OLRG Gives the Warlock New Purpose … Thankfully

ulduarstarsOLRG went to Ulduar again. It’s hard to pick a favorite part but Algalon the Observer has to be right up there. Cim even lucked out and won a greed role for the quest to turn in to Rhonin in Dalaran, so now she finally knows what causes him to do that monologue about “… our lives are worth living.” Well yeah … duh. Cim! Don’t talk that way to Rhonin! Really, your attitude could stand some adjustment.

Yeah … she’s become something of a smart mouth problem. A Warlock with no purpose is not a pretty thing. My other characters have hobbies for down time. Archeology, fishing, pet battling … not Cim. It’s a little creepy, she just flies around looking for things to kill. I can hear Du hast coming out of the earbuds of her iAzeroth nano as she does slow, low passes looking for rares or a foolish, lone Zandalari Warscout.

cymmogThanks to OLRG my problem is solved. Not only are the ladies and gentlemen of OLRG a pleasure to spend an evening with, OLRG has given Cim a sense of purpose again! She saw a robe that interested her and won it! Thank you Matty! Thank you ladies! She’s now MUCH less of an embarrassment. She’s been spending her time at the shrine planing her outfit in Mogit. She’s found a hobby.

My hobby is reading blogs. I was looking around at WorldofHarley and saw a post about music. Oh great! I’ll impress my husband! My husband is an audiophile. When he first visited my apartment and saw my “all-in-one sound system” our budding relationship almost came to a premature end … right there. We almost … sorry, got off track. Anyway I found the best song EVER in that post!

Green and Yeller by Seasick Steve! I spent … I don’t know … a few hours listening to his music, bought some and then armed with my new musical knowledge, set off to impress my husband!

I’ve found someone you’ll really like! His name is Seasick Steve! You’ll love … you do? You have it? WELL WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME ABOUT SEASICK STEVE! Why am I the last to know everything! What is this, some kind of a snobby audiophile exclusion thing you’ve got going? Someone who once, ONCE bought an all-in-one sound system from K Mart can’t APPRECIATE Seasick Steve?

My husband’s first loan was not for a car … or a house. It was for speakers that COST the price of a car. Such a sound snob.

Anyway … you probably know about Seasick Steve too already.

After my musical interlude I’m back to reading blogs. Oh! Here’s a new one! First post I read is about Paladin tier which I know nothing about. It’s hard to get me to read stuff I know nothing about … like healing. I just kind of zone out but this post was well written and made me smile so I continued reading. I like this blog, I’ll add it to my blogroll!

So I thought I should read the “About” page and imagine my surprise when I find the author is fifteen! The Tusked Squires are bringing it!

You know what? I’ll bet he already knew about Seasick Steve too.


16 Responses to “OLRG Gives the Warlock New Purpose … Thankfully”

  1. Ah, the paradox of Warlocks – acting like they don’t care when they deeply do. Thank you for all the new links and music, and no, I had not heard of Seasick Steve. I understand about speakers: instead of an engagement ring we bought a camcorder — that’s where our priorities seemed to shift, and I say “we” in the editorial sense, the ‘royal’ we. We don’t have the camcorder anymore, and I still don’t have a ring, but something must have stuck. And my warlock says it’s fine if you read other blogs–it’s fine. Really. But don’t stray too far from me — remember that paradox! I immediately followed Tusked – good stuff! Who says teenagers can’t write? Not me!

    • Thank you Matty! I thought I was the only person who didn’t know about Steve! I feel better now.

      I think that Warlock is embarrassed about wanting “pretty” dresses, she doesn’t want us to know she likes them, not scary and intimidating enough for a Warlock. She’s a closet “pretty dress” fan.

  2. thetuskedsquires Says:

    Hahah, I hate to disappoint you but I didn’t know of Seasick Steve before this… only being fifteen, I have much yet to learn about the world! Though I can share in the fact that we both have audiophile family members; my dad will not stop buying the best audio equipment for the TV he can, and when he sets it all up he pesters the whole family about whether they can hear a difference.

    We generally just nod and keep our gazes fixed on Game of Thrones.

    But in all seriousness, thank you so much for featuring me – it’s not so often that incredibly kind people are found on the internet! 🙂

    • I think your Dad and my husband must be related! He does the same thing and I’ve learned to say, oh yes I hear the difference although I don’t.

      There are nice people out here, you just have to ferret them out and make sure to keep ahold of them! And again, I really liked your posts and hope you keep writing them.

  3. I will chime in and say I have never heard of Seasick Steve either.

    You are not alone Tome!!

  4. I would say that Seasick Steve is something of a niche artist. He doesn’t get all that much coverage. There’s nothing wrong with not having heard of him, don’t worry! Haha!

    PS. Thank you for the mention. 😛

    The Oldschool Harlequin

  5. Its always fun to raid with you guys. Thanks again for the invite. Looking forward for next week again. I was also happy that my troll druid was able to first time raiding on horde side ever. It was super fun. 🙂 and nice mog ancient… But what was really funny was that sasche your warlock hordie got stuck riding that horsey horsey while we were fighting Patchwerk lol haha!!

    • Ha! I wish I’d thought to get a screen shot of poor Sasche stuck on her ride. I’m pretty sure that was a result of never updating addons. Since it’s maintenance day maybe I should get that done! Looking forward to OLRG’s next adventure!

  6. Can’t say I’ve heard of him but great choice for a chestpiece. It’s always fun going back there. One day I’ll get the shoulders on 25 too.

  7. […] As far as the back story and all the history of the old gods, please read this. Just last week, OLRG decided to run Ulduar again, coming back to this place always fun. I love the boss fights from the […]

  8. Seasick steve needs a bag and some ondansentron and he’ll be seaworthy steve in no time…
    Oh and yay on finding new clothes! Don’t you love finding new things!

    • I was happy but I’m a little worried about what else she’ll decide we need to get for an outfit. She just makes them up in Mogit with no regard to where the stuff comes from. Might get dicey!

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