Don’t Stop Believin’

dontstopbelievingJust a small town Elf livin’ in a lonely world … Psst! Cat! Cat! What are you doing sitting by the mailbox singing Journey songs? What? It’s how you make it magic? Oh come on, I don’t think … read what? OH! Okay, you got me, I will never doubt you again.

Do you know how much I wanted an Ashleaf Spriteling? I know Cat, I know. You’d think with all the time you and your sisters spent on the Timeless Isle you would have seen one drop but nope. Let’s see him!

catsmileOh no! Cat, he looks scared. I know it’s your smile but you know … there are an awful lot of teeth in that smile, I think it upset him. Can you just kind of smile with your mouth closed? I don’t know, he still looks worried. What could we do to make him feel at ease? I know! Road trip! I think I have just the thing!

scottyfriendWe set off for Townlong Steppes to pay a visit to Scotty. Um … Cat? Better dismiss your Spriteling before we visit Scotty. Why? Well, I don’t think it will put him at ease if he sees how we get Scotty’s Lucky Coin, do you? Yeah, bring him back out … you know … after.

After the deed was done Cat used Scotty’s Coin and the little Spriteling was clearly in awe of her dance moves. I think he feels more at home now. She left with him to start his training right away.

She says she can speak Spriteling … I don’t know but I’m not doubting her after how the whole singing Don’t Stop Believin’ at the mailbox thing worked out. So anyway Cat said his name is Helkeke, I’ll have to take her at her word on that.

Thank you so much Helke! Cat is ecstatic, last time I saw her she was entertaining Halfhill dancing with her new pet while taking a training break. Helkeke says to say he’s well and happy … after he got over the whole giant teeth of the cat thing.

Never doubt the magic mailbox.

11 Responses to “Don’t Stop Believin’”

  1. Aww, what a great gift and idea to make him feel at ease.

  2. That’s awesome and I have to love Cat’s personality – it’s definitely all hers. Thanks for the hearty chuckles and outright laughter. 😀 Journey happens to still be one of the groups I listen to when the mood to clean the house strikes *looks around* Might want to break out that music now.

  3. Ack! Why did you get Journeys song stuck in my head! And the teeth scaring moment, well, if you ever watched Beauty and the Beast disney version… the scene when he does a big smile… thats all I thought of. =p

    • I know, me too and then I mentioned AC/CD and I’m still singing you shook me all night long in my head. I’ve only seen bits and parts of the movie but I think I do remember the part you mean, lol!

  4. […] interrupt this regularly scheduled post to bring you a ‘magical mailbox moment’ – thank you so much Helke for my beautiful blue dragon! She is lovely! She makes me feel like […]

  5. Haha nice! Every time I open my mail I just get stuff back that didn’t sell at the AH 😛

  6. LOL I’m glad you made him feel more comfy! Now it’s like his mum came and kept him all nice and warm!

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