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My Wildstar … um … Day

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wildstarfirstlookDue to an attack on me from real life my Wildstar Weekend turned into more of a Wildstar day. We had a rocky beginning but I figured trying to get in five minutes after the beta weekend started was the problem. I waited a bit and connection woes settled down and I could get on with getting off the ship and down to Nexus.

nightriverOh wait … I should introduce you first. Okay … aside from the hair, that is pretty much NOT a representation of the rl me. In my defense I was in a hurry to get into the game and when I picked “body type” I was zoomed into her face … no really. The next character I made, I made sure to zoom out. If I hadn’t been in such a hurry I could have spent hours in there, lots of customization available for your character.

chuameYeah see? Next character I got pretty much spot on … that’s me, the short one. Although I’d decided I would play an Exile I thought I should give the Dominion a shot at winning me over. They didn’t. I abandoned him before I even got off their ship. Their choice of music was driving me insane while I looked for stuff I couldn’t find, so I bailed.

openquestIn my previous post Sprowt commented that she encountered some trouble with finding where to reread quest objectives, FIND quest objectives and other issues. I had the same problems until I found a little teeny, tiny button that opened your quest log. I later found a big button in the lower left corner that gave access to pretty much everything. So now I knew what I was supposed to do … sort of.

I had a hell of a time getting off that damn ship. I couldn’t figure out where to go, what to do. I think I’ve been spoiled by pointy arrows and really sparkly quest objectives and tabbing out to look up quests on Wowhead. I made a second Exile later in the day and zipped right through the relic room. This time it wasn’t crowded with people so that may have been the problem.

wsprettyFINALLY! Planetfall! And it’s really beautiful. Questing woes settled down once I hit Nexus. I still fumbled about until I learned to use the map but things were going much more smoothly. I think part of my problem might have been playing a game for so long where I know all the quests. I had to backtrack repeatedly because I did not FULLY read the quest text. My fault.

I didn’t get into my path, Scientist much. Too busy killing all the things. Wildstar has an interesting combat system that I really liked. I have a button that implies I can double-tap to dodge but have yet to manage to make it work. I might actually have to resort to research on this but I wanted to try the game with pretty much no knowledge and see how it went … see if Wildstar can be derp approved. I have to like a game first, then I do research.

The world so far is beautiful, high on my list of must haves. I liked the combat system and had no trouble getting used to it. Important, as I don’t like spending all my time dead. I did die for science once. I wanted to see how annoying it was. I got the option to pay to rez where I died or rez at the nearest holo-crypt. Minimally annoying although that might change at higher levels.

While I did not get as much time as I would have liked, I did get enough time to know that yes, I would buy Wildstar. I had fun.

If Looks Could Kill and Wildstar Weekend

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catandroseApparently looks do make a difference to me in deciding what to kill. I hadn’t really noticed before but Rose goes around smacking the crap out of everything and Cat doesn’t. While Cat was on the Timeless Isle I don’t think she was up at the top except to open the chests.

Rose “looks” more intimidating to me and Cat looks … like a kitty … and it appears subconsciously it affects the way that I play them. I should have been rolling Tauren Male Warriors all along. Doesn’t seem to be in play with casters, just melee. I seem to decide what they can do by my visual perception of their strength.

They are EXACTLY the same except that Rose hasn’t caught up to Cat’s iLevel and yet Rose tackles things Cat wouldn’t. Weird. Oh wait, I lied. Rose has her Tauren racial Endurance I guess that 5% is what’s doing it.

So I’m at the point that I have all the alts on the Isle getting them dressed in preparation for Warlords. I’ve found that the cap for my non-LFRing crew is iLevel 538 so I’m trying to get them all there … oh yeah … except for Death Knight. Gear makes no difference, there’s no point. She’s awful, so at least with crappy gear she’ll have an excuse. Yes, really. I’m doing it for you Death Knight. You’re welcome.

AurinSo it’s slow around here. Almost a year ago I signed up to be in the Wildstar beta. Nothing happened. Pffft … whatever … be that way then. And this week I got the code for this weekend! Yay!

