Mysteries of the Isle and His Hair was Perfect or When Alts go Astray

turtlepocketYeah the Timeless Isle is a mysterious place for sure. The biggest unsolved mystery to Rose is why do turtles need pocket change. What’s that about? It’s one of those mysteries of life, like where does my dog keep his little doggie wristwatch. I know he has one.

Everyday, 4:30am is wake up call. 9:00am walk, noon lunch, 4:00pm his dinner. He gives us the rest of the evening off. Daylight saving time changes do not affect this, so where’s he hiding the watch is what I want to know … mysteries … I know.

kaelthperfectAnd I’m having an alt problem. The plan was for Kealth to start Paladining as soon as we got him some nice heirlooms and there he sits … level six. Doing nothing but looking pretty.

Come on man! You’ve got the chest, shoulders, weapon, the ring and two trinkets. Let’s get moving okay? Oh for heavens sake, your hair is PERFECT! Let’s do this thing, alright? Geezzzz …

dkpissedYes Janinna … I’m sorry you don’t like the posting you got but somebody has to do those dailies to get those mounts. I promise, if you do those dailies and get the mounts you’ll get to go somewhere tropical next. No kidding, I know an Isle where even the turtles carry money. So see? Please do the dailies so that some day we can have 200 mounts, okay?

Yeah … yeah … you got  me. It’s all true but also a thinly veiled excuse to put music I wanted to listen to here. I know … I know … but cut me a break, I’ve just spent an hour on the phone trying to get the bank to change my last name back to the correct one. They made a typo and left out a space. So now it’s like I’m:

Catwynn Nightriverjtten instead of Catwynn Nightriver.

I know. And everyone at the bank I’ve talked to over the course of months says, we’ll that’s stupid. YES! YES IT IS! So can you fix it?

Apparently not. I know! I’ll threaten to take our vast sums of money out of their bank! That should scare the living crap out of them!



16 Responses to “Mysteries of the Isle and His Hair was Perfect or When Alts go Astray”

  1. Seems like changing banks is easier than getting them to have your name properly spelled on legal documents. DOOOEEEEET. My bank used a lower case letter on my name, which is understandable, because, well, it’s a name, verb, noun, and sometimes adjective. I have always been fascinated on where certain critters keep their pocket change, cloth, and where the hell do they stash those weapons? Do they give out free hand sanitizer when you loot them? /sigh the world is a mysterious place, and full of germs.

    • Husband wants to change banks as he feels this one is the devil, I agree but not sure there are any non-demonic banks out there.

      I know, all this time I’ve been okay with mobs yielding giant knives, hammers and assorted weaponry but for some reason the little turtles carrying change stopped me in my tracks! Wait! What! Turtles do not need change!

  2. Kaelth’s hair looks lovely, and with those heirlooms it still should even after a hard day of paladin-ing. Hopefully he’ll soon cooperate. 😀
    And ugh, banks. Even if you do find one you like that does everything right, it will inevitably get bought by somebody else and entirely change its policies. I think it’s in the banking subsection of Murphy’s Law or something.

    • I shouldn’t really have blamed him, my Goblin Rogue heard what I was planning and jumped ahead of him, lol. I make plans but they rarely go as planned!

      You are so right, we had an account with a nice local bank that was eaten right up by a giant not so nice bank.

  3. He looks lovely lounging there with his fabulous – dratted little goblins butting in line – they’re like that you know.

    LOL as for banks, I have threatened to pull my money out – buy money orders as needed and keep the balance in a sock under the bed. 😀

    • I know, she butt right in there without even a sorry, lol.

      The hysterical thing was after I told him I didn’t see why after months of attempting to fix a simple problem they still hadn’t managed it he then wanted to “meet” and discuss investment options?????

      They can’t change a simple mistake they made and think I want investment advice from them, lol.

  4. Wow, all that trouble for a typo. I have an alt still sitting in the starting zone. I said I would continue once a certain achievement was out of the way but maybe I’ll see her this weekend.

  5. JD Kenada Says:

    Get Kaelth to 10 and Choose Prot. Avenger’s Shield is where things start to get real fun. Just ask the Mrs. 😀

  6. Maybe Kealth should take a leaf out of Fabulor’s book and strut…er, RP walk…everywhere! That way he can get his levels and stuff while also being really really really really ridiculously good looking. 😛

    Banks? Bah! Investigate local credit unions! Definitely less demonic.

    • Oh! I definitely can see him RP walking! Might be the longest level to 90 ever but he’d look good doing it, lol.

      Yes, I’ve been researching and credit unions keep coming up as a good alternative. What’s frightening is if you google “crooked banks” guess whose bank is at the top of the list!

  7. Animals don’t need a watch. My cat expects to fed promptly at 6:30 am every morning. Apparently the concept of “sleeping in on the weekend” is beyond comprehension…

    I did, however solve the “mystery” of why an entire roll of toilet paper was unrolled in every room….

    Banks…ugh…they’ve been calling for my dead ex-husband for over a year. I’ve started giving them the number to the Psychic Hotline because apparently they refuse to believe I can’t “channel” him….

    • ROTFL! I need to get the number for the Psychic Hotline and give that one out, I get tired of businesses trying to get my number to sell. I have so much erroneous information out there, there’s a whole other me.

      Yes, the sleeping in is out of the question, there will be no vacation days or weekends. Pets are very hard task masters.

      Okay, I feel better, he’s never unwrapped toilet paper yet!

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