Boost Dawdling … Guilty

siliI pre-purchased Warlords of Draenor as soon as I heard it was available. A boost to 90 was something I have no interest in but a profession boost for my Horde was something I wanted. It kinda caught me with my pants down. I was not prepared.

The two characters who were potential boosts were level 10 and 29. A Warlock and a Druid. Once again the ugly sister gets the shaft. I had promised Grak she’d get the boost but Rose was 29 so she’s getting it. I’ll make it up to Grak somehow.

So yeah … how’s that going? I realized we’re dawdling. We aren’t making much headway, it’s like Rose isn’t in any hurry to get to 60. In some ways that’s good, I’ve been able to get to know her and I’ll admit I was somewhat surprised.

dancingI had thought she was a very serious type, I mean she is a Guardian of Cenarius. The Guardians have a lot of important work to do … and she’s what? Dancing? Oh … okay. Yeah, I see Rose. I guess you couldn’t pass up dancing with your double in Everlook. Besides being gear clones, there was even a resemblance … long lost cousins maybe?

Okay, let’s get going. Enough foolishness … you have to LEAVE Winterspring now Rose. Things to do, places to go. Let’s make it happen. Chop chop.

dancing2So she gets to Silithus finally. I figure she’ll have a lot of important work to do for the Cenarion Circle. So right away they give her an important assignment. Take out Vyral the Vile. She goes down in that scary cavern filled with dangerous Twilight nutcases and … dances? Rose!

Yup, there’s a ??? level Alliance down there. Probably finishing Loremaster or something. As soon as they see each other they break out in dance. I did not see this one coming. I did not see Rose as a party girl.

I was expecting a serious-minded, no nonsense, let’s get the work done character. Instead I seem to have a party Tauren … must be a Druid thing. If I didn’t know better I’d think Rose and Cat were related.

Anyway, Sasche? Hang on, your Enchanter/Miner is on her way. It just might take a little longer than we expected since she’s dancing her way to 60.

26 Responses to “Boost Dawdling … Guilty”

  1. I really love the boost – I had characters lined up and pounding at the door “pick me, pick me” . I already had a few 90s, however, I had druid that was languishing at a roaring 71 and drew the card. You’re going to love your Druid at 90 – I play a Balance Druid and I’m having a blast.

    • She’ll make my eighth 90 if I remember correctly. She’s feral like my Alliance Druid cause I thought it’d make things go quickly, lol. She had other ideas.

      I once tried Balance a long time ago and didn’t “get” it. Maybe that will be something she can try out when she’s not dancing!

      • I’m loving my Balance Druid – got the info I needed, including action bar setups, glyphs:ect. from Icy Veins, made the transition a lot easier and not so brain-crashing.

        I currently have 12 90s – 8 came up the old fashioned way and four boosts to classes I hadn’t played in while – all were over 60, so, I wasn’t completely in the dark.

        • Wow! You have a whole army there! Yeah, my boosts will have to be feral druid or warlock or I might end up getting my butt royally kicked, lol. I thought about my Rogue but it’s been too long since I played one so she’ll go the old fashioned way.

        • ROTFL yes, I do have a group of them and there are times I truly question my sanity. At least I have RP to fall back on to keep from constantly “working” as it were.

  2. Wowstory: our dear friend Tome is an expert on Druids. And Tome, I think I’m going to take a page out of their playbook and start dancing my way through life again. This plodding and lumbering isn’t working so well for me!

  3. I still haven’t decided. It’s either the warrior or the hunter, that much I know. I think it’s going to depend on which profession I boost. BS or LW.

  4. Good to see you having fun on the other side. 🙂

    I still so tempted to use mine on an alliance leather wearer – prob a rogue at this point. I must admit I miss being able to enchant my gear (I forgot to check all my items before I dropped it) – hindsight /sigh

    • I know, prices aren’t so bad on Alliance side for enchants but everything costs more Horde side so poor Sasche is really looking forward to Rose’s arrival!

      My Goblin Rogue is the next up but I think she’s doing it the old-fashioned way so we have a wait for a jeweler.

  5. Looks like Rose is having a ton of fun!
    But of course Druids love to dance! They have the best dances in the game!

  6. Now that I thought about it I never played a druid yet. This just had me thinking to boost one if i start leveling it to 60 or something. I still have a shaman to work on. But now is it really worth to spend all the money again… sigh! lol World of Draenor sure is approaching… Well see, still undecided.

    With professions on my monk when i boosted her to 90, wasnt so smart as i still have to level it from 1-600 because i didnt realized it after i already boosted it. oh well!

    • Yes, that’s why Rose has to get to 60 first, I don’t want to have to level all that, especially enchanting.

      Druid’s are great fun as they have so many different options you can play. Feral or Balance, tanky bear or healer. Although I’ve really only played Feral.

  7. Looks like she’s having fun. And I think her dancing to 60 is still getting her there faster than whatever it is Ailuuya is doing. 😀 And it does look like a blast.

    • She’s having fun, she got to Outland today and went about a level without touching ground, lol. Love that flight form.

      Now, if I could only figure out how to level a Paladin. I so want a pretty male Blood Elf Paladin but so far they elude me. I can’t seem to level anyone who wears plate. You’ll have to give me pointers!

      • Flight form is a blast! It’s one of my favorite things about druids. And tauren flight form is so neat!
        I’d be more than happy to give paladin pointers. I could talk about paladins all day. 😛 But I’ll keep it to this: for leveling through questing I suggest prot with heirlooms. (Playing around on one of mine I discovered that a level 16 prot paladin in heirlooms can solo Ragefire Chasm without breaking a sweat and piling all your quest mobs up and beating them at once is loads of fun.)

  8. I have no idea what I’d boost. Maybe i’ll be the only person who doesn’t boost someone.

  9. It’s the druid truce!. Instead of killing each other, they dance!
    I don’t even have a druid at all!!! I mean, what’s up with that?? So that’s without a doubt the class I’d boost.

    • I know! I used to hear of a “code” among Druids in the olden days of Vanilla but maybe it still lives! If you boost a Druid you sure have choices, caster, tank, dps, healer. Whatever you want!

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