Thoughts on Cheating …

totaI know it’s crazy but before I log into Wildstar I make sure the app is closed. I just … I just don’t want anyone to know. Not Cat or Cim or any of my characters. Cat’s still looking for mounts in old dungeons, Cim’s still looking for clothes. The Death Knight is looking to break the iLevel 500 mark. I don’t want them to know. I feel like I’m cheating on them so I make sure the app is not watching, could be a snitch.

zoftigAnyway, first thing I did was recreate the Aurin Esper I’d made in the beta just a little less … zoftig … so instead of looking like this she now looks a little underfed, I can’t seem to get the right balance in character creation.

I was anxious to get past the place I’d left off and start exploring. And yeah, what the hell is up with that? I am terrible at jumping and yet I can’t resist taking the Explorer path. I really must have masochistic tendencies.

Her name is Tota and she’s on Stormtalon and that’s the problem.


I went to login later in the day and this. As much as I liked her a six hour wait? Sorry Tota, I’m cutting you loose. I need to find a less popular server. I’d say NCSOFT should be pretty pleased with the response so far as it’s not launched yet.

ClariseeSo Clarisee the Mordesh Spellslinger was born on Mikros, hopefully Mikros doesn’t go the way of Stormtalon. I have no idea why, maybe because Matty had mentioned her in a post but I wanted to name her Clarice in honor of Clarice Starling. Someone already had that one so she ended up with a bizarre mish-mash of Clarice and Khaleesi because Game of Thrones was on my mind because there was going to be a new one. Yes not very scientific, my naming process.

I didn’t want to be a Spellslinger because I didn’t really want to use guns. I was wrong, I really like her a lot. She has anger issues over the whole degenerative disease thing and her looks … yeah, not the pick of the litter but she’s really growing on me. I did think it a little inconsiderate that she also chose the Explorer path but maybe she didn’t know how I felt about jumping.

THE WATER HAS CURRENTS! Sorry, had to yell that as I was so excited about it I spent maybe half an hour being carried hither and yon. After that we got busy getting to level ten because she was anxious to start crafting and that’s where I left her. Wildstar’s got one month to hook me, let’s see how it goes.

So if you’re on Mikros too, be sure to tell everyone it’s a horrible server. We don’t want to be popular, don’t let on how nice it is. Keep that under your hat. And oh … if Cat asks if you’ve seen me could you keep that under your hat too? Pretty please?

13 Responses to “Thoughts on Cheating …”

  1. How do you like the game overall? I keep debating whether or not I want to give Wildstar a try!

    • I am enjoying it but then I have a history of loving a game for two weeks and then just walking away one day. I guess I’m fickle, lol. The only game so far that has kept me around for any length of time so far is WoW.

      So far though I’ve had a good time and aside from the one server being full there really haven’t been any problems at all. It will be interesting to see how it goes after the launch.

  2. Yeah I had a play on the beta and that was one of the main things that surprised me, the water currents. Approximately as long as it took to be swept over a waterfall, anyway :p

  3. Who knew that Tome of the Ancient would send me to the dictionary?

    NOW I get the association of the redhead pic with “zoftig”.

  4. Hey I get that guilty feeling. It’s bad enough when you play around in another F2P MMO, but when you’ve actually spent money to buy and sub, it does feel more like cheating! Fight it! Love is not a zero-sum game, there’s plenty for everyone!

    • Today is a WoW day as I’m trying to get them valor so they can be dressed as well as I can dress them come WoD, so no guilt here!

      I don’t know my Wildstar characters well enough yet to feel guilty I’m not playing them so it’s all good!

  5. Hmm, sounds like Clarisee and Sasche would have a lot in common. Not that either one of them would really want to talk about it, especially to the other, though?

    • I know, and as I look at the screen shots it seems I’ve made a Wildstar version of Cat and Sasche and didn’t even realize it at the time. I wonder who is going to show up next!

  6. I’m on Mikros too, and I’m totally for telling people it sucks. But they’re offering free realm transfers to there, so I’m not sure it’s going to work. 😦 I’m a Chua Engineer atm, but I’m sure I’ll create an Exile soon enough. Wheeee.

    • Oh no, free transfers! It’s so lovely now, I hope it doesn’t end up with a 6 hour wait too. I’m on off hours so hopefully won’t get overcrowded.

      Once I learned how to get off of the spaceship I stayed Exile as at least I knew how to do it, lol.

      This has pretty much been the first game I’ve not been trying to level feverishly. I’ve spent hours just exploring which I always mean to do but never do.

      /waves at Chua Engineer!

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