Who are you? Who, who, who, who?

whoruI feel like I’m in WoW hibernation or something. Unless I happen to run into someone in a cave, there’s not a lot to talk about right now. I think … you know something that really bothers me? When I was young people would call me “hun.” Then I became “ma’am.” NOW I’M HUN AGAIN! I am not your hun, in fact I’m a big curmudgeon who slaughters beasts and evil doers on a daily basis. BY THE HUNDREDS! So unless you mean the Attila kind of hun, I’m not one.

Anyway …  so I really, really hate mornings. I have to spend an extended period of time looking directly at my face which is something I try to avoid at all costs. If I don’t see me, my mental image of me is stuck somewhere around thirty-two. Once I put my contacts in, it’s DAMN! WHO DID THIS! WHO IS RESPONSIBLE! Who the hell trapped me in here! LET ME OUT!

As often happens I thought about my characters. I know they’re all me but they’ve developed very distinct personalities without any conscious effort on my part. Cat the Druid is my favorite, she’s kind and silly and spends most of her time playing with her pets and trying to get exalted with everybody. She wants to be liked. I’m not really Cat.

Cim the Warlock is me in a permanent bad mood. All she wants to do is kill every damn thing that doesn’t kill her first. Again, me sometimes. Usually after spending hours trying to talk to a human representative of a company on the phone. But not really me.

Some of my characters are cheeky, some are shy but it occurred to me that the closest match is Sasche the Warlock.

ghosttimespastWhat was she like before … does it haunt her? Through no fault of her own, whatever self she remembers is trapped inside her Forsaken body. Does she avoid mirrors too? She’s pretty quiet … whatever thoughts of the past she has, she doesn’t share but I can’t help but wonder what she was like before.

I felt bad for feeling sorry for myself because Sasche has it way worse than I do. Nevertheless, I have taken to wearing my Helm of the Fierce Bison for … you know … fortitude. Just in case I encounter a mirror. SHIT! WHO’S … oh … it’s me. I can’t even imagine how Sasche feels.

22 Responses to “Who are you? Who, who, who, who?”

  1. Oh my gosh: I have had this side project of finding human representatives of my forsaken: great minds. Your post echoes many of my sentiments of late. HOTFB Sisters!!

  2. imraith Says:

    “DAMN! WHO DID THIS! WHO IS RESPONSIBLE! Who the hell trapped me in here! LET ME OUT!” Yeah, with you there…just let me get my hands on ’em…My mirror gets my face for 30 seconds or less while I clip up may hair, and then I am so outta there – and I don’t look back either. Whatever my hair winds up doing during the day is someone else’s problem to look at – I don’t even care. Cos I am NOT going back to that mirror.

    • LOL! Yep, I field strip and clean my face once, anything that happens after that, I’m sorry people, you’ve got to live with it. There’ll be no going back! The horror!

  3. And that is actually the (rather silly) reason I will probably never have a Forsaken character. All of mine are characters to me, but when I’m playing them and thinking about their stories I get into their heads a little bit, thinking about how they’d feel or react to things. And to me the idea of the Forsaken is one of the most horrible things to imagine having happen to you. So that’s not a head I want to get into. I did make one once… because I’d heard the story was neat but I couldn’t make it past the first level or so.

    • I played the original RTS Warcraft and the Forsaken (who if I remember were more bansheelike) really stuck in my mind as their story was so tragic.

      Sasche’s really the one character I really do wonder about but unfortunately I’m the one who’d have to come up with her story and I can’t write fiction worth a darn so it will always be a mystery.

  4. I chose my Human Mage’s appearance to be what my Forsaken Mage used to look like before the whole Plague/Scourge thing happened. Their stories, however, are entirely divergent.

    • I have looked at all the human variations trying to decide what Sasche had looked like but can’t really decide. I think it’s because I’ve known her too long as Forsaken. She’s the only one who knows.

  5. “DAMN! WHO DID THIS! WHO IS RESPONSIBLE! Who the hell trapped me in here! LET ME OUT!”

