A Horse with No Name a Post with No Words … sort of

palaquincarryYeah … it’s happened before. I had this whole post but blah, blah, blah who cares. As has happened before I don’t hold a grudge against the pictures. I’m fine with the pictures, so I’ll leave them.



Our new neighbors.

This morning I did read something interesting though, Deeds of Valor will cost 3,000 Timeless Coins and grant you 100 Valor. I know Cat will be happy to hear that. In an effort to get rid of her coins she’s been using them to summon the Archiereus Of Flame, then she logs out so the luckless Hunter can have a shot at a Burden of Eternity.

It’s not working at all but coins are burning a hole in a lot of my character’s pockets so they’re all happy to have something to spend them on.

And oh … he’s a Coywolf, I did not know they existed until they moved into the neighborhood.

8 Responses to “A Horse with No Name a Post with No Words … sort of”

  1. OMG, I thought for sure you’d have a post about the new NE model. I mean, did you see the fangs??

    • I’ve been so out of it I didn’t even know they were out until Kam told me yesterday and I do love them. They are fierce and have NICE HANDS!!!!! Cat is so pleased.

  2. You have wolves in your neighborhood? O.o
    Worst I ever saw in my neighborhood was a rather large bull snake and a moose.

    • Apparently we do. This explains the rather strange looking fox I saw while walking the dogs. He was pretty far away and I couldn’t figure out why he was the wrong color, lol. Now I know.

      Now snakes scare the crap out of me but I’d kind of like to see a moose!

  3. It felt good to be out of the rain
    In the desert you can remember your name
    ‘Cause there ain’t no one for to give you no pain…

    I like those wolves who moved into your area. Although I suspect the rabbits won’t…. 😉

    • I know, I hope I see them again. There’s a place on the walk that seems to be a animal crossing. To get from one wooded area to another they cross the road there. Although I might see them closer as the neighbors have bunnies and chickens in their backyard. I can’t help but think those wolves might take notice.

  4. What redbeard said is what I was thinking! And wow, wolves next door? What kind of cool place are you living in!

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