First Impressions: Um … Who are You?

madcatYike! Yike! Yike! This is not my sweet Cat! This Elf scares the bejeebers out of me. She looks … she looks like a big meanie. Somehow seeing the artwork does not prepare you for seeing the change to your character. I was so alarmed by Cat’s stern countenance I switched to Cim. If Cat looks scary what in the world will that Warlock look like?

So while I’m switching I’m listening to the music and THAT’S intimidating too. Jeez, they weren’t kidding about Warlords being brutal. Okay, here’s Cim … Cim?

schoolmarmWTF! Cim the Warlock looks like a schoolmarm! Still, it’s less disturbing than Cat. I think I’ll stick with Cim although she lost all her pretty clothes and now looks like a refugee from a garage sale. I kept getting booted off so my first impressions are few.

Yay! Toy Box! Finally found it on my pet tab. First thing I did was clean up her bags. I wish Cim was more of a collector, I would really have seen an improvement with Cat but I can’t go there, she’s too scary.

There’s now a little icon on your bag to auto arrange. DON’T DO IT! I had to spend a lot of valuable time putting it all back the way it was because we don’t see eye-to-eye on arranging issues. AND IT STOLE MY STUFF! Oh … I see … sorry. I only had one stack of Spirit Dust but it had about 74 in it. That’s wonderful.

Next, I spent most of my time doing keybinds. I’m fine without addons but really need the keybinds to stay alive for any length of time and a few macros. There. Let’s do this!

Well, we got through the portal but she’s stuck on a kill eight Orc quest. I think we managed to get to six. I think we’ll have to wait until next week daytime. There were not enough Orc to go around for the mobs of people, so finding an undead one was pretty tricky.

The most surprising thing was my reaction to Cat, she seriously disturbs me at this point although I liked the new models when the art was released. I know they’re still working on them and they’re not a finished product. Hopefully they’ll end up looking a little less … forbidding.



39 Responses to “First Impressions: Um … Who are You?”

  1. Oh wow, I see what you mean about their faces, I couldn’t help but chuckle at your reaction but I had the same reaction when I saw my npc face. I’m just glad it wasn’t the angry face.

  2. I have noticed a lot of people complaining that their face didn’t match their original choice. i hope they take some time and fix this, or at least allow one plastic surgery per character. I am really nervous about what they will do to my lovely Delgada!

    • I definitely think your idea of one free surgery is needed unless these models change A LOT. This just isn’t my idea of Cat at all. Cim isn’t Cim either but it’s not for some reason as upsetting.

  3. I hope testers are giving them an earful in the beta forums and/or defect database (whatever they have). Reason being is this: they stated categorically that there would be NO free character appearance change because the new models would “stay true to the spirit of the original models” or some such nonsense.

    They may be able to say that “true to the spirit of” is open to interpretation, and that THEIR interpretation is the one that counts, but I would counter with “let’s accept that the spirit of the character includes ‘I would never choose a character appearance that scares the hell out of me!'”

    I’m almost glad the WoWHead character viewer is wonky on both of my machines. I’m afraid to see what kind of scowl poor Grimmtooth has on his face.

    • I took a quick look on the beta forums after my character shock and found quite a few complaints about human females and night elf females.

      Exactly, something so subjective as your character’s looks is very hard to guarantee that it will “stay true to the spirit of the original models.” That’s sure not my idea of the spirit of Cat. I know it’s early days so we’ll see.

      • Yep, it’s still far from done as a whole, but I’m worried that the art department might consider it job done in some of these cases. Clearly, they have work left to do. Honestly, Blizz might come out on top if they just changed their minds on the free appearance change token. A lot easier to do that than rework all the artwork, especially as the fall approaches.

  4. Didn’t you say a couple of weeks ago that Cat was mad at you for abandoning her for Wildstar? Well now you know she really means it!

    • But we made up! It’s not like her to do a re-mad, lol. The only good thing is she’s a feral druid so if she stays so grim I’ll just have to leave her in perma-cat form.

