The Standoff and Zero to Sixty

standoffYeah, Cat really hates the Timeless Isle now but it was the last push to get the Elemental Shaman’s pants completed. This Blood Elf saw her fighting a turtle and came over and stood there watching. Uh oh. Yep, a leather thief. He was jabbering away at her in a language she doesn’t understand and she couldn’t communicate.

If she ever planned on going back I would have made her a macro that said, /yell Look you nincompoop you are not the only skinner in the world!

So she just stood there refusing to loot … then she realized SHE was being a nincompoop so she ran off for a while and they lost interest and she resumed. She even bought a overpriced Spirit of War to end that 28 day grind one day early. There … never again.

sneakycatShe did find a use for all those coins that she doesn’t need. She buys Scrolls of Challenge and stealths over and summons Archiereus of Flame whenever someone on the Isle needs a rare. Only problem is when you’ve got your UI turned off to take screen shots you can’t see someone else approaching. Yeah, he pissed off this guy and she died. So be careful. Thought she was so clever.

Anyway … the pants grind and a recent Grumpy Elf post got my attention focused back on my Horde group. I had made a bunch of alts to be Sasche’s support staff … they aren’t moving very fast. Someone must step forward and pick up the flag. Someone MUST get to level sixty to take advantage of the profession boost. It would be criminal not to.

Okay, I’m not boosting any class to ninety that I don’t have at least moderate skill with … oh. Okay, that narrowed it down. Feral Druid or Warlock. Let’s see … they’re both pretty fast levelers … hmm … I KNOW!

grakgoesGrak the Warlock has self-esteem issues, her sister the bank alt got all the good looks leaving Grak … well never mind. It would do wonders for her to be the one they’re all counting on! She could stop sitting there at level 5 shooting the shit with the guys.

You go Grak! Show them what you’re made of! Show them you’re … er … not just another pretty face!

Now to convince Cat to get back in the Celestial Tournament and get a few more pets before Warlords and we’ll be in good shape! Focus Cat! Focus!

I want to thank Laeleiweyn for this post. Last night I had defeated everyone in the tournament except Chi-Chi, that team was dead. Reluctant to leave with just one more to go I googled and found that post. I can make that team! What’s more it won easily! Cat’s on her way! She has … a coin. Only eight more to go!

16 Responses to “The Standoff and Zero to Sixty”

  1. A few days ago Haanta was hunting, and an ALLIANCE charcter stood right there and got my leather. I asked him what the hell, and he put me on ignore. He knew exactly what he was doing (notice how I have gender-assigned him) and I am not sure why, but this one instance of ninja-ing infuriated me. If I could have been Kathy Bates in Fried Green Tomatoes I would have rammed my car repeatedly into his because I have better insurance. The other morning when Kellda the Keep To Herself Lock was farming for shards, a paladin trolled her. An Alliance pally. That’s okay, cause he’s now going to get caught doing something to something and his parents are going to catch him and there will be much embarrassment all around. Seriously. Don’t eff with a lock. As far as the 90 boost goes…still thinking myself. It’s a tough call. Glad you’re off the isle for a bit.

    • Cat and Cim are done with that place, shudder. Oddly the Shaman and Monk still enjoy it.

      LOL! I see I assigned the leather thief a gender too. I’m fine with people skinning my kills, I make sure to loot everything so they can, but wait for me to walk away before you try to skin it people.

      Now I want to watch that movie!

  2. Hehehe…my baby Priest is a Skinner to support my Monk’s Leatherworking she’s leveling up.
    I am a ninja/stalker skinner too. I followed a bunch of questers around Blasted Lands for leather. I am ashamed but hey! If you leave it, it’s mine (curse you, skinner hunters!)
    Thanks for the CT link – I’m going to try it out!

    • That team for Chi-Chi worked much better than the one I tried.

      Oh, I do that too. Cat lays on the beach there sometimes waiting for people to walk away from their kills but she never approaches unless no one’s near it. It’s my lazy man’s gathering method, lol. When she just doesn’t feel like killing.

  3. Between you and Matty it seems like there are a lot of assholes around lately. Glad to hear you got through the CT again, esp when you’re stuck on one battle.

    • I figured I’d better start doing the CT again if I ever wanted anymore pets. I was so thankful to find a team that worked after mine died. I wouldn’t have minded but everything besides Chi-Chi was done. So happy!

  4. I have been known to just sit down, wait for the would-be ninja skinner to lose interest, and then I loot my corpses and skin them – hey it works for leather-working. I’m sure that I’ve been called a few names in the book at times for doing that. Hehe, I usually play male characters and I’m sure that my Mother has been insulted more than once. 😀

    • Yeah, at the time I was thinking, hon, I KNOW I can wait it out longer than you can, lol. Being stubborn is my best thing. I so wish I could level a male character. So far nothing, the poor guys keep getting deleted.

  5. Sorry for the double post – my mouse is being a mouse – duh!

  6. Grats! And I’m happy you found my post useful. 🙂

  7. That is the one thing I miss about playing on a pvp server, steal my herb/leather or mob and I will corpse camp you until you log.

    (I may have issues .. )

  8. Haven’t you noticed when you want something, you never get it. Gosh I wish I could give you my spirit of wars…

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