Crab Cakes, Sand Scarabs and I Don’t Love you That Much

sandscarabOn Tuesday JD of Amateur Azerothian sent me a thank you present. The servers were down for maintenance which seems kind of funny. It’s not like anything new is happening. Dust bunny removal? So I anxiously count down the minutes … almost there … 3 … 2 … 1 … maintenance has been extended. WHAT? For the dust bunnies? I think they’re trolling Cat.

Cat FINALLY gets in and visits Landro Longshot to redeem her code. Thank you JD! I named him JD! But it wouldn’t let me name him JD, it was Jd. Can’t have that so he’s J D, like you’re saying it really slow. J … wait for it … wait for it … D! I think it gives him presence which will come in handy in battles.

On the way there she saw a nice beach front restaurant and thought she’d stop in for a crab cake sandwich. What is wrong with those people! Having your waitstaff attack customers as soon as they sit down is a horrible way to do business.

Cat feels really bad that they need to replace four waiters but what choice did she have. I need to have the faction chat with her again, she just doesn’t “get” it. She had to settle for take out from Booty Bay.

noboostI read things discussing the terrible outcomes possible concerning boosted characters. This is my first character, born in November 2006. She’s not boosted. She has been getting the crap knocked out of her by crane chicks on the Isle … and little tiny baby buffalo thingies. She aggroed everything, not her pet, but her. What the hell is going on here! She’s not doing any AOE, what … oh. I see … damaging and snaring targets again as they return. Oh.

Be afraid, be very afraid. You are in danger from more than just boosted characters.

Okay, this last one … I thought I was committed to my characters. I KNOW my husband thinks so since he repeatedly feels the need to say, you know they’re not REAL don’t you? And he’s staring deep into my eyes when he says it as though trying to locate a shred of sanity. Geez, what’s that about.

Anyway, someone followed me on Twitter and I went to look into them and saw they had a website. Oh! I’ll take a look.

I’ve heard of people paying a service to level their character but this was a service that took your character and did the Warlock green fire quest for you, or got you Endless in Proving Grounds or beat down Garrosh with your character and so on. And you could watch the live stream of your character doing whatever you’d paid great sums of money to do. Now THAT is commitment.

The reviews were what I found interesting.  I’m paraphrasing because I don’t remember the name of the service. They all sorta went something like this:

It was wonderful to be able to watch Gertrude (fictitious name) take down (insert relevant bad guy or quest here). I was SO proud of them! It’s what I always knew they were capable of! Worth every penny!

Well damn … I thought I was really connected to my characters and it turns out I’m just a poser. I’m sorry Cat … Sasche … it seems I just don’t love you THAT much. How about I’ll treat you all to a crab cake sandwich at the Hardwrench Hideaway. We’ll send Sasche in to pick them up. They must have hired new waiters by now.


20 Responses to “Crab Cakes, Sand Scarabs and I Don’t Love you That Much”

  1. Grats on your new pet! 😀

    “Services”….ugh. It’s like paying cash to someone so they can break into your house and steal all your stuff.

    Hard to believe people are dumb enough to do it but dumb seems to be the new “cool” these days….

  2. It’s always nice to get a new pet, especially when it’s a gift but really? I never knew there was someone who offered so many services and then streamed the outcome but then I guess, if you pay for the service you want to make sure they’re not up to no good.

    • I know! Always a good day when a new pet arrives!

      Yeah, and if I remember correctly you are paying a lot. I think they had a sale on something, probably the green fire quest. People really are clever is coming up with things to part us from our money.

  3. Awwww, love the new pet. As for the services – geez! I know I’ve seen them “advertised” from time to time, however, I’ll boost a character and go back to quest the heck out of things – run my own dungeons, dailies, whatever. I have a few 90s to work on and I am having a blast just plowing through things.

  4. I’m just glad I have a young leet druid nearby who could help this old warlock across the street for her green fire. I hope people see the distinction between those services and asking for expert familial advice. I don’t know though, people are so Judgy McJudgypants. I love crab-cakes. Maybe I’ll make some for dinner. Real ones. That real people can eat. But come with real calories…/sigh

    • If I had a young leet druid nearby I’d be in hock up to my eyeballs to him, lol. The only expertise available around here is what Jefferson ate for dinner from my husband or which bugs they dig up from the yard are most tasty from the dogs. What I wouldn’t do for a resident WoW guru.

  5. I keep meaning to get that book and let Tal try for his green fire. Because… you know… it’s green. But I’m only okay at warlocks. Still it’s green, and I might have to get around to it anyhow. But Laen says he has to wait until all Legendary chores are done for the week.
    I have thought of seeing about getting people to help get Seish through challenge modes for the mount and the beautiful transmog, but I’d just basically want the four people to help me do it. If I can’t be the one on my character doing it I’m afraid it would feel like cheating to me. So even if I could afford paid services I’m afraid my characters are just stuck with what I can do behind the wheel. Because really what’s the point of playing if you’re really just paying for somebody else to do it for you?
    Advice on the other hand? Tiuli is very tempted to hit Cat and Rose up for advice on how to kitty druid. She’s just remembered I’m terrible.

    • Both my Warlocks have the Tome but I’m not going to try it. Now if there were a battle pet at stake. Then things might be different!

      Kitty should be a whole lot easier when Warlords gets here as there will be no more butt finding to worry about and I think I read that your combo points will carry over to a new mob if the one you’re beating up dies so all in all sounds like good news for the kitties!

  6. Great, now I’m craving crab cakes. :p

  7. JD Kenada Says:

    Glad you were able to finally get on and claim that little guy for yourself. 🙂

  8. Hi there! Your blog has been linked to my Liebster Award post!

    Thank you for the nomination!

  9. Grats on your new pet! I don’t know if I’d like watching someone else playing my toon to get me something. It’s like totally giving in to my failings, and I think I would rather embrace my mediocrity than pay someone to pretend I’m not. Maybe that’s just weird of me to say, but it’s true!

    Though, I MIGHT have considered paying someone to level for me, but now with boosted 90s I won’t do that ever. Though the likelihood of me doing that anyway was about as likely as me getting camping TLPD and getting one.

    • Yep, my girls are going to have to wait a few expansions before they get to face Garrosh. Hopefully there’ll be an OLRG run to steal his clothes some day down the road!

      I would have said I would never boost a character as I like leveling but boosting professions? That made it much more attractive!

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