I used to pre-order everything, but my track record of losing interest RAPIDLY has made me less inclined to order something I haven’t experienced. I’ve been studying up too. I don’t know if it was their intention but one video I watched, I swear the character was channeling Kaylee from Firefly. Okay, then I’ll be an Exile.

I let Cat pick the race. She picked Aurin. Yes, I will have furry ears and a tail. I should have seen that coming. Class is going to be Esper. Conjure deadly apparitions! Mass butchery! That’s so me!

So we’ll see how this goes tomorrow, if I find I have trouble looking around because I “perceive” she’s too weak I’ll make a Granok rock-man Warrior. Like Rose.

OLRG Gives the Warlock New Purpose … Thankfully

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ulduarstarsOLRG went to Ulduar again. It’s hard to pick a favorite part but Algalon the Observer has to be right up there. Cim even lucked out and won a greed role for the quest to turn in to Rhonin in Dalaran, so now she finally knows what causes him to do that monologue about “… our lives are worth living.” Well yeah … duh. Cim! Don’t talk that way to Rhonin! Really, your attitude could stand some adjustment.

Yeah … she’s become something of a smart mouth problem. A Warlock with no purpose is not a pretty thing. My other characters have hobbies for down time. Archeology, fishing, pet battling … not Cim. It’s a little creepy, she just flies around looking for things to kill. I can hear Du hast coming out of the earbuds of her iAzeroth nano as she does slow, low passes looking for rares or a foolish, lone Zandalari Warscout.

cymmogThanks to OLRG my problem is solved. Not only are the ladies and gentlemen of OLRG a pleasure to spend an evening with, OLRG has given Cim a sense of purpose again! She saw a robe that interested her and won it! Thank you Matty! Thank you ladies! She’s now MUCH less of an embarrassment. She’s been spending her time at the shrine planing her outfit in Mogit. She’s found a hobby.

My hobby is reading blogs. I was looking around at WorldofHarley and saw a post about music. Oh great! I’ll impress my husband! My husband is an audiophile. When he first visited my apartment and saw my “all-in-one sound system” our budding relationship almost came to a premature end … right there. We almost … sorry, got off track. Anyway I found the best song EVER in that post!

Green and Yeller by Seasick Steve! I spent … I don’t know … a few hours listening to his music, bought some and then armed with my new musical knowledge, set off to impress my husband!

I’ve found someone you’ll really like! His name is Seasick Steve! You’ll love … you do? You have it? WELL WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME ABOUT SEASICK STEVE! Why am I the last to know everything! What is this, some kind of a snobby audiophile exclusion thing you’ve got going? Someone who once, ONCE bought an all-in-one sound system from K Mart can’t APPRECIATE Seasick Steve?

My husband’s first loan was not for a car … or a house. It was for speakers that COST the price of a car. Such a sound snob.

Anyway … you probably know about Seasick Steve too already.

After my musical interlude I’m back to reading blogs. Oh! Here’s a new one! First post I read is about Paladin tier which I know nothing about. It’s hard to get me to read stuff I know nothing about … like healing. I just kind of zone out but this post was well written and made me smile so I continued reading. I like this blog, I’ll add it to my blogroll!

So I thought I should read the “About” page and imagine my surprise when I find the author is fifteen! The Tusked Squires are bringing it!

You know what? I’ll bet he already knew about Seasick Steve too.


Crab Cakes, Sand Scarabs and I Don’t Love you That Much

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sandscarabOn Tuesday JD of Amateur Azerothian sent me a thank you present. The servers were down for maintenance which seems kind of funny. It’s not like anything new is happening. Dust bunny removal? So I anxiously count down the minutes … almost there … 3 … 2 … 1 … maintenance has been extended. WHAT? For the dust bunnies? I think they’re trolling Cat.

Cat FINALLY gets in and visits Landro Longshot to redeem her code. Thank you JD! I named him JD! But it wouldn’t let me name him JD, it was Jd. Can’t have that so he’s J D, like you’re saying it really slow. J … wait for it … wait for it … D! I think it gives him presence which will come in handy in battles.

