coolcatCat! It’s really not considered polite over here in real life to yell like that on the internet. What is it?

I’m a cool cat!

Okay, she’s too excited to make much sense right now. This morning when I checked my email for new blog posts I saw that Coolidge of Pali Doodles had a new post up. About faffing? That’s for me! I go there and find this incredible picture of Cat! It’s a Cool Cat!

I love it and was so excited but didn’t even realize at first how REALLY special it is.  Yes, it appears to be the ONLY evidence in existence that Druid kitties lick their paws or for that matter even have a tongue.

Cymre of Bubbles of Mischief and I were trying to figure out what color Druid cat’s tongues were because WE KNEW we had seen them grooming their paws. Knew it. So we tried emotes, yawning, sitting and staring at our Druid kitties for a sign of a tongue. Nothing.

I logged out and went through every animation I could think of in WoW Model Viewer and still nothing.

This picture appears to be the only one in existence of a WoW Druid cat licking her paw. Which I know she does but she’s apparently very secretive about it. I could not catch her doing it in-game so it’s especially cool … pun intended.

Thank you so much Coolidge! I really, really love it and needless to say Cat is in heaven!

18 Responses to “LOOK! LOOK! LOOK!”

  1. I know, how can a kitty in-game (or otherwise) not groom themselves? I wonder if my second tweet will get any kind of response. 😛

    I couldn’t wait to see, well read your reaction so I wanted you to be the first to see it. 😀

  2. Aww, that’s adorable! Well-done, Coolidge! 🙂

  3. Oh, awesome pic – Yes, I think that they do lick their paws and groom – they’re kitties afterall!! My druids are now begging for a pinup pic – silly druids.

  4. Wow that is a really wonderful (and adorable) picture of Cat! No wonder she’s thrilled. And if there isn’t a licking the paw action for druids and other cats there really should be!

    • I know, Cym and I were so sure that there was a paw licking animation and were stumped when we couldn’t find anything that triggered it. At least Coolidge caught her in the act!

  5. Glad you like. Just having 1 problem. Can’t find how to email you and tried looking at Cyms friend list but terrible at remembering whos who. So might take a bit to email your pic but it will come!

  6. That is an absolutely wonderful depiction of Cat. I take it that’s what she looks like when you’re asking why she’s done precisely what she wants rather than what you intended?

  7. Now that you mention it, it’s strange how seacreative druid kittens are about their grooming. O.o

    And as I mentioned in post on Palie Doodles, really nice suprise and a great pic. 🙂

  8. That is so charming! Love it!

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