If Looks Could Kill and Wildstar Weekend

catandroseApparently looks do make a difference to me in deciding what to kill. I hadn’t really noticed before but Rose goes around smacking the crap out of everything and Cat doesn’t. While Cat was on the Timeless Isle I don’t think she was up at the top except to open the chests.

Rose “looks” more intimidating to me and Cat looks … like a kitty … and it appears subconsciously it affects the way that I play them. I should have been rolling Tauren Male Warriors all along. Doesn’t seem to be in play with casters, just melee. I seem to decide what they can do by my visual perception of their strength.

They are EXACTLY the same except that Rose hasn’t caught up to Cat’s iLevel and yet Rose tackles things Cat wouldn’t. Weird. Oh wait, I lied. Rose has her Tauren racial Endurance I guess that 5% is what’s doing it.

So I’m at the point that I have all the alts on the Isle getting them dressed in preparation for Warlords. I’ve found that the cap for my non-LFRing crew is iLevel 538 so I’m trying to get them all there … oh yeah … except for Death Knight. Gear makes no difference, there’s no point. She’s awful, so at least with crappy gear she’ll have an excuse. Yes, really. I’m doing it for you Death Knight. You’re welcome.

AurinSo it’s slow around here. Almost a year ago I signed up to be in the Wildstar beta. Nothing happened. Pffft … whatever … be that way then. And this week I got the code for this weekend! Yay!

I used to pre-order everything, but my track record of losing interest RAPIDLY has made me less inclined to order something I haven’t experienced. I’ve been studying up too. I don’t know if it was their intention but one video I watched, I swear the character was channeling Kaylee from Firefly. Okay, then I’ll be an Exile.

I let Cat pick the race. She picked Aurin. Yes, I will have furry ears and a tail. I should have seen that coming. Class is going to be Esper. Conjure deadly apparitions! Mass butchery! That’s so me!

So we’ll see how this goes tomorrow, if I find I have trouble looking around because I “perceive” she’s too weak I’ll make a Granok rock-man Warrior. Like Rose.

17 Responses to “If Looks Could Kill and Wildstar Weekend”

  1. Hmmm…now that I think about it I subconsciously do the same thing. I play my under-geared DK a lot more aggressively than my better-geared Priest. Who’d of thought? 😀

    Have fun with Wildstar!

    • I can’t believe it took me so long to notice, I guess it was obvious finally because they’re both kitties!

      Thanks, I’m hoping I can figure out how to move around before the weekend is over!

  2. thetuskedsquires Says:

    The only thing I ever kill on the Timeless Isle on my Hunter is those silly little Gulp Frogs. Yeah, yeah, my pets continuously die from the poison and I have to resurrect them about 67 times, but whatever!

    And I also managed to get into the Wildstar beta this weekend! Maybe I’ll see you ’round 😀

    • My windwalker Monk is obsessed with those Gulp Frogs, they are about the only things she likes to go after. The rest of my crew aren’t that picky, don’t know what that’s about.

      Oh! I’m looking forward to checking out Wildstar, I’ll bet you can’t wait either! I hope my husband doesn’t expect to eat this weekend!

      • thetuskedsquires Says:

        Ahahaha, and if my teachers expect me to revise for serious Chemistry and Physics exams then they got another thing coming!

  3. Ooh keep us updated on your Wildstar progress cos I’m semi tempted to abandon WoW for a while to try it out.

    • I have been keeping an eye on it and thought I might want to give it a try and this will help a great deal in deciding if I’m going to take a little summer break in Wildstar.

  4. I got into the Wildstar Beta this weekend too! I’m very excited (and will also be making an Aurin.) Hopefully we’ll both have fun and maybe we’ll run into each other.
    I laughed about your druids. I’m glad I’m not the only one who does things like that. I don’t know if I’ll ever have a female blood elf maxed out and in plate because they just look so fragile to me. Tauren kitties look so very fierce, and so do the trolls even though they’re technicolor. Night elf kitties are just adorable.

    • oh yay! Maybe we’ll see each other! Every Aurin I see I will wonder if it’s you!

      I really didn’t know that I did that until now, but Cat looks so kittyish and Rose looks like a big LION who can take on everything.

      I know, it looks as though a female blood elf couldn’t move if she put on plate, they look like priests and mages.

  5. I had a play with the Wildstar Beta last weekend, and have a key for this one too .. I loved the looks of the classes (I made one of those little ewok guys .. sooo gorgeous!), but I failed even at the starter quests.

    I don’t know if that’s just something that is going to be ironed out, or the fact that, after years of playing only WoW (and a little bit of Star Wars, which was basically WoW with lightsabres) I’ve become stuck in a certain sort of rut, but virtually every quest (even the ones where it told me simply to talk to someone) took AGES because (a) I missed what my quest was to start with, (b) couldn’t find how to easily re-read quests and (c) often failed to find the quest target (museum quest, I’m looking at you).

    I do know that my 13 year old son, who struggles to tell the time (unless it involves food or computer time), but who mentors other people playing various Steam games and speaks double-dutch half the time, also had similar problems with it.

    I may have another go this weekend, just to see if anything has changed.

    • Oh, that’s interesting. If I have the same problems I won’t feel so bad. I have no patience with finding quest targets if I don’t get a little hint in the right direction.

      I’ve only had one really bad experience with a game where I wasn’t even out of the tutorial before I knew it wasn’t for me.

      Thank you for the heads up, I’ll remember to pay attention more than I usually do!

      • Let me know if you have a similar problem! There were a couple of things that were obviously due to it being in beta .. like pop-up boxes that refused to go away, and some movement problems (turning on the spot didn’t feel natural) … but I don’t know if the problem I had with quests was just me being used to doing stuff a certain way …

  6. Don’t feel bad about how you play your DKs – I do the same thing – all or nothing with them, when I’m on a druid, hunter or anything else – it’s just let’s see if we can live through this part.

    Good luck on trying out the beta – haven’t seen anything yet on it, however, I have enough to keep me busy with WoW at the moment.

    • My poor Death Knight, I should really make an attempt one day to learn how to play her, I just don’t get a feel for her at all. Maybe in Warlords she’ll come into her own!

      I’m looking forward to it!

      • I went back and did some revamping on my rotations and that seemed to help, plus, I have five DKs and they all seem to have the same attitude – yeah, we can do this!! I’m actually enjoying mine – just soloing things, can’t say that I have taken them into any dungeons since MoP dropped.

  7. Um, nice hair (or is that hare?) there.

    Anyhoo… I’ve found that yes, I would tend to play a toon differently based on how they looked. I’d made a BE Mage before Neve, but she always looked too happy-go-lucky to take her seriously. Therefore, I created Neve and made her facial expression much more sarcastic. “There,” I thought. “Much better. She’s not one to be afraid of flinging Frostbolts at people.”

    Unfortunately for me, I do tend to make my first toon in a game that looks a bit like me, so I end up playing them like I would play.
    (Which isn’t exactly that bloodthirsty a character; more like a goody-two-shoes Jedi or Paladin.)

    • Yeah, I should have known Cat would pick a bunny lady with a fox-like tail.

      I think I did that too, my first WoW character is still in existence and she’s a tall, serious looking Night Elf who never speaks. I’m not sure she’s ever said a thing here. She’s a Hunter who keeps company with animals. Wow, that is exactly what I did, lol.

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