My Warlock the Ingrate

greenglowCim really is the most high maintenance character I’ve ever had. She wanted this outfit and wasn’t willing to wait. Unfortunately for me, two of the items could be made if I bought her expensive patterns. While the pattern was expensive, Cloak of Eternity was at least cheap to make. The pattern for Cord of the White Dawn wasn’t cheap and then the only Runed Orbs I could find were not either.

Spire of Scarlet Pain? Wait for it to drop in Firelands? Not a chance, she told my bank alt to snap it up at any price if it appeared on the AH. Which it did.

And there she is … whinging and moaning. Yes, even her Voidlord threw up his hands in disgust with her. She immediately complained about her enchant’s green glow on the staff. She felt she should be able to turn it on or off. She was NOT happy.

warlockonfireShe then complained that the cloak only worked the way she hoped while she’s on fire and said she’d just not display cloak until she finds one that works. WHAT! YOU WHAT? Did I get a thank you? NO! I get complaints.

I’m reduced to complaining to you because too much arguing with a Warlock can have … consequences … is all I’ll say. Nobody else is this demanding. Let’s take a look.

catreplicaCat goes around in replica gear and a belt she bought for 50s because it was green. No high maintenance fussy dresser there. Okay she’s hardly ever in Night Elf form but still. Cat I appreciate it, I really do.

rosecloakHere’s Rose in her Timeless Isle gear. The ONLY thing she requested was a less busy cloak, she’s happy with the rest. Must be a Druid thing, they both are low maintenance. Never any trouble … okay … yeah … Cat does have a thing for pets but at least she’s grateful.


Okay, here’s my Shaman the comedian. She’s wearing a mish-mash of stuff and doesn’t care. All she wanted was an Anvilmar Hammer cause she thinks it funny. See what I mean? ONLY Cim causes trouble.

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. As a favor to me if you see Cim could you tell her she looks great just as she is? Maybe it will stop all this nonsense, it’s worth a try.

14 Responses to “My Warlock the Ingrate”

  1. Pst…pst…over here…yes, you, shaman…don’t take that shit from that warlock! Seriously! Let’s go shopping! Oh SNAP SHE HEARD US! RUNNNNNNN!

  2. LOL darn snooty warlock! Everything looks wonderful and if your warlock isn’t happy…well, we can always dunk her in some water until she is. 😀 Love the transmogs, they are always awesome.

    • I know! She always lords it over the others, some of them are more like me and don’t care what they wear. And I’ve yet to see her put together anything that looks really Warlocky but I don’t say anything cause I don’t want a minion coming after me.

  3. Oh that fussy warlock. (Though she does look really great!) Seish is about the worst of mine I think. He just drops money where he likes if he wants something for transmog and you can’t argue because then there’s you get the speech about paladins having a certain image to uphold.
    But Cat looks lovely just as she is without spending all that money. Then again no wonder druids aren’t fussy, could there be a better transmog than cat form?

    • Cat pays her no attention cause you’re right, what better transmogs than cat, bear, orca and stag!

      Oh no, is that what I have to look forward to whenever my little Paladin grows up! I guess Paladins and Warlocks are very image conscious. I’ll have to start saving up!

  4. There were Spires of Scarlet Pain on the AHs of a couple of my servers this week, and I thought of Cimmeria. I’m glad she could find one on the AH, too!

    Psst Cim, have you got the Vermillion Robes of the Dominant yet? I get that that idea for this outfit was to use *this* robe, but those robes would look great with those shoulders and cloak and staff — though you *would* most likely need a new belt.

    My baby Warlock is pretty demanding, too! She has all kinds of ideas of things she wants to do when she gets to 90….

    • Also, that set would look pretty awesome with the er, Healer Legendary cloak. Which makes sense, given that the robe is a lookalike of a Priest tier set. I guess that still doesn’t solve Cim’s problem, though.

    • She just drives me nuts, I don’t know how you do it. I’ll have to check what she has in the bank but I’m worried it will cause more profligate spending, lol. I know if she doesn’t have it we’ll have to get but at least it’s easily doable, well taking into account RNG.

  5. Next time she wants you to break the bank getting her transmog, point out her next outfit could be this one …..
    You might want to stand well back though :p

  6. Love the replica gear – and that Anvilmar Hammer! Yeah, I wish we could turn off or at least turn down some of the glow effects.

    • I know they’ve got other stuff to do right now but I really wish we could control the glowy effects, or maybe change the color. Be nice they had four or five colors and you could pick!

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