items I’d still love to get from the place – maybe one day.

  6. I am not cultured enough – you ladies sipping wine whilst raiding whilst I sit there with my chocolate and ribena! But gosh, for a second – and this sounds really stupid – I thought you meant keys as in keys on a keyboard. Uhhh yeah, wake up Navi. I mean, I suppose you could lose the keys on your keyboard if you’re blind drunk. That will teach me to try to read your post whilst writing my patient notes and reading every 10th line because I can’t remember where I was up to.

    • Yeah, at least had I been drunk that would have been a good excuse for forgetting them but I was sober, lol!

      And you must be psychic cause I’m also having trouble with keyboard keys too!

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