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Death Knight Redux, Broken Promises and Dance Party

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rotlimbSo yeah, my Death Knight. We have just never had a connection. She was born as soon as the class was added and I wanted to like her. I really did. I raced changed her to Worgen, thought that might help. Nope. She’s always been Unholy, I thought maybe a change was in order. She resisted. What was the problem?

Rotlimb. She didn’t want to give him up. She was really attached to her permanent … um … friend. Look, unless you want to molder away in your slot something has got to change. Okay? We’ll try Frost, it must be popular because it’s the Death Knight spec Blizzard has featured in their, “Leap into Action with Our New Level-90 Crash Course Videos.” Let’s watch it.

Oh hey, I think we can do this! Three spells! There are only three spells you’ve got to worry about! Hey, we can handle that … nah … don’t worry about all that other stuff. They just used three spells. No, I have no idea why you’ve got all those other things but don’t worry … Blizzard said.

What about Runes? Oh don’t worry about them just keep mashing those three buttons, something’s got to happen. You worry too much. I thought Death Knight were stoic. Chill … we’ll be fine. People will just think you’re a boosted character.

So at iLevel 493 we set off for the Timeless Isle to learn the craft of Frost Death Knightery.

Holy shit! This pink chicken is kicking my ass! Janinna! Really! Is that how a Death Knight talks? You’re damn right it is! Are you crazy! You’re going to get me … you will resurrect in 25 seconds

Crap! Oh calm down Jan, let’s try the little buffalo thingies. Oh wait! Come on! We’ve got to find crabs to get you a shell hat so you can go up top and get your Burden of Eternity!

After the crab episode she stopped talking to me, told me to do more research. Okay … might be a plan. I don’t think she appreciates this whole bonding experience but it’s early days and I have hope.

Yeah … promises. I promised myself that I would not pre-order Wildstar. I have a bad track record of buying these things and sometimes I’m not even still playing before the free month is up. And I held out. I DID!

Well, until today but I was very frugal I’ll have you know. I got the no frills, no cool hoverboard, no dye, no outfit, plain vanilla Wildstar. How’s that for restraint? We’ll see how this goes. I know at least my Death Knight would be happy to see the back of me.

picoloCim the Warlock was so excited when she got back from Stratholme I thought maybe the mount dropped. No, she said, but it’s just as wonderful! I finally have my own Piccolo of the Flaming Fire! Wow, I so did not see that one coming. The Warlock’s been dreaming of a piccolo? And dance parties?

I think she’s been hanging out with Cat too much. Maybe you should play that thing around Janinna, I think she needs cheering up. She misses Rotlimb, yeah I mean who doesn’t … um … miss Rotlimb.

All Fired Up

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upinsmoke Yeah, this is so not even funny anymore. That’s the little Inn on Timeless Isle … in flames again. I frequently login, check my bags, look at quests … oh shit, I’m dead. Blizzard can’t you make that thing fireproof or something? Given the warped sense of humor of some of your customers you should have seen this coming.

I always wonder if different servers have different customs just like regions and countries or is Molten Guardian pulling a realm-wide custom. I mean do they call Fizzy Faire Drink soda on one server and pop on another? Is Timeless Isle tent flaming universal or just popular on my server?

Anyway, I was feeling disgruntled and crabby after my Hunter was cooked yet again on logging in. We’re going to have to learn to login and then run like hell … you know, just in case. Maybe she should hit Disengage immediately on login and shoot out of the tent. I think I’ll try that next time.

I had enough with the merry band of pranksters. I’m leaving. I know, Cim might as well take another stab at Attumen the Huntsman for his horse. I know we won’t get the horse but I like it in there anyway.

firehorseWTF! This can not be! There was much elation! Cim and I took screen shots and then were hit by the post-attaining-whatever-it-was-you-wanted-depression. Well crap, what are we going to do now? It usually doesn’t last too long. Lord Rivendare you’re on notice, the unattainable can be obtained!

So thank you, you little stupidhead Molten Guardian pullers for running me off the Isle. I have a Fiery Warhorse and you don’t. Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah.

OLRG, Chatting with Lo’Gosh and Tomes!

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So Saturday the OLRG met to deal with Arthas and … CIM! What the hell is that! You’re supposed to take screen shots of the Old Ladies’ Raiding Guild, NOT YOURSELF. What is wrong with you. You didn’t get any pictures of Arthas’ cold, dead body? Maybe a nice shot of the ladies? I’m serious, I know you want to go with them but I’m putting Cat back in if you can’t be a responsible reporter.

Excuse her, I’m really sorry but all she’s interested in is … yeah … herself. She got a new, lovely gown that evening and now she’s obsessed with making a “Horns” outfit, I’ll leave her to it and see if Cat’s got anything interesting going on.

Oh Cat! I mean it was bad enough annoying random NPCs but do you think it’s wise to alienate your leaders? Apparently after that she set off to question Tyrande and Malfurion but she said they have no sense of humor and wouldn’t play along and were boring. Sasche paid a visit to Sylvanas and she was all business, refused to go off script. Oh well, at least Varian was a good sport.

So I was moaning recently that there’s not much to do and I have to thank whoever used the search term “tome of the dinosaur” to arrive here. I’m not sure how that got them here because I completely forgot about the Ancient Tome of Dinomancy.

bluebookerI mean you’d think it’d be a no-brainer for me to remember something with a name like that but nope, forgot it. My only excuse is that my Hunter was the sixth character to make the climb to ninety so I had kinda forgotten about it by then.

So in case anyone else missed it, first go to the Isle of Giants. Kill Zandalari Dinomancers until one drops an Ancient Tome of Dinomancy which will teach you how to tame your own Direhorn. Zor picked a blue one to match her hair. She’s quite pleased.

