Really Crappy Timing

shoeshineI’ve been in a really bad WoW place, I’ve been WoW-depressed. I don’t like to post when I’m WoW-depressed, it seems rude and I guess I think it might be contagious. Yesterday it only got worse. I witnessed a day long bullying. First thing in the morning a person was looking for a HS group. A bully jumped on him accusing him of wanting to be carried and unfortunately they engaged the bully.

By afternoon this whole thing was still going on but had been picked up by other wannabe bullies. These people were not as skilled as the original bully so pretty much just resorted to hurling variations of SCRUB at them based on the fact that they were attired in a mish-mash of crafted and Timeless Isle gear … like me.

Curious, I looked up the original bully. iLevel 573, Gold in Proving Grounds … everything you could possibly want but apparently that wasn’t enough to make them happy, they had to bully too. Yep, us scrubs won’t be in there ruining your Heroics, you’ll have this wonderfully skilled player … have fun. This makes me sad. I am of an age where I am immune to bullying but others aren’t.

Cat went to visit Dalaran and get a shoeshine from Sheddle Glossgleam which usually cheers her right up. We check email. Oh! A new follower on Twitter! I usually follow anyone who follows me who is WoW related and I can read the language they tweet in.

I get a tweet right back with a link. MY GOD WE’RE UNDER ATTACK! COME ON DOGS! TO THE BASEME … Oh. It’s on the computer. Every warning, beeper and bell fired off. All the software that protects me from myself had hit DEFCON 32. Well this is just depressing … they followed me to get me to become embroiled in whatever nefarious plot they have going … geeeez.

So yeah … I needed cheering up. I should have known better than to peruse the AH but … yeah … that would have made sense and I so never go there.

crappytimingYes, I’m broke now. I’m justifying it by repeatedly looking here and patting myself on the back that I didn’t pay $250.00 REAL dollars for the Ethereal Soul-Trader. What a clever shopper I am …

So anyway this cheered up everyone a bit after the attack of buyer’s remorse faded and Cat and Cim argued over who got to play with him. You have to take him around and kill things to get your ethereal credit to buy his stuff. And it has to be something he deems worthy apparently, wouldn’t cough any up for a Virmen.

Cat wanted the Ethereal Mutagen and Cim wants the oufit. Cat won.

petmutSo while I’m out there trying to cheerify myself I get a whisper from JD. WHAT! The preorder is live? It’s here? Today? Now?

NEWBIRDAs it turns out, I wouldn’t have had to spend *mumble mumble mumble* gold on the Ethereal Soul-Trader to cheer myself up had I been paying ANY attention at all. I have a Dread Raven and a cute Dread Hatchling and a free boost to 90 for buying the Digital Deluxe edition of Warlords. I wasn’t prepared. The two characters I was going to choose between were level 10 and 29. They need to get to 60 as I want the profession boost.

I’m going to be busy which is great but … you know … I have really crappy timing.

30 Responses to “Really Crappy Timing”

  1. It’s okay Tome – I have some ideas.

  2. Retail therapy is a wonderful and evil thing. I almost indulged in some myself last night while I waited for my daughter’s boyfriend to get off my computer. I wanted to run lfr last night to gear up Halinka and couldn’t do it without my mouse and keyboard. *sigh* Ended up doing the same old farming and cooldown routine. He’s not ruining my fun tonight. (emphasis on the period. I wish the force I used to push a key showed!)

    • LOL! You do that too? I know the force of my keystrokes vary a lot depending on my mood or how worried I am that the thing I’m killing is going to kill me first. I hit REALLY hard then!

      Stay away from the computer tonight boyfriend!

  3. Grats on your awesome new pet! πŸ™‚

    Sorry you had such a crappy day. 😦

    • Thank you! He really is awesome and considering what I’ve seen him go for it was sort of a deal but had I known I was getting that mount and pet I might not have bought him. I’m usually frugal but once in a while I go wild!

  4. You got an Ethereal? OMG I’m jealous! I don’t think I’ll ever have the gold (or cash lol) for one but I keep hoping!

    Love the little Dread Hatchling so it makes me feel better.

    Yeah, I really hate the Trade Troll Bullies. Fortunately stupid usually gets the best of them, they start swearing then I get to play the Report Language game.

    Report a Stupid, get a Jelly Bean πŸ˜€

    • I thought of you when I saw him listed way below what I’ve ever seen on my server. I knew I could never justify the cash for one so here was my one chance!

      Yeah, the guy who started it was careful but the ones in the afternoon weren’t so bright. Hope they got caught. I left to hurry, hurry, hurry the Horde leveling! That 90 button is driving me crazy!

