Boosted … Now What?

boostedRose in her 90 boost outfit which she wore for five seconds. I only had one teeny, tiny issue at first with the boost. Flight paths, she doesn’t have any. She wanted to get right on getting rep with The August Celestials for her enchanting patterns. We were doing some grumbling on the ride through Krasarang Wilds when … eureka! Rose, we forgot! We can fly! Yeah, so flight paths not such a problem.

And I had been worrying about what the top level enchanting rod was going to cost her and was happily surprised that her crappy old low level rod works with 600 patterns. Whew, thanks for that.

But now what. I will not give in to the seduction of an instant jewelcrafter. No more boosts, they’ve got to do it the old-fashioned way. But who? Goblin Rogue Phanta’s the jeweler and is at level 22 but I really wanted to try getting a Belf Male leveled.

onepallyHere’s Kaelth. He’s also a Paladin, another class I’ve been incapable of leveling.

Hi Kaelth!

You should pick me, the ladies love me, as soon as I got here I was surrounded by these beautiful creatures, they can’t get enough ofย  me … what? OH! My mistake! No, I’m sorry sir … I just thought … I meant no disrespect.

Man, he’s already causing trouble. I don’t know.

I also have a theory about why I can’t play plate wearers. I’ve noticed with the exception of the Warlock most of my characters are played like this:

Ohshit! oshit! … almost dead … get him! get him! shit shit shit … quick … heal … ohshit ohshit … okay whew … we did it.

Leather wearers kill fast and die fast, at least with me at the controls. This keeps my attention focused. I need to pay attention. Tota the Warrior is stuck at 60 because my mind would wander off in between blows. She doesn’t need me, she’ll take care of it. What should I make for dinner. Yeah, I lose focus. I seem to need the threat of imminent death to keep my attention.

Feral Druid, Windwalker Monk and Rogue I pay attention. Oh, and the Elemental Shaman’s the same way but I think that’s just because I don’t know what I’m doing.

So I really want to give this a try, he’d be my first 90 Male AND the first ever Paladin. Although I want him to do it the old-fashioned way I’m not a COMPLETE leveling purist. I would really like to have at least three heirlooms. I have them for ret spec but wanted to try prot.

I don’t want to wait for the Darkmoon Faire and the only other option is for Cat to spend around five or six thousand gold on the guild heirlooms and ship them off to him. Then I’d REALLY have to level him.

Time will tell if he can sweet talk Cat into that. It’s possible, it IS Cat we’re talking about.

23 Responses to “Boosted … Now What?”

  1. Oh yeah, the boosts are nice and it’s wonderful having “flight” available. Since I love to quest anyway, I’m having fun with mine, however, I think that I am going to be doing some cleanups on my “fresh” 90s that I had gotten the old fashioned way – quests a few runs here and there.

    My poor DKs are wondering whom could possibly be at the controls. I know that I have usually played ranged dps, however, this melee stuff (thank you Icy Veins) is turning out to be quite the challenge.

    • It was really nice once I remembered I could fly, lol. It took me a few years to find out I don’t actually like melee. Who knew! But I like Cat’s character so doesn’t really matter. If I want to pound on something big the Warlock’s are the mean ones!

      • I think I have four or five melee characters that are too high to just delete. So, I’ll suffer through the grind on them. I did boost a DK to 90, however, the poor girl is probably wondering “why did you do that?” She was perfectly happy flying around the Eastern Kingdom and taking a flight down to fight the bads in Outland.

  2. I boosted a pally. She now runs around farming mining/blacksmithing mats. Ah the life of a farming mule.

    I do have a male bloodelf character. He is a DK and who knows when he will get leveled. I haven’t been able to get into playing a DK, ever.

  3. Well hello, Kaelth! Good luck sweet talking, Cat.
    I really hope you can figure him out and enjoy him. I do think they’re a lot of fun to play when you get them figured out. (And who doesn’t want a pretty blood elf guy to deck out in fancy plate?)

    • I know, I have always wanted to get a male character to 90 so I’m hoping he’s going to be the one. He’s still sitting at level one chatting up the girls in the starting zone waiting for someone to send heirlooms, lol.

      • I have the opposite problem of convincing myself to level female characters. (I think mostly because I like smashing things in the face classes and I like Blood Elves but female Blood Elves just don’t look very imposing at all.)
        I really hope he works out for you! I am such a goof and get really excited about other people leveling paladins.

  4. Looking good, Rose! (I keep wanting to call her ‘Rosie’, but I’m not sure if *she* thinks that she’s a ‘Rosie’.)
    Good luck to Phanta — my poor Rogue is stuck at level 46 in Tanaris.
    Also good luck to Kaelth — he’s looking good already! ๐Ÿ˜›

    • I don’t think she’d mind, those two Druid’s are so good natured.

      I have high hopes that this time I can get a pally leveled AND a male character. Here’s hoping that good looking guy makes it!

  5. A male BE Paladin…where the heck is repgrind? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Ya know, if I spent $60.00 on a boost, I want FPs!!!

    That was (and still is) so flipping annoying! Sure, Panda Land isn’t that big, but I also discovered that I have to do some quests anyway to open up some FPs or it takes flipping forever to get anywhere cause you missed one. >.<

    Then there is also Kalimdor, EK, Outland, Northrend…it would probably take as long to get all the FPs as it would leveling to 90, so why would I pay Blizzard $60.00 again?

    Yeah, I just spent a long time getting FPs so I'm cranky ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Yeah, the whole “you don’t know any flight paths connected to here” or whatever it is was so annoying. I would have some but I’d have to search around for the ones that would connect them.

      But when I found out I wouldn’t have to pay some exorbitant price for an enchanting rod I forgave them the FPs, lol.

  6. I hear laser pointers work really well on feral druids. Just shine the laser at the heirlooms and Cat should find them irresistible!

    • LOL! Those cats fall for the laser pointers every time! I’m going to get him started to level ten and if Cat see his screen shot I’ll bet she’ll want to help him out just because he’s so pretty.

  7. What a lovely femtaur! And Hello kaelth! Gosh all these new 90s.. I am still resisting to use mine, just out of principle. Don’t worry dmf isn’t that far away…

    • Yes, she’s very sweet and a hard worker. She’s got her enchanting recipes from the Shado Pan already now for those Celestials. It is almost here! Cat may not have to spend all that money after all.

  8. I just realized how much I take flight paths for granted O.O

  9. What I really like about the boosted toon is the flying (hence, you dont have to pay over 5k gold for it saves a ton), questing so much easier in pandaria lol fast that is. though i know its kinda limited in other continent but still great. Since i did mentioned that my professions was not boosted as it was not included when i boosted at level 1, by doing my profession and farming just given me a chance to get all the connecting flights so still okay.

    Anyway, Congrats on the new 90! I know everyone seems just because its boosted its not gonna be part of the family as the rest? I will not agree that she/he will be left out at all. As a new addition to anyone’s alt characters, we are thankful they are born that way! hehe โค

    • Yeah, I admit when they came out with the boost I wasn’t very excited but the profession boost and yes, the savings on flight changed my mind. And she became part of the family pretty quick!

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