When the Stars Align and Making Amends

ulduarcimFinally got to go on an OLRG run again. With Matty, Breige and Hekle in her stabby Rogue persona, we visited Ulduar which as always was beautiful. I was glad the stars aligned and Cim got a chance to go. She cleans up nice and LOOKS civilized but at the end of the day she is a Warlock, she isn’t happy unless she’s killing something or someone.

Doesn’t have to be a reason … doesn’t have to drop anything … she just wants them dead, so thankfully she got a chance to get that out of her system. I was afraid she’d start chaos bolting people’s Perky Pugs in frustration. So whew, thank you ladies!


Now Cat’s a whole different story, she generally only kills things that try to kill her first. I wanted to cheer her up so I knew just the thing. Billy Goat Blasting! So off we went to Fuselight and Cat had a really great time. Yeah, she’s pretty low maintenance.

We have slacked off in our mission to build an overwhelming large stable of rare pets lately. Cat thought it would be great to head to the Swamp of Sorrows and try our luck finding the elusive rare Moccasin or the Swamp Moth. We had no luck but a Flawless Battle-Stone dropped, so instant rare Swamp Moth! We’re now BFFs again … all is forgiven.

seekerkBut … Cat has plans and I’m not really on board. I mean I didn’t tell her no but I can’t see me going the distance on this one. The acquisition of the Crawling Claw nearly broke my spirit … and this thing? I’m not liking our chances. We’ll see how it goes, she’s easily distracted so I’m hoping something comes along and she forgets about this. Got my fingers crossed, wish me luck!

10 Responses to “When the Stars Align and Making Amends”

  1. If only they had crawling claws on our runs…maybe I’ll coax them out with drawn butter and mallets…

  2. I don’t blame you on those pristine discoveries. Billy Goat punting ftw!

  3. Punting goats is fun!! Glad to see that I’m not the only one that enjoys the “little” things. That did make me laugh, thanks 😀

    • I’m pretty sure the little things like goat punting are why I’ve never unsubbed. I’ve enjoyed a lot of games but a place where you can punt goats? That’s home, lol.

      • I think that I enjoy a lot of the little things in game where there isn’t the constant thing of competing – that makes me stress out something fierce. LOL I like archeology too, so that makes me a bit of a geek – happy geek non-the-less. 😀

  4. Those pristine things drive me nuts. I still have 2 to go – it’s so close yet so far away still.

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