On the way there she saw a nice beach front restaurant and thought she’d stop in for a crab cake sandwich. What is wrong with those people! Having your waitstaff attack customers as soon as they sit down is a horrible way to do business.

Cat feels really bad that they need to replace four waiters but what choice did she have. I need to have the faction chat with her again, she just doesn’t “get” it. She had to settle for take out from Booty Bay.

noboostI read things discussing the terrible outcomes possible concerning boosted characters. This is my first character, born in November 2006. She’s not boosted. She has been getting the crap knocked out of her by crane chicks on the Isle … and little tiny baby buffalo thingies. She aggroed everything, not her pet, but her. What the hell is going on here! She’s not doing any AOE, what … oh. I see … damaging and snaring targets again as they return. Oh.

Be afraid, be very afraid. You are in danger from more than just boosted characters.

Okay, this last one … I thought I was committed to my characters. I KNOW my husband thinks so since he repeatedly feels the need to say, you know they’re not REAL don’t you? And he’s staring deep into my eyes when he says it as though trying to locate a shred of sanity. Geez, what’s that about.

Anyway, someone followed me on Twitter and I went to look into them and saw they had a website. Oh! I’ll take a look.

I’ve heard of people paying a service to level their character but this was a service that took your character and did the Warlock green fire quest for you, or got you Endless in Proving Grounds or beat down Garrosh with your character and so on. And you could watch the live stream of your character doing whatever you’d paid great sums of money to do. Now THAT is commitment.

The reviews were what I found interesting.  I’m paraphrasing because I don’t remember the name of the service. They all sorta went something like this:

It was wonderful to be able to watch Gertrude (fictitious name) take down (insert relevant bad guy or quest here). I was SO proud of them! It’s what I always knew they were capable of! Worth every penny!

Well damn … I thought I was really connected to my characters and it turns out I’m just a poser. I’m sorry Cat … Sasche … it seems I just don’t love you THAT much. How about I’ll treat you all to a crab cake sandwich at the Hardwrench Hideaway. We’ll send Sasche in to pick them up. They must have hired new waiters by now.


Not a WoW Liebster!

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Jack at WorldofHarley was kind enough to Liebster me. I know, I know. Sit down Ms. Tome, you’ve already had your turn. I’m putting the link so I won’t get in trouble with the Liebster Board of Officials. I really did it the correct way … that time. But now I’m going to be a cheaty little cheater. Non-WoW questions? Could I do it? Dare I? I wanted to try.

WorldofHarley is full of scary pictures and OMG! poetry so I thought I’d make my own scary Liebster Award graphic in keeping with Jack’s asylum and that instead of coming up with eleven questions, I’d ask any reader who would like to to answer your own eleven question that you think should be asked of you. I know I have mine. Like why the hell don’t you get a hair cut woman … stuff like that. Just if you do, be sure to let me know because I’d like to read them. Consider yourself liebstered. The rules are all here.

Fantasy or Science Fiction?

Oh, that’s a tough one. They’re pretty close to 50/50 but I’d say Science Fiction might just squeak by as the winner. When I was around eleven I lived in a country where kids books weren’t that easy to come by. I would read my Dad’s Azimov, Herbert and Heinlein books. I was hooked.

Have you ever been disturbed by something you’ve written?

Yes, I can’t sing and I can’t write poetry so I tried to write a Haiku about my dog and the damn thing makes me cry every time I read it. So it sits there on my desktop. I can’t delete it because it’s the only poetry I’ve ever written but I’m scared to read it again. Here, you read it. I’m not going to look.

In his sleep he runs
through fields redolent of youth.
Here … I keep his watch.

What keeps you writing?

Um … a secret … I don’t think I write. If I thought I was WRITING on the internet I’d get scared and clam up. In fact it happens once in a while. I’ll realize what I’m doing and then go silent for days. I think of what I’m doing as talking to friends. WRITING requires the use of stuff like grammar and punctuation. That would take all the fun out of it.

What do you want to write about, but haven’t yet?

I’d love to be able to write fiction but I don’t seem to have it in me. Maybe it’s like poetry. I did write stories as a kid and would love to read them now but they are just one of many things that got lost in all the moving about.

