Persona Non Grata and a Wildstar Tip

catbackAw … come on Cat, I said I was sorry. Really, it’s not like you to hold a grudge this long. Cat? Cat? Sigh. She’s really mad at me this time. I logged in to find Cat outfitted with an un-gemmed iLevel 496 hat on. I remembered selling a helm before I logged out. Oops.

I had sold her upgraded gemmed helm … by mistake … a thing I do frequently. But the reason she won’t speak to me is because I made her go to the Timeless Isle and start gathering coins again. For a whole day … which she didn’t like.

Yes, it took a whole day for the hamsters that power my mind to get up to speed. Eureka! I know! Item Restoration! So she’s all set again but still mad that it took me a day to get my memory powered up. It’s not like her but I guess maybe she’s feeling grumpy too about our  long wait for Warlords.

hidehelmSo far be it from me to hang around where I wasn’t welcome. I went to visit Totatu in Wildstar, I had a vitally important mission for her. She COULD NOT continue to run around wearing an ugly gas-mask. We MUST find out how to hide helm. It’s of the utmost importance, right up there with acquiring plushies for our house.

Success! We found a Protostar Appearance Modificator egghead guy in Thayd and you select Costume 1 and yes!!! You can turn off your helm! Mission accomplished!

eyeballYeah … it occurs to me that I might want to mention to Totatu that just because something dropped for you, you don’t have to necessarily use it. I mean I would but I’m already persona non grata in WoW maybe I’ll just keep this to myself. If Totatu gets mad at me the only destination left to me is real life where there’s cleaning and stuff to do. Yeah … giant eyeballs aren’t THAT bad.

12 Responses to “Persona Non Grata and a Wildstar Tip”

  1. That item restoration is a gem. I use it pretty much every month due to lack of room.

  2. I can’t wait to dive into changing outfits in Wildstar. I was very bummed to find the guest pass so limited, but thrilled that it was enough to give me an overview of the playstyle and all. Starting from scratch is so daunting though!

    And I’m pretty sure my Imp would mutiny if I was gone for too long, so I feel your pain there too! 😉

    • Starting from scratch is! I get so frustrated not knowing what’s going on and then if I have a problem with a quest there’s no wowhead to fall back on, I’ve been so spoiled, lol.

      Yeah, I’m heading to wow to let her go knock goats off cliffs to kind of make it up to her!

  3. […] a post, too, thought I should take another look. By the way, did you know that Druids are the most passive/aggressive of all the classes? It’s true. Momokawa told me those pants didn’t make me look fat, […]

  4. If I actually sat down and wrote my list of recent derps and burps the internet would melt. Cat: stay cool, chica. Be nice to Tome.

  5. would think with just about every game having a “turn off helm” option gear designers would get the message 😀

  6. I simply love that top photo Tome. Omgosh. Perfectly Pouting. .<

    • For some reason my comment didn’t all go through. 😦 I was saying that for the record, I also often sell or d/e upgrades accidentally then wonder what happened!

      • She’s usually not that sensitive but I guess the thought of collecting coins drove her over the edge, lol. I’m glad I’m not the only one who accidentally sells the good stuff!

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