    LOL that’s my response when I chance upon a mirror – OMG, never ever step out a shower facing a full length mirror the horror is unbelievable.

    I’m with you on the characters – there are so many and each one of them is has at least a part of me projecting through – mornings w/o coffee call for my DK – my Felaran – oldest and first DK ever – she likes to kill everything.

    • Yeah, I really didn’t sign on for this decrepitude stuff, lol. I want a refund.

      The only character that I just cannot seem to get a handle on is my Death Knight. I race changed her thinking that might help but still nothing. I thought being a Worgen might help but so far we do not know each other.

      • Felaran is actually a Blood Elf and she has plenty of attitude about things that smack her on the butt. My next favorite race for a DK is a Tauren – I do know that the racial things will be nerfed with WoD, however, they are both miners which adds a little buff for now.

  6. I was going to put another comment here, but the earworm won’t go away….

    (Apologies to Pete Townshend)

    I woke up in a Stormwind doorway
    A sentry knew my name
    He said “You can go sleep at home tonight
    if you can get up and walk away”

    I staggered back to the Old Town
    And the breeze blew back my hair
    I remember throwing punches around
    and preaching from my chair

    Well tell me who are you (Who are you, who who who who)
    I really wanna know (Who are you, who who who who)
    Tell me who are you (Who are you, who who who who)
    ‘Cause I really wanna know (Who are you, who who who who)

    I took the ‘griff back outta town
    Back to Ironforge
    I felt a little like a drunken troll
    With a touch of da voodoo mon

    I stretched back and I hiccuped
    And looked back on my busy day
    Eleven hours grinding Dragonmaw
    Gods there’s got to be another way

    Well tell me who are you (Who are you, who who who who)
    I really wanna know (Who are you, who who who who)
    Tell me who the f*ck are you (Who are you, who who who who)
    ‘Cause I really wanna know (Who are you, who who who who)

  7. You know the only undead I have is on an old server. I miss her sometimes.

    • Luckily I only have one character who’s stuck on another server. I feel guilty that I transferred Sally to a PvP server and then left her there to fend for herself. All for rare pets.

  8. I make lots of undead level 1s. I don’t know if I would describe them as angry me… I like forsakens, I think I would be one if I had a real alt somewhere.
    BUT I did look for a long time at you in your Helm of the Fierce Bison. Is that you? I thought it might have been a mannequin. And where did you get that face thing. But stupid me had a closer look and smacked myself in the head. Miss seeing you at those usual times I see you Ancient.

    • Cim the angry me is human, Sasche the Forsaken strangely isn’t angry, more like melancholy.

      YES! That is all me … well except for the face, lol. Just tricksy photoshopery with wow model viewer to get the face at the right angle.

  9. I think we can’t help but insert splinters of our personalities into the characters we play. Snowflower my Night Elf is the person I’d like to be, calm, practical, good in a crisis, thoughtful. Sproutling has a wicked element tempered by her giggle. My Undead is my dark side, cold, unable to cope with displays of affection.

    It’s hard to blame Forsaken for being angry though, I think it’s the ultimate version of Plath’s poem “Mirror*”, unless of course that the Forsaken are like vampires and have no reflections.


    • Cat would be the person I would like to be more like and she’s a Night Elf too. Must be something about their calm, reassuring voice. They never seem to rattle.

      Thanks for the link, I’d never read that and it does really fit, beautiful but so sad.

  10. […] I will ad this – I totally get my dear friend Tome. When I glance in the mirror and see all the flaws, and the weathering, sometimes I just want to […]

  11. […] Tome wrote a post a few days back alluding to self-image and our perceptions of our Azerothian characters. Then, on Mother’s Day weekend my mom posted an photograph of me and my sisters from my ancient past. I almost wrote she posted an “old” picture of me, but it’s the opposite of that –it’s a young picture of me. Kind of a paradox I suppose — there’s a riddle in there somewhere: “What looks younger the older it grows?” Many possible answers to that one, but in this case the Sphinx says a Polaroid. […]

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