Not a WoW Liebster!


Jack at WorldofHarley was kind enough to Liebster me. I know, I know. Sit down Ms. Tome, you’ve already had your turn. I’m putting the link so I won’t get in trouble with the Liebster Board of Officials. I really did it the correct way … that time. But now I’m going to be a cheaty little cheater. Non-WoW questions? Could I do it? Dare I? I wanted to try.

WorldofHarley is full of scary pictures and OMG! poetry so I thought I’d make my own scary Liebster Award graphic in keeping with Jack’s asylum and that instead of coming up with eleven questions, I’d ask any reader who would like to to answer your own eleven question that you think should be asked of you. I know I have mine. Like why the hell don’t you get a hair cut woman … stuff like that. Just if you do, be sure to let me know because I’d like to read them. Consider yourself liebstered. The rules are all here.

Fantasy or Science Fiction?

Oh, that’s a tough one. They’re pretty close to 50/50 but I’d say Science Fiction might just squeak by as the winner. When I was around eleven I lived in a country where kids books weren’t that easy to come by. I would read my Dad’s Azimov, Herbert and Heinlein books. I was hooked.

Have you ever been disturbed by something you’ve written?

Yes, I can’t sing and I can’t write poetry so I tried to write a Haiku about my dog and the damn thing makes me cry every time I read it. So it sits there on my desktop. I can’t delete it because it’s the only poetry I’ve ever written but I’m scared to read it again. Here, you read it. I’m not going to look.

In his sleep he runs
through fields redolent of youth.
Here … I keep his watch.

What keeps you writing?

Um … a secret … I don’t think I write. If I thought I was WRITING on the internet I’d get scared and clam up. In fact it happens once in a while. I’ll realize what I’m doing and then go silent for days. I think of what I’m doing as talking to friends. WRITING requires the use of stuff like grammar and punctuation. That would take all the fun out of it.

What do you want to write about, but haven’t yet?

I’d love to be able to write fiction but I don’t seem to have it in me. Maybe it’s like poetry. I did write stories as a kid and would love to read them now but they are just one of many things that got lost in all the moving about.

What is your favorite type of fashion?

Oh man … jeans and T shirts. Does that even count? Clothes are like grammar and punctuation to me, something you’re supposed to do to spare others pain. I’ll put on clothes but that’s as far as I’m going.

Describe your personality in 3 words.

Introverted. Contrary. Stubborn. Yeah, a real winner.

Who was Jack the Ripper?

A serial murderer in London in the 1880’s. I’ll have to Google him because I’m not sure, but I don’t believe he was ever caught. He seemed to have a preference for prostitutes as victims.

Going to dress up for Halloween? What as?

No, I can’t. I once put on a mask as I was going to hand out candy with it on but our dogs went to Defcon eleventy billion and seemed to really get mad at my husband for allowing such a horrendous security breach to occur.

Do you enjoy video games?

Very much.

If yes, which games? If no, why not?

I’ve played Eve, Aion, Rift, GW2, Neverwinter, SWTOR, LOTRO and more I can’t remember but my longest relationship with a game has been World of Warcraft which continues.

What is your quote of the day?

I can never remember quotes, I mean I want to but for some reason the only ones I can remember are those of Mark Twain. Not sure what that says about me.

Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.

Mark Twain

Thank you Jack, it was fun to answer non-wow questions!

15 Responses to “Not a WoW Liebster!”

  1. liliandruve Says:


  2. Congratulations my friend! Well deserved! Some most interesting answers there. 🙂

    Good show!

    The Oldschool Harlequin

  3. Now those are cool answers – non WoW ones!

    • When I read them I thought, what? Non-WoW questions? This should be fun. Especially the Halloween one as I remembered the day the dogs went insane and wouldn’t approach me in the mask but went and hollered and yelled at my husband!

  4. You’re a closet writer, Tome! I think I can safely say we all like your writing (and your talking to people) and your grammar!

  5. Beautiful haiku, I didn’t cry when I read it though. I didn’t cry until later that night when my 14 y/o Border Collie X tried to jump up on the lounge with me & his rear legs didn’t do what he wanted. He always has twitchy leg dreams.

    • Thank you, the boy it was written for is an 11 year Labrador. He doesn’t run and play when awake like he used to but when he’s asleep if you watch him his legs are going and he’s playing somewhere I like to think.

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