A Boy Named Sue or the Week in Review

namedsueOkay, alright … he’s not really named Sue … he’s named Pam. I CANNOT play plate wearers, I have a theory now but never mind … back to Pam. I made him thinking maybe if I had a do-over I would “get” Death Knights. It remains to be seen. I’m running out of name ideas and all that came to me was … bulls … running of bulls … I got it! Pamplona! I know … questionable judgement there.

So he’s a class I can’t play and he’s named Pam … even Arthas is mocking him.

hearthhorseOh for heaven’s sake Cat, you are the LAST person Elf to be giving Hearthstone advice. So yeah … the Hearthsteed. I read this post at WoW Misadventures and got excited. I suck at this game, I quit playing after I was paired with “players of my own level.” Apparently there aren’t any of my level … I’m minus level. In the post there was talk of noob pwning. Maybe I have a chance!

Well they were right, there was a noob to be pwned … it was me. Started with Jaina … lose … lose … etc.

Switched to Warlock. Still losing but the games drug on forever and then lose.

Finally switched to Rogue. Many games later a win. YAY! I have like 12 more hours in the day to get two more wins! More time passes in agony and someone forfeits … LOLOLOLOL! I don’t know … they would  definitely have won, maybe they had to get to class or something. Never mind, don’t look a gift Hearthsteed in the mouth.

Talked to Repgrind and she said to try ranked, it had worked well for her. Okay, clicked ranked and then all hell broke loose. The screen started flashing … no I’m not kidding … Angry Chicken at me. I thought well how did they know? I AM an angry chicken at this point. The Angry Chicken flashed at me a while and then … TADA! My third win! I have NO idea what all that was about … a pity win from the game? I didn’t DO anything. I don’t care, I’ll take it.

catcatFirst, some background so you’ll know how I think. My husband and I watched Gravity recently. The next morning he said they really did an amazing job selling the whole “filmed in space” thing. WTF! But it WAS filmed … in … space … oh. I had totally bought it, it never entered my mind that George Clooney and Sandra Bullock weren’t in outer space … not once.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that I “think” Cat is the best pet battler. She has no need for valor while others could really use it and yet I keep sending her into the Celestial Tournament because she’s the “best” pet battler. Sigh … note to self, send someone in there next time who needs the valor.

cashspicemasterMAKE MY DAY SPICEMASTER! Go on! Say it! I will beat you to within an inch of your life, I will … oh … hi. Being broke really changes you. Liwu has become like a really, really mean repo man now that we’re broke. I mean they all used to pay the money rather than threaten violence … you know … all zen-like … now she’s out there kicking ass and taking names … geez.

fennerickJust one more thing. For those of you who think my bizarre total immersion in a game or movie is strange, I give you this. I fly on rental birds most places so I can minimize the screen and check email, make calls and stuff like that. I’m never there for the flight.

No one was there but Lokkan, the popular Draenei. When I come back I see this. I DIDN’T do it. I’ve never even heard of Fennerick. I can only assume Lokkan was trying to contact one of those chivalrous male characters she’s met. Who knows how long this stuff has been going on behind my back!

Not filmed in space indeed. Psssh.


21 Responses to “A Boy Named Sue or the Week in Review”

  1. No, I am the last person – I win! I don’t even have it installed on my computer yet. Oh well. Maybe this afternoon. Tell Pam Dear Matty is open for free therapy sessions, too.

  2. Haha – glad you got your Hearthsteed! I usually /ragequit Hearthstone if I lose more than 3 games in a row.

    Too much RNG so if I hit a losing streak well…time to do something else. It’s a cute game but I don’t care *that* much about it.

    • I was never so grateful, I was afraid I’d be stuck there until midnight, lol. I sure wonder what the hell the angry chicken thing was but I don’t care. It’s now just fading into a horrible memory while I ride off on my Hearthsteed!

  3. Haha! I definitely don’t have it installed on my computer yet and I’m trying to think if I want too – I’m having enough going with WoW at the moment. Free mount? Well, yeah, there is that temptation, however, I have never been good at strategy much less card games. I might try it next week, who knows?

    • Yeah, I’m terrible at any kind of strategy game. If I remember, many years ago I was okay at mahjong but that was more about pattern recognition.

      It is really a fun game until you meet … real people, lol.

  4. It’s funny, I hadn’t played for about 4mths and then suddenly they introduce a mount and I’m on like a Flash. Even tonight, I had the urge to get on and play a one match to ‘relax’. The match I won gave me enough coins to do an arena tournament so that was kind of exciting.

    Grats on the mount. Glad to hear you got it 🙂

  5. I wonder if the devs are all playing Hearthstone, and that’s why it’ll be Fall when Warlords drops. 😉

    • Now that’s a theory I haven’t heard before but it might just be the right one! I know I’ve spent way too much time worrying over that game, lol.

      What I can’t figure out is I have the mount and I thought that would be it but I’m still interested, just not good at it!

  6. I got really lucky when I logged in last night to try for mine. I played three games and got the three wins I needed compared to always losing the little I played of beta.

    I was also surprised it had saved my deck from beta.

    • Oh! That was great! I don’t know how long I would have been there without that forfeit. I know, I thought things would reset but everything was as I left.

      I haven’t given up on it yet even if I pretty much stink at it, lol.

  7. “So it shouldn’t be a surprise that I “think” Cat is the best pet battler. She has no need for valor while others could really use it and yet I keep sending her into the Celestial Tournament because she’s the “best” pet battler.”

    That sounds far too familiar. I just caught myself doing that with Warbringers, struggling mightily to kill them on my best geared melee dps toon (the one I’m “best” on) instead of just bringing a worse geared toon with a tank pet. There’s some odd psychology going on there…

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one! I know, I’d do exactly the same thing. I’d do things with my feral druid that would have been much less painful with my warlock even though her gear wasn’t at good at the time.

  8. Aww, poor Pam(plona) — but that is a *great* screenshot there with the Val’kyr wings behind Arthas, looking like they’re *his* wings 😀

  9. I watched Gravity only a few days ago, and I was obsessed with figuring out how they did the weightless effects and how everything looked so real. I kept thinking that maybe they had done it while on one of those flights where they drop down and you get zero gravity for a while, but… It looked so real.

    Ps: I believed in all the hype around The Blair Witch Project too, that those young people had disappeared and this movie was the film they had left behind. *cough* yeahhh….

    • Lol, you and my husband! Although I’m glad he didn’t bring it up until the movie was over cause I was totally buying it. I never once while watching wondered how they did it. Makes me want to watch it again!

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