What is your favorite type of fashion?

Oh man … jeans and T shirts. Does that even count? Clothes are like grammar and punctuation to me, something you’re supposed to do to spare others pain. I’ll put on clothes but that’s as far as I’m going.

Describe your personality in 3 words.

Introverted. Contrary. Stubborn. Yeah, a real winner.

Who was Jack the Ripper?

A serial murderer in London in the 1880’s. I’ll have to Google him because I’m not sure, but I don’t believe he was ever caught. He seemed to have a preference for prostitutes as victims.

Going to dress up for Halloween? What as?

No, I can’t. I once put on a mask as I was going to hand out candy with it on but our dogs went to Defcon eleventy billion and seemed to really get mad at my husband for allowing such a horrendous security breach to occur.

Do you enjoy video games?

Very much.

If yes, which games? If no, why not?

I’ve played Eve, Aion, Rift, GW2, Neverwinter, SWTOR, LOTRO and more I can’t remember but my longest relationship with a game has been World of Warcraft which continues.

What is your quote of the day?

I can never remember quotes, I mean I want to but for some reason the only ones I can remember are those of Mark Twain. Not sure what that says about me.

Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.

Mark Twain

Thank you Jack, it was fun to answer non-wow questions!

The Few. The Proud. The Old Ladies.

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thefewLast night Ulduar tried to wear down the OLRG by attrition. Toward the end, only a few remained. I really should have a screen shot of Yogg-Saron and there’s no excuse because I had all the time in the world since I was laying there dead.

I realized a few things. As we had an earlier than usual start I did not have any wine and I was dead more. There seems to be some kind of correlation between my wine drinking and staying alive. Apparently when tipsy I gain survivability … would have guessed the other way around. Good to know.

I just checked, that’s my third visit to Ulduar and portal to Mind’s Eye? A little room? What? Who knew? On hearing the description of what needed to be done in the room I didn’t have a lot of hope. Finding my way to wherever I needed to be sounded unlikely and it was. I stood there and gaped at Arthas and never found anyone to kill.

So it seems without wine I have a greater idea of what’s actually happening but I’m dead so … yeah … doesn’t really help. Anyway, the brave few prevailed while my lazy ass lay there on the floor. Matty, KamaliaGurdrid and Tyl that good looking Hunter of Plaid Elf’s saved the day while I did my nails. Yay! You go ladies!

As always it was a great evening, thank you! I’ll watch a video and see if I can find my way to the brain next time … or not … there might be wine. And here’s hoping Helke’s computer woes have been resolved! I hope you all scored much finery to wear, I know I got many fine 10 man achievements I didn’t have.

Mysteries of the Isle and His Hair was Perfect or When Alts go Astray

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turtlepocketYeah the Timeless Isle is a mysterious place for sure. The biggest unsolved mystery to Rose is why do turtles need pocket change. What’s that about? It’s one of those mysteries of life, like where does my dog keep his little doggie wristwatch. I know he has one.

Everyday, 4:30am is wake up call. 9:00am walk, noon lunch, 4:00pm his dinner. He gives us the rest of the evening off. Daylight saving time changes do not affect this, so where’s he hiding the watch is what I want to know … mysteries … I know.

kaelthperfectAnd I’m having an alt problem. The plan was for Kealth to start Paladining as soon as we got him some nice heirlooms and there he sits … level six. Doing nothing but looking pretty.

Come on man! You’ve got the chest, shoulders, weapon, the ring and two trinkets. Let’s get moving okay? Oh for heavens sake, your hair is PERFECT! Let’s do this thing, alright? Geezzzz …

dkpissedYes Janinna … I’m sorry you don’t like the posting you got but somebody has to do those dailies to get those mounts. I promise, if you do those dailies and get the mounts you’ll get to go somewhere tropical next. No kidding, I know an Isle where even the turtles carry money. So see? Please do the dailies so that some day we can have 200 mounts, okay?

