WoW and Wildstar Woes

cymannoyYeah, Cim’s a little annoyed with me right now. We seem to be having a string of bad luck. Okay, okay! But I’ve TRIED fixing the sticky key Cym, I’ve tried. My w key was sticking so I used air to blow any gunk out of my keyboard. I got an AMAZING amount of black dog hair out, wads of that stuff. Nope, didn’t help. Now once it sticks, it stays down and you have to pry up it. So, kind of a permanent down.

What this means is that Cym might be casting and halfway through she lurches forward stopping the cast. I mean I KNEW that was a problem but the … ah … accident she had? I did not see that one coming … at all.

She was getting her valor this morning and someone was at the door. I was considerate and left her safely on the path where nothing would bother her in my absence. And yeah … the key was stuck down. I didn’t take time to pry it up.

Imagine my surprise on my return to find her over by the beach being killed by a snake. I guess that key decided it was time to move on. Head ’em up, move ’em out! Land ho!

I know Cym, I said I was sorry! I don’t want to replace it, they don’t make that keyboard anymore! Geez, I’ll make it up to you somehow. Really, stop whining. So I decided to visit Wildstar.

ClariseestuckAnd then this. No, she’s not saying pull my finger. She’s stuck that way. It’s so embarrassing, people are beginning to stare. The last time poor Clarisee holstered her pistols her arms shot up and she’s been pointing fingers at everyone ever since.

I’m sure people wonder why she’s menacing them with her fingers. I tried toggling weapon on and off to no avail. I don’t know if I can go on like this. Clarisee, if this is a joke it is SO NOT FUNNY ANYMORE!

If anyone has advice for sticky keys or stuck arms it would sure be appreciated. I think I’ll equip her weapons in the meantime. Maybe she’ll look like a badass that way instead of just … an ass.

I have two Free 7-Day Trial Passes for Wildstar, anyone interested in taking a look email me at tomeoftheancient at gmail dot com. I believe Wildstar is PC only.


23 Responses to “WoW and Wildstar Woes”

  1. Must be going around: I cut the tip of my middle finger which is my w finger: Cim has her blood sacrifice.

  2. My only advice is to get a new keyboard 😦

    I don’t even want to think about how much cat hair might be hiding in my laptop.

  3. Haha .. we’ve had many occasion when keys get stuck. Often either the shift key or the “run round in circles in the middle of a boss fight” button. Depending on the keyboard, you could always pop the key off and clean properly underneath .. its probably got something sticky under it :p

    If I remember correctly (but I may not) .. there was a similar bug in Star Wars MMO when that first came out .. some sort of graphical glitch.

  4. LOL I’ve had stuck keys and had my characters running amuck in a dungeon – why are they running over there, over here and OMG, not the Boss, not the Boss!!

    The keys are spring loaded on most keyboards, I’ve cleaned mine out, found that it was still sticking, thought about replacing it and they don’t make the keyboard anymore either – found a clicky pen – one with the spring in it and took the spring out, made a few adjustments and the key is working fine now. As long as the little plastic nibs inside the keyboard aren’t broken off, the spring should work for you.

    • Okay, it looks like I’ll have to try major key surgery then. And thanks for the pen tip! I will defeat the sticky key!

      • LOL I used tweezers to compress the spring to make it smaller at the ends and a bit in the middle without destroying the “spring” of it. It takes some time but it does work – come to think of it, it was my “W” key as well. Mine has been working “knocks on wood” for the better part of year since my fix.

  5. Ahahaha poor Clarisee. There’s plenty of things you’re made fun of for already in that game, you don’t need this too!

    I’d snap up one of those trial passes but I am in the final month of schoolwork so it’s best if I don’t get sidetracked by new shinies just now. Plus I want to see if you make it past that two week barrier! 😛

    • Thankfully the next time I logged in she had her arms down, lol. Finally done making a spectacle of herself.

      I was going great guns trying to get to level 14 for my house, I’ll see how it goes now that she’s attained it. I keep wanting to make another character but can’t face getting off the ship again. Yes, schoolwork comes first!

  6. I have not tried it but not sure if I have time! Looks like everyone is loving it though!

  7. As someone else mentioned usually you can pop the keys off and wash underneath. It can be good to pop the keys off anyways before using the compressed air as often stuff can’t escape no matter how much air you use with the keys still on.

    • I’m going to try it but I’m just working up my nerve, lol. I so don’t want to damage this old keyboard as they don’t make one like it anymore and it’s a weird one that I got used to. Crossing my fingers for success!

      • Anonymous Says:

        Just remember where the keys came from if you take off several. I worked with someone one who, in a bored half hour decided to pop all the keys off her keyboard to clean it, then couldn’t remember where they went back!! I used to work with some odd people …

  8. She must be really mad. =p Oh well, she needs to die now and again, keeps her on her toes.

    • She was! She must have been real embarrassed when she ran into the stone by the beach and her little legs kept running while that snake killed her. It was hard not to laugh but it’s not healthy to laugh at Warlocks, oh no.

  9. Haha, that reminds me of some buggy pics I have from BC and vanilla. People with their arms stuck in the air. Hope the major key surgery works out.

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