Lunacy and The Importance of Punctuation

badluckhunterLast week we finally finished up getting all the Celestial Tournament pets. Cat got the first one when the tournament came out and then went AWOL for months. FINALLY it was done. I NEVER have to do it again. Three weeks of those for a Marked Flawless Battle-Stone? Not happening. Yay! The agony is over!

Yesterday rolls around and I find my luckless Hunter doing it. WTF! Zor, are you insane! Why? Why? What is this lunacy? Everyone else who visited the Timeless Isle had burdens of eternity dropping from everything. Pink Flamingos, turtles, whatever. They have them in their banks because they can’t stand to get rid of them. Not so with luckless Hunter. She has to buy them with 50,000 coins. She’s doing the tournament for the 1,000 coins.

Well I’ll leave you to it cause this is not fun Zor. I’m leaving. What would be fun? Oh! I know! I’ll level my Drunken Fish Warlock who’s in Matty’s guild. Yes, another Warlock … yeah, I don’t know what that’s about either.

So without a care for stupid burdens of anything, she’s questing about in Darkshore in her crappy clothes because I find Warlocks don’t care. They have an inflated opinion of their might. Overconfidence is a mark of my Warlocks.

So we’re tasked with entering a cave thingy. I don’t care if it’s a barrow, cave or burrow … it is our NEMESIS … even my Warlocks can’t defeat the cave. Looking for the guy we’re supposed to whack is proving … once again … impossible. Endlessly going in circles, killing the respawns … sigh.

We enter a room and there’s a Warrior standing there. Maybe the Warrior knows the way, I’ll inquire.

Kind Sir, I’ve been sent to destroy the foul Demon who is said to reside in these caves. Can you direct me?

(Okay, I’m fibbing. I didn’t RP it.)

Silence …

Pray tell Sir, do you know the location of the heinous beast?

cant share nuts

I certainly had no expectation of nut sharing. Frankly, I didn’t even know he had some in his pack. I’m feeling a little weird even being in this dark cave with him. Come on Lupe, we’re out of here.

I thought about that the rest of the day. I don’t even think that was a non sequitur because we hadn’t been talking about anything. What did it mean?

I even wrote it down so I could puzzle over it. The next morning it came to me! I’ll bet we were in the right room!

Can’t share, nuts.

I’m not much for grammar and punctuation but this made me see the error of my ways … well, sort of. I’ll have you know I’ve thrown EXTRA commas in this post just to make up for all my other posts.

I only wish I had known what you meant before I decided to flee. A Demon still lives … all for the want of a comma.


13 Responses to “Lunacy and The Importance of Punctuation”

  1. ROTFL that made me laugh – all was for not due to the lack of a comma – been there, done that. 😀

    • I really am dense sometimes, lol. Poor Warrior just wanted to share the quest he wasn’t menacing Lupe with nuts. I finally skipped the demon and moved on. Hopefully the Warrior took him out!

      • No, you’re not dense, I might have taken it the same way – there are times that I am little bit dense when I’m trying to talk with someone and something is trying to eat my face 😀

  2. I am laughing hysterically right now!! Thank goodness I am alone and don’t have to share my nuts with anyone. I am sending a theme here. Get your squirrel knife and cut them! That’s what any self respecting eRlick would do.
    I had the nutty idea I would make every available warlock race. Who’s nuts now?

  3. I used to hate those caves and burrows too. Just as well I don’t have to venture into them much any more. I do like my nuts though.

    • I too love nuts but now I find they aren’t for sharing, sadface.

      You’d think after all the alts I’ve had through those caves and barrows I’d have memorized them by now but nope, can’t find my way. Sometimes I have to hearth out.

  4. I still get lost in those caves all the time. I don’t know why my sense of direction completely turns off in caves… and sometimes in dungeons. Makes it very embarrassing when I’m trying to tank something and have to stop and ask the healer for directions. 😛

    I would have had no idea what that warrior was trying to say either! Commas make such a difference. I admit I laughed so hard reading this post, thanks for sharing. 😀

    • I’m glad it’s not just me, in real life I’m the one with a good sense of direction. My husband should play just to get to see me flounder around in caves and dungeons, lol.

      Yeah, I felt bad. Here I hurried Lupe out of there cause I thought he was a crazed axe murderer or something and he was trying to be nice. I’m not used to that!

  5. Lol. As usual, love the way you tell a story.

  6. OMG hilarious!! The first thing I thought, was that he meant he wasn’t going to share the location (ie, I’m not even going to share a little bit of information with you).

    Someone shared a similar, short example with me recently that showed what might happen if you don’t use a comma in the right place … “let’s eat Grandma” instead of “let’s eat, Grandma” … suspect that’s how Little Red Riding Hood started .. all just a big misunderstanding about a misplaced comma!

    And … I HATE caves with a passion. I can get lost in a corridor with only one exit and one entrance .. there’s a particularly good one in Zangarmarsh, under the water .. where you go to the various instances. Many times I’ve gotten halfway through there, got lost and ended up where i started. *sigh*

    • LOL! The let’s eat Grandma is a good one.

      Oh, I remember trying to go down that drain pipe in Zangarmarsh and getting turned around in the pipe. The only characters I wasn’t nervous about being in that thing with were the Warlocks with underwater breathing and my Druid in her swimming form. Everyone else I was holding my breath hoping I wouldn’t drown before I got out of the pipe!

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