  5. Very nice! Hopefully I can say I have one soon as well. Glad to see things are slowly looking up for you and you’re posting again.

    • It’s the first time I’ve seen one listed under 100,000 gold on my server so I couldn’t resist. I usually see them listed for 160,000 or so which was so not going to happen. Hope you find a bargain Soul-Trader soon!

  6. Awesome purchase on the AH there!! As for the new xpac, I went a little nuts and have some new “friends” to play with – only one hunter, a druid, a dk and shammy – wheee!!

  7. Yeah, super grats on the Soul Trader!

  8. Grats on your ethereal! I’m a bit jealous too! πŸ˜€ I’m glad I’m not the only one who cheers myself up by buying things off the auction house. lol
    It’s really too bad people do so much bullying in WoW sometimes. Once in a while if I see it start and have a good idea of what’s going on. I’ll just shoot the target an encouraging whisper or two. Don’t know if it actually helps but it’s the only way I can think of to try and help that hopefully won’t end up building what’s going on in Trade.

    • Thank you! I know, that’s all you can do and hope that in some cases it helps because that could be a kid and it could be hurting them, I mean it could be an adult and still hurt them.

  9. I find that type of trade bullying depressing… I’m well-enough geared and skilled that I often prefer to solo heroic scenarios (less can go sideways when I’m controlling positioning, pace of pull, cc, etc) but since I only have 2 accounts I need a 3rd to even queue up so I’ll often just borrow someone on my friends list for 30s to queue up on the condition that they’re welcome to just AFK at the door for some free VP if they’d like, otherwise they can just drop. If I don’t have friends online I’ll grab someone out of trade with the same offer. I have to wonder why your well-geared PG:Gold bully doesn’t do the same thing since I don’t get the impression he plays well with others.

    • It is depressing, I really can’t understand how making sport of others is enjoyable. In this case Mr. Bully in his 573 gear kept taunting the other to a duel in his 522s to prove his worth.

      It is a shame you can’t just queue for one alone if that’s what you want to do and I’m sure like you said it may go smoother alone.

  10. Urgh that does sound like a crappy day but I glad it ended with two new pets & a stunning new mount!!

  11. Hugs. Sorry you had a bad day. Totally in favour of buying things to chase the blues away. It’s surprising how good it feels πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Erinys! Yes, I thought it was funny that I got the same type of buyers remorse that I’d get buying a new car, lol. It quickly passed though and it did feel good to finally have that Ethereal.

  12. Oh I want to smack the bully on the backside and put their head in a poopile! Wait, that makes me a bully…
    But retail therapy always makes me feel better too. Unfortunately it’s very painful on my purse. But i don’t care. It makes me feel better. Lucky you didn’t go get that car because knowing you it would be something you totally didn’t need and when you’re looking at that collector Mustang or whatever americans like to drive you would go…. that money would have been better spent on a spectral kitten. /hugs

    • I wish I got mad at bullies but I get depressed, angry would be preferable but I go into this whole downward spiral of “what is becoming of the human race.” Yeah, I need to get a grip, lol.

      Oh, my husband and I did that once. We worked at the same place, both were laid off and jobless and went out and bought a Corvette (used, we have some sense, lol) as a sort of FU to our previous employer.

  13. Bah.

    I’m in pretty much full normal gear and I can solo heroic scenarios if the folks I queued with are willing to wait around long enough. Satisfaction comes in carrying a complete new 90 through an HS or three.

    Bullying others about playing ability isn’t nearly as fun as using your playing ability and gear/class luck to help other people. Plus, when you do that, you chalk up brownie points to cash in when you flub something up later as we all inevitably do.

    That poor person hasn’t learned that yet.

    • You know I always count on blog readers to reinforce to me that there are good, kind players out there. I give you 10,000 Tome brownie points! That can be redeemed … um … okay they are pretty worthless except to say I’m glad people like you are out there counteracting the meanies!

  14. JD Kenada Says:

    The Ethereal-Trader is the ONLY TCG novelty I still really want to this day. Folks can keep their Spectrals and other such goods, I just love that guy. Actually, I just love Ethereals period.

    As others have said, grats on nabbing him for yourself and don’t give it a second thought. But, please don’t be upset if in a jealous rage I do unleash a 26 point attack the next time we play Hearthstone. I mean…

    • I know, Ethereals have a special place in my heart because by killing millions of them my Hunter got her very first epic in BC. I love those guys, lol.

      ohgodohgodohgod … must study Hearthstone …

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