OLRG to the Rescue

chaosboltTypical. So typical Cim. I wanted screen shots of EVERYONE and all you took is one of yourself. Really, if you can’t think of others I might have to send Cat next time. You got to go to test my theory. I was giving that stupidhead Staghelm the benefit of the doubt. I thought maybe because Cat was there with her Fandral’s Flamescythe in her pack he mistakenly thought he didn’t have to hand one out. It didn’t work.

In the name of all that is holy Staghelm you DUMBHEAD, GIVE MATTY THAT STAFF! Enough already! We’ll come back if you do, we promise.

After that the Old Ladies were kind enough to revisit Naxxramas because I had missed last week’s Shocking achievement. Led by the stalwart lass Breige, we got it and that completed Glory of the Raider for me. Thank you kind ladies and men!

We were joined by a dashing Worgen Death Knight, Fenry. I hope he’s alright. He’d eaten some tainted dog food and was a lovely shade of green for a while.

And I have to say, sometimes I really wonder about me. I talked … AT LENGTH … really, must have been half an hour or so without getting a response from anyone. Did I check the mic? Nope. I kept fiddling with vent settings, must be something wrong.

I’ll have to write a note to myself. After fiddling with the bendy microphone thingy, check to make sure you haven’t TURNED IT OFF. And no, I didn’t have any wine. Not for the whole evening because I forgot to … so it’s not that.

But the very best thing … in Cim’s eyes at least, because let’s face it … with that Warlock it’s ALL about her … were the drops. She’d been so disgruntled that the outfit she’d planned fizzled. Just didn’t work like she’d hoped.

firewarlockThis morning she equipped what she got last night and even without changing the belt and the boots it looks pretty darn good (and didn’t cost ME anything) and she’s pretty pleased. And you have NO idea how hard it is to please her. There’s just one little thing. She’s now unhappy with the color of her blob, Gork.

The last I saw her she was headed to Stormwind, somewhere near the Slaughtered Lamb she says there’s a new salon where they’ll dye your minion to match your outfit. I was skeptical at first but then why not, there be these.

Thanks for a wonderful evening Matty and Old Ladies’ Raiding Guild!


17 Responses to “OLRG to the Rescue”

  1. Sounds like fun and congrats on the new achievement and gear.

  2. […] my long-time friend is back playing, and he kindly and graciously brought his Death Knight to tank. (He is dashing, Tome, you’re so right!) So happy to have you there sir! Coming full circle with you from Molten Core to Firelands is an […]

  3. Holy Hellfire she looks amazing! If she can get her blob to cooperate let me know too – panda dogs notwithstanding… That was grand fun as always! Let’s keep wrangling those ponies!

  4. Defnitely, congratz on the achievement!! I know lots of hard work has gone into the transmog and it looks wonderful.

  5. /whistle
    Looking goooood, there, Cim!
    Grats on your achievement, too!

    • Thank you! The Warlock is finally satisfied, I just hope they don’t give her trouble at the minion dyeing salon.

      • If only Warlocks could Tame demons instead of just Enslaving them — then she could go get that red eyeball dude from Auchenai Crypts… although he’s a boss, so maybe she couldn’t Tame him anyway, booo…

  6. […] Cimmeria wasn’t the only one who got a lovely new Transmogrification kit out of last night’s OLRG run through the Firelands and Naxxramas-25. Kaprikka, who’d come along to hang out with her dear friends and help out with getting some achievements, intended to and did pass on just about everything that dropped because she had precious few open bag spaces. She’d forgotten, however, that Naxx-25 contains a couple of items that she actually did need… […]

  7. Ooo Cim looks great! She looked pretty awesome before but boy did she ever get lucky having a mog just drop for her almost ready to go 🙂
    Grats on your achieve too. That was fun.

  8. Haha now that you mentioned the color of your minion… I thought why the hell blizz didnt make a hat or some gear for them too to transmog darn it!!! Lol anyway looking good tome… Grats on chieves.

  9. Oh no! No more mount for this achievement! That’s really poopy. But yay on new clothes and Cim should stop complaining coz Cat hasn’t had new clothes for ages.

    • Yeah, poor Cat spends a lot of time in Mogit but never comes up with anything she really likes. I don’t know why I can’t find anything I like for her in leather. Luckily she doesn’t seem to mind.

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