OLRG: Steppin Out Over the Line

olrgprepattyI don’t know, I’m just feeling Springsteenish. I could have titled it “Tramps like us, baby we were born to run.” While partly true because the Old Ladies WERE born to run I don’t feel comfortable calling us all tramps.

Anyway, it was great that Amerence joined us for the first time last night! It was nice that she told us who she was and gave us her blog. I spent the whole of the last OLRG run trying to figure out who Imraith was playing. I know … friend’s list … duh. But that brings me to my code word.

At some point in the evening I usually say, “I’m going to go get some wine.” It’s code for “from this point on I will probably die tripping over dryer lint the Mogu left laying around.” Or “I’ll stand in delighted amazement gazing at the pretty light all around me until … yeah dead.” It’s when I do things like trying to figure who someone is playing when the information is readily available. It’s my hard mode.

Anyway Cim had a great time, she’s going to make everyone else miserable now. She’s going to lord it over the other characters now that she’s the only one who actually did Mogu’shan Vaults on normal.

She spent most of the evening with a scary skull over her head. I’m not sure if it was to warn people away from her as she had something contagious or was it there to intimidate the residents of the Vaults. She’s one scary bad dude … yeah. You guys should just give up and move along. Yeah, I’m going with that one.

After that it was on to Blackwing Descent and more fun. As always, thanks Matty for making these happen. I love you Old Ladies! Cause you know … tramps like us, baby we were born to run.

17 Responses to “OLRG: Steppin Out Over the Line”

  1. That was super fun! My “I’m going to get wine” is code for “Watch out, because I am about to get very silly and think I can take on Garrosh with one hand tied behind my back!” You can call me a tramp anytime. LOL

  2. Tramp is a delightful word! Think of all the lovely connotations – tramping through the woods; a tramp carrying a hobo’s pack, meandering along a railway track in search of god knows what; a life on the road, free of care – yes, I like tramp. And silly Tome, Perryl is me and I am Perryl! ‘Twas indeed fun last night, wasn’t it!
    (p.s. It was yours truly who finally removed the skull – I was afraid I would accidently fel-flame you!)

    • LOL! Cim didn’t even know she was so close to being torched by another Warlock!

      I like being a tramp too. I remember when I was young and reckless I wanted to tour the world on a tramp steamer after I read a book about it but never made that one happen.

      It was fun and I’ve now committed Perryl’s name to memory!

  3. Oh, it definitely sounds like you were having some fun and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the word Tramp – I like to think that mine can be a bit trampy from time to time with all of the traveling – I do have one that isn’t of sound mind,however, she’s not a real tramp, just crazy.

    • We always do have a lot of fun, it something I really look forward to.

      You’re characters are always so interesting, I haven’t picked a favorite yet. Still thinking it over who I enjoy reading about most.

      • LOL, no worries there with my characters, I have quite a few and try to roll the dice and see which one I feel like writing about on a given day, sometimes, my brain just can’t put a story together though. šŸ˜€ Thanks for reading them – it’s always a good thing to know.

  4. Sounds like you had a great time! I’m glad it all went down so well.
    I’d have had to sit out for the MSV part, and we had an RL social thing that made me miss the later shenanigans in BWD.

  5. It’s always interesting to read who turned up each time. It’s a bit like musical chairs or something.

  6. Since you’re in a Springsteenian mood, here’s something for you:

    Jimmy Fallon Hosts the 2010 Emmys — Born to Run Sketch

  7. YAY! this was awesome run! looking forward again next week! Im posting my screenies today too. Thank you for having me and the mention ancient! ā¤

  8. […] The other day, Sat March 15. The ladies i knew in our blogging community Ancient “ToTa of Tome of the Ancient Blog” and Mataoka “Matty of Sugar & Blood Blog” has always run some fun raids and […]

  9. […] The other day, Sat March 15. The ladies i knew in our blogging community Ancient “ToTa of Tome of the Ancient Blog” and Mataoka “Matty of Sugar & Blood Blog” has always run some fun raids and […]

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