Yeah … yeah … you got  me. It’s all true but also a thinly veiled excuse to put music I wanted to listen to here. I know … I know … but cut me a break, I’ve just spent an hour on the phone trying to get the bank to change my last name back to the correct one. They made a typo and left out a space. So now it’s like I’m:

Catwynn Nightriverjtten instead of Catwynn Nightriver.

I know. And everyone at the bank I’ve talked to over the course of months says, we’ll that’s stupid. YES! YES IT IS! So can you fix it?

Apparently not. I know! I’ll threaten to take our vast sums of money out of their bank! That should scare the living crap out of them!



On the Job for Kerri Hicks

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mutatedmothI was talking to Matty this morning bemoaning the fact that I have nothing worthwhile to say. I still don’t but they took my server down so I’ll just pretend. The Darkmoon Faire’s in town and I always like to do the quest from Kerri Hicks because it rewards you with 10 Darkmoon Prize Tickets. I’m working on putting together an heirloom outfit that will make my Paladin, Kaelth, want to GO ALL THE WAY.

Because no Paladin before him ever has. Nope, I think level 45 was it. This new attempt at paladining will be as Protection. Maybe Ret was the problem.

Anyway, I need lots of tickets to properly attire him. Cim has agreed to share her favorite “quick 250 Grisly Trophy spot.” Around the Silken Fields there are numerous groups of Tiny Mutated Silkmoth. They respawn really fast so you can do a few circuits and be done with your 250 quickly. Unless of course some idiot like me tells everyone. So let’s keep it between you and me. Okay?

There’s only one real problem with the location. Yeah … dodging balls of fire from that joker Galleon back there. INCOMING! Really, can you blame him for acting out for some attention. Poor guy.

Yeah so there’s my no-fail, quick, quick 250 Grisly Trophy spot. Maybe my server’s up. YES! Okay, bye!


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coolcatCat! It’s really not considered polite over here in real life to yell like that on the internet. What is it?

I’m a cool cat!

Okay, she’s too excited to make much sense right now. This morning when I checked my email for new blog posts I saw that Coolidge of Pali Doodles had a new post up. About faffing? That’s for me! I go there and find this incredible picture of Cat! It’s a Cool Cat!

I love it and was so excited but didn’t even realize at first how REALLY special it is.  Yes, it appears to be the ONLY evidence in existence that Druid kitties lick their paws or for that matter even have a tongue.

Cymre of Bubbles of Mischief and I were trying to figure out what color Druid cat’s tongues were because WE KNEW we had seen them grooming their paws. Knew it. So we tried emotes, yawning, sitting and staring at our Druid kitties for a sign of a tongue. Nothing.

I logged out and went through every animation I could think of in WoW Model Viewer and still nothing.

This picture appears to be the only one in existence of a WoW Druid cat licking her paw. Which I know she does but she’s apparently very secretive about it. I could not catch her doing it in-game so it’s especially cool … pun intended.

Thank you so much Coolidge! I really, really love it and needless to say Cat is in heaven!

A Cat’s in Depth Analysis of the Warlords of Draenor Alpha Patch Notes

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Facing Requirements

Strict facing requirements can be frustrating to deal with, especially in hectic Raid combat or PvP environments. In order to ease this frustration, we decided to remove or significantly loosen the facing requirements of all attacks that required the player to be behind their target.

Druid: Shred no longer requires the Druid to be behind the target.
Rogue: Ambush no longer requires the Rogue to be behind the target.
Rogue (Subtlety): Backstab can now be used on either side of the target, in addition to behind the target.

Life is good!

What? There was more stuff? Wait a minute.

Cat? Cat? They say there was more stuff in the patch notes.

Apparently to a Cat this IS an in depth analysis I guess. Cat? ANYTHING else?

No more Mangle for kitties.

Sorry, I thought she had more. She says this is it.

I guess this is: A Lazy Cat’s Glance at the Warlords of Draenor Alpha Patch Notes

Anything else to add Cat?


Yeah, again I’m sorry. I thought she really … you know … read them all. I jumped the gun I guess. I apologize.

scarypicHere. How about I add a bonus scary picture. I KNOW! How scary is that! For today? The rest of my life? I guess we’ll find out.