So yeah, there’s still stuff to do … I just need to like … REMEMBER it. Better late than never I guess.

Even NPCs get Testy

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This coming November I will have played WoW continuously for eight years. This is the first time that apathy has set in. It probably won’t cause me to unsub … but yeah … what to do. I don’t even have anything to say … cause I’m not really doing anything.

Thanks goes to Zeirah of A is for Azeroth and Z is for Zeira. Because of her recent post life was good again, I had a mission. Meet Mojo Stormstout in person and see if he’s still feeling out of sorts.

WELL I NEVER! How dare you!

The Draenei are known for their hospitality, Cat thought she’d talk to one of them. While not quite as grumpy as Mojo he wasn’t too pleased with her antics. I can only assume that the long wait for Warlords is taking its toll on not only us, but the NPCs too. You have my sympathy guys, really you do.

Thanks Zeirah! Cat’s off to see who else she can annoy!


OLRG to the Rescue

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chaosboltTypical. So typical Cim. I wanted screen shots of EVERYONE and all you took is one of yourself. Really, if you can’t think of others I might have to send Cat next time. You got to go to test my theory. I was giving that stupidhead Staghelm the benefit of the doubt. I thought maybe because Cat was there with her Fandral’s Flamescythe in her pack he mistakenly thought he didn’t have to hand one out. It didn’t work.

In the name of all that is holy Staghelm you DUMBHEAD, GIVE MATTY THAT STAFF! Enough already! We’ll come back if you do, we promise.

After that the Old Ladies were kind enough to revisit Naxxramas because I had missed last week’s Shocking achievement. Led by the stalwart lass Breige, we got it and that completed Glory of the Raider for me. Thank you kind ladies and men!

We were joined by a dashing Worgen Death Knight, Fenry. I hope he’s alright. He’d eaten some tainted dog food and was a lovely shade of green for a while.

And I have to say, sometimes I really wonder about me. I talked … AT LENGTH … really, must have been half an hour or so without getting a response from anyone. Did I check the mic? Nope. I kept fiddling with vent settings, must be something wrong.

I’ll have to write a note to myself. After fiddling with the bendy microphone thingy, check to make sure you haven’t TURNED IT OFF. And no, I didn’t have any wine. Not for the whole evening because I forgot to … so it’s not that.

But the very best thing … in Cim’s eyes at least, because let’s face it … with that Warlock it’s ALL about her … were the drops. She’d been so disgruntled that the outfit she’d planned fizzled. Just didn’t work like she’d hoped.

firewarlockThis morning she equipped what she got last night and even without changing the belt and the boots it looks pretty darn good (and didn’t cost ME anything) and she’s pretty pleased. And you have NO idea how hard it is to please her. There’s just one little thing. She’s now unhappy with the color of her blob, Gork.

The last I saw her she was headed to Stormwind, somewhere near the Slaughtered Lamb she says there’s a new salon where they’ll dye your minion to match your outfit. I was skeptical at first but then why not, there be these.

Thanks for a wonderful evening Matty and Old Ladies’ Raiding Guild!


My Warlock the Ingrate

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greenglowCim really is the most high maintenance character I’ve ever had. She wanted this outfit and wasn’t willing to wait. Unfortunately for me, two of the items could be made if I bought her expensive patterns. While the pattern was expensive, Cloak of Eternity was at least cheap to make. The pattern for Cord of the White Dawn wasn’t cheap and then the only Runed Orbs I could find were not either.

Spire of Scarlet Pain? Wait for it to drop in Firelands? Not a chance, she told my bank alt to snap it up at any price if it appeared on the AH. Which it did.

And there she is … whinging and moaning. Yes, even her Voidlord threw up his hands in disgust with her. She immediately complained about her enchant’s green glow on the staff. She felt she should be able to turn it on or off. She was NOT happy.

warlockonfireShe then complained that the cloak only worked the way she hoped while she’s on fire and said she’d just not display cloak until she finds one that works. WHAT! YOU WHAT? Did I get a thank you? NO! I get complaints.

I’m reduced to complaining to you because too much arguing with a Warlock can have … consequences … is all I’ll say. Nobody else is this demanding. Let’s take a look.

catreplicaCat goes around in replica gear and a belt she bought for 50s because it was green. No high maintenance fussy dresser there. Okay she’s hardly ever in Night Elf form but still. Cat I appreciate it, I really do.

rosecloakHere’s Rose in her Timeless Isle gear. The ONLY thing she requested was a less busy cloak, she’s happy with the rest. Must be a Druid thing, they both are low maintenance. Never any trouble … okay … yeah … Cat does have a thing for pets but at least she’s grateful.


Okay, here’s my Shaman the comedian. She’s wearing a mish-mash of stuff and doesn’t care. All she wanted was an Anvilmar Hammer cause she thinks it funny. See what I mean? ONLY Cim causes trouble.

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. As a favor to me if you see Cim could you tell her she looks great just as she is? Maybe it will stop all this nonsense, it’s worth a try.

A Horse with No Name a Post with No Words … sort of

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palaquincarryYeah … it’s happened before. I had this whole post but blah, blah, blah who cares. As has happened before I don’t hold a grudge against the pictures. I’m fine with the pictures, so I’ll leave them.



Our new neighbors.

This morning I did read something interesting though, Deeds of Valor will cost 3,000 Timeless Coins and grant you 100 Valor. I know Cat will be happy to hear that. In an effort to get rid of her coins she’s been using them to summon the Archiereus Of Flame, then she logs out so the luckless Hunter can have a shot at a Burden of Eternity.

It’s not working at all but coins are burning a hole in a lot of my character’s pockets so they’re all happy to have something to spend them on.

And oh … he’s a Coywolf, I did not know they existed until they moved into the neighborhood.