Even NPCs get Testy

This coming November I will have played WoW continuously for eight years. This is the first time that apathy has set in. It probably won’t cause me to unsub … but yeah … what to do. I don’t even have anything to say … cause I’m not really doing anything.

Thanks goes to Zeirah of A is for Azeroth and Z is for Zeira. Because of her recent post life was good again, I had a mission. Meet Mojo Stormstout in person and see if he’s still feeling out of sorts.

WELL I NEVER! How dare you!

The Draenei are known for their hospitality, Cat thought she’d talk to one of them. While not quite as grumpy as Mojo he wasn’t too pleased with her antics. I can only assume that the long wait for Warlords is taking its toll on not only us, but the NPCs too. You have my sympathy guys, really you do.

Thanks Zeirah! Cat’s off to see who else she can annoy!


14 Responses to “Even NPCs get Testy”

  1. My little monk is going to have to come visit as well. I’m sure he’s actually met him already, but he didn’t harass him, because he’s generally a nice guy.

  2. “You are not normal!” Man, that Draenei sure has Cat pegged. XD

  3. LoL! Thanks – now I’m going to get *nothing* done because I’ll be running around annoying all the NPCs šŸ˜€

  4. LOL, okay, now I’m going to have to see who I can annoy too. šŸ˜€

  5. Hehe, I’m glad it wasn’t just me he was cranky at.
    I’m going around deliberately annoying the npcs I find now. I think the next step is to pester the racial leaders. I hope we don’t cause a strike from too many disgruntled npcs šŸ™‚

    • No, he didn’t think much of Cat either, lol. Oh! That’s a great idea. I need to send her to bother Varian and see if he has her thrown in the SW jail. And I don’t think I’ve ever annoyed any Forsaken, have to give that a try. And here I thought I had nothing left to do!

  6. haha … brilliant!! I never realised .. I need to go poke a LOT of NPC’s now :p

    I must admit to sometimes now feeling a bit deflated .. I think because I’m so used to having too many things to do that I don’t have time to stop and choose, it’s always been a matter of priority.

    I’ve now written myself a list to give myself a kick, and I’ve made an alt which I’m loving playing .. same class as my main, but a different spec to her current two (because I use both of those regularly and didn’t want to get her all upset :p )

    All I need now is connected realms to start up again, and my realm to get connected and *wham* that’s another 11 alts to start on …. *eek*

    • Usually at this point in an expansion I’m starting or playing alts which hasn’t really happened this time. I go in fits and starts. I have a Goblin Rogue but she keeps stalling.

      I know! As soon as my server merged I had 10 slots full on it. I am really happy about the merge. I’m keeping one slot empty just to show I have restraint, lol.

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