On the Job for Kerri Hicks

mutatedmothI was talking to Matty this morning bemoaning the fact that I have nothing worthwhile to say. I still don’t but they took my server down so I’ll just pretend. The Darkmoon Faire’s in town and I always like to do the quest from Kerri Hicks because it rewards you with 10 Darkmoon Prize Tickets. I’m working on putting together an heirloom outfit that will make my Paladin, Kaelth, want to GO ALL THE WAY.

Because no Paladin before him ever has. Nope, I think level 45 was it. This new attempt at paladining will be as Protection. Maybe Ret was the problem.

Anyway, I need lots of tickets to properly attire him. Cim has agreed to share her favorite “quick 250 Grisly Trophy spot.” Around the Silken Fields there are numerous groups of Tiny Mutated Silkmoth. They respawn really fast so you can do a few circuits and be done with your 250 quickly. Unless of course some idiot like me tells everyone. So let’s keep it between you and me. Okay?

There’s only one real problem with the location. Yeah … dodging balls of fire from that joker Galleon back there. INCOMING! Really, can you blame him for acting out for some attention. Poor guy.

Yeah so there’s my no-fail, quick, quick 250 Grisly Trophy spot. Maybe my server’s up. YES! Okay, bye!

10 Responses to “On the Job for Kerri Hicks”

  1. Sounds like a good spot if you’re skilled at dodging fireballs. I know how you feel though, I posted mine on WOWHead which led to a few jokers (this week) emoting /No or /angry. What’s the big deal folks? I never have an issue when other people farm the same spots. I just move on to the next one. Problem solved!

  2. Yes, poor fellow loves to lob those fireballs over when I have one of newer 90s cruising the area in kitty form. Hehe, thanks for the tip on where to pick those up pretty fast and no worries – when I see someone in the area that appears to be questing, I toddle off to another area.

    • Luckily there never seems to be anyone there but me and Galleon when I do it. I need to find a good alternate spot but really haven’t yet. In the meantime moths must die!

  3. I think that there are butterflies up by the Shado Pan garrison – the lake near the temple that might give the same kind of reward – I’ll have to check that out as well.

  4. I really miss the Death Knight spot in Ice Crown – that was hugely satisfying, but alas, no more ears for Keri. What the hell is she doing with all those anyway?

    • You know those Darkmoon people are a little creepy, I envision old Kerri living somewhere in a fortress made of … ears. She’s probably living with Jeremy Feasel and that damn Darkmoon monkey.

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