Death Knight Redux, Broken Promises and Dance Party

rotlimbSo yeah, my Death Knight. We have just never had a connection. She was born as soon as the class was added and I wanted to like her. I really did. I raced changed her to Worgen, thought that might help. Nope. She’s always been Unholy, I thought maybe a change was in order. She resisted. What was the problem?

Rotlimb. She didn’t want to give him up. She was really attached to her permanent … um … friend. Look, unless you want to molder away in your slot something has got to change. Okay? We’ll try Frost, it must be popular because it’s the Death Knight spec Blizzard has featured in their, “Leap into Action with Our New Level-90 Crash Course Videos.” Let’s watch it.

Oh hey, I think we can do this! Three spells! There are only three spells you’ve got to worry about! Hey, we can handle that … nah … don’t worry about all that other stuff. They just used three spells. No, I have no idea why you’ve got all those other things but don’t worry … Blizzard said.

What about Runes? Oh don’t worry about them just keep mashing those three buttons, something’s got to happen. You worry too much. I thought Death Knight were stoic. Chill … we’ll be fine. People will just think you’re a boosted character.

So at iLevel 493 we set off for the Timeless Isle to learn the craft of Frost Death Knightery.

Holy shit! This pink chicken is kicking my ass! Janinna! Really! Is that how a Death Knight talks? You’re damn right it is! Are you crazy! You’re going to get me … you will resurrect in 25 seconds

Crap! Oh calm down Jan, let’s try the little buffalo thingies. Oh wait! Come on! We’ve got to find crabs to get you a shell hat so you can go up top and get your Burden of Eternity!

After the crab episode she stopped talking to me, told me to do more research. Okay … might be a plan. I don’t think she appreciates this whole bonding experience but it’s early days and I have hope.

Yeah … promises. I promised myself that I would not pre-order Wildstar. I have a bad track record of buying these things and sometimes I’m not even still playing before the free month is up. And I held out. I DID!

Well, until today but I was very frugal I’ll have you know. I got the no frills, no cool hoverboard, no dye, no outfit, plain vanilla Wildstar. How’s that for restraint? We’ll see how this goes. I know at least my Death Knight would be happy to see the back of me.

picoloCim the Warlock was so excited when she got back from Stratholme I thought maybe the mount dropped. No, she said, but it’s just as wonderful! I finally have my own Piccolo of the Flaming Fire! Wow, I so did not see that one coming. The Warlock’s been dreaming of a piccolo? And dance parties?

I think she’s been hanging out with Cat too much. Maybe you should play that thing around Janinna, I think she needs cheering up. She misses Rotlimb, yeah I mean who doesn’t … um … miss Rotlimb.

23 Responses to “Death Knight Redux, Broken Promises and Dance Party”

  1. Yeah…love my DK but I can’t tank so I tried Frost. Death by Pink Flamingos is embarrassing when you’re wearing plate…

    • And it wasn’t just the flamingos. It was death by nearly everything. She once got jumped by a pack of caterpillars of doom! It wasn’t pretty. I need to face the fact that I just can’t play plate wearers, I suck at it, lol.

  2. This post made me laugh so much. I feel your pain! I, too, have even been holding off on Wildstar….

    …I keep visiting the website today though.

    • Oh no! Watch out! That’s how it started for me this morning. I kept visiting the website … Headstart begins May 31 … that’s tomorrow … don’t do it … don’t do it … DO IT! DO IT! And then, yup, I did it.

  3. I think Death Knights are an acquired taste and like sprouts it’s not one I’ve managed to acquire yet.

    • I think you’re right although I keep trying every once in a while. For whatever reason it seems the more armor a character has the worse I play them. It just seems to take forever for them to kill anything so out of boredom I pull everything in the vicinity with not so great results, lol.

  4. I only had a dk for a short while… to get a mount from a friend. Then it got deleted. Bai bai DK. But your dk is so pretty, I would feel bad deleting her.

    • She probably won’t get deleted as she is my original DK that I was so excited about when the class was new. That gives her some job security but damn I really need to relearn the class.

  5. LOL I think my DKs would leave town if I went to the Isle w/o being Unholy – they can survive out there much better or so they tell me. Tried Frost and ate dirt most of the time. Yep, rezz timer is great, however, none of them wants to sit in the graveyard – LOL so, they hearthed home and ran away to hide their embarrassment.

  6. Oh gosh I hadn’t heard of that trinket before and I just picked it up from a mageweave cloth farming session in Stratholme, talk about coincidence 🙂

    • I really, really wanted it back in Wrath and then forgot about until NPCScan went off in there and I remembered what Hearthsinger had! And he was even kind enough to give it to me!

  7. Tyledres Says:

    Hell… I don’t think I would try timeless isle as frost. There’s not all that much survivability so unless you have the gear to kill a mob before it kills you, you’re better off running around as blood. Use bone shield, pestillance for diseases, then heart strike, rune strike, and death strike and a blood boil if the diseases are about to expire. If your playing by yourself you can use the tank specs as well as the dps ones, I actually think the tank specs are much nicer for running around doing quests with for the plate wearers than their dps specs.

    • Thanks Tyl! she went up to the top and got the free burden which jumped her to the dizzying height of iLevel 495. I don’t know whether I’m getting the hang of her or what but things went much smoother.

      One of those green gander rares spawned on top of her and she managed to kill it by herself. I was kind of liking her after that!

      I think I’ll see which I like better Unholy or Frost and then change one of them to the tank spec.

  8. Love my dk, just not as much as my other toons, and seen youve been doing a few Wildstar mentions here and there I noticed… heard about it long before and does look nice. Don’t wanna touch it though… I’m the same, buy then shortly after I have it I am done. =)

    • I’m starting to warm up to her a little now. I thought I’d give her some enchants and gems to give her a fighting chance and it did. She’s been so neglected.

      I’m enjoying Wildstar but I was surprised at how crowded it is already and hasn’t even launched officially yet. I’d have to stay longer than the month to find stuff to kill, lol.

  9. Nooooooo you were supposed to wait and play ArcheAge with me! Oh, did I forget to mention that? Ooops….

    I think Cim has visions of doing her own version of Nero, piping away on her piccolo while everything burns around her!

  10. I always would forget to put my DK in any presence at all and run around dying a lot wondering what was going on until I realized. I never really did get the hang of frost though so I’d always just go blood and heal through everything.

    • Lol! I’m glad I’m not the only one, this DK went about three levels with no presence before I finally figured out what was wrong. She’s doing much better now that I added a few other spells but a good DK I’ll never be!

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