  5. Oh my, Cat is clearly not a happy camper at the moment – maybe she doesn’t like her clothes? Hope they can change that because it makes me afraid to load in my characters to see what they look like. 😀

    • She looks kind of like she’s a boss you’re about to fight to me. I copied my Undead Female just to see and she’s still the same, whew. Maybe in game Cat wouldn’t look like that, I’ll have to check it out.

  6. Just loaded one of my female Kaldorei into the beta and she has a very angry expression as well – not one that I would have chosen for her. I think if you go into the character create screen you will see that they have one face with more or less wrinkles or scowls. Hope they fix this. 😦

  7. I checked my Night Elves in the Wowhead thingie given that I’m the only person I know who doesn’t have beta access 😦 (yes I might be slightly grumpy about this) and they are the only race I’m happy with, mostly because I always saw them as serious warrior types.

    I definitely think that Blizzard need to rethink the lack of free redesigns otherwise there will be a lot of unhappy customers.

    • Oddly I don’t think I’d mind the look on my Night Elf Hunter as she’s more serious than Cat. I found some unhappy people on the forums about both Night Elf and Human females. I just keep hoping they’re not quite done yet, maybe she will lighten up!

      • OMG I just went and looked at mine. Grimmtooth himself is actually okay, I’m good with his look. But my very seriously scowling warlock now looks like she’s about to sing nursery rhymes. WTF can’t blow things up with that face! My nelf healer is also rather inappropriate with her scowly visage. This is mostly completely not what they promised.

        • I felt a little better after reading Godmother’s post that at present in the beta there’s only one face option available. I’m hoping at some point the real Cat will emerge!

  8. I can’t wait to see what the troll female will look like! But I’m a bit afraid that my Syrco will look very different.. Sad if you don’t like the new face and have to pay to change it.

  9. I am so out of the loop: is this from beta? Hmmmmm

    • Well, as Madam Alt posted, the CMs have spoken on this, and pointed out that the current models only have one – the default – face. So what we see is not what we get in this case, and there’s a bit more artwork forthcoming. Be of good cheer!

    • Yep, it seems that they gave beta invites to suckers, er, customers who have had a long term commitment. I’ve had an uninterrupted sub since Vanilla. My claim to fame!

  10. […] And now I see that my dear friend Tome isn’t happy with the beta – I am so out of it. We…. I’m going through this right now in real life. So many unknowns. But I’ve taken it into my head to take control of those things I think or believe I can. In Azeroth, I said what the hell and did something I have never be brave enough to do, and tried an open raid. You know what? It was wonderful. People were nice, helpful, and friendly. Go figure. And they don’t even know me. […]

  11. I can understand the concern with model changes, still getting used to those on my tauren, though I think for the most part I like them

    • I calmed down after I found out they only have one model in the beta right now. Hopefully Cat will be back to her cheery self once it launches. Hmm, now I’m curious, I need to copy my Tauren and see what she looks like!

  12. Oh no offense taken! I just am musing at my own lack of understanding Blizzard’s comings and goings…my nose has been buried too deep in Hearthstone and…it’s become a problem. 🙂

  13. I used the WOD model viewer to check out Alex…and it is AWFUL. I sincerely hope that one-model-thing is true. I would actually leave over this. O_o

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that one way or another, this gets fixed. (I’d prefer free plastic surgery, just to be sure, but still.) I totally understand your pain!

    • I took a look at creating a level one and it looked like you had the option for pretty much one face, the other selections were just that same face aged it looked like to me so I’m going to be hopeful that we’ll get our rightful faces back come launch! Fingers crossed!

  14. Wow the model! That doesn’t look ilke Cat at all! OMG! I do like the toybox but NOW I HAVE THIS URGE TO FILL IT…

    • I know, I don’t know who that is but it’s not Cat! There are so many things I didn’t keep that I wish I had now. Most of the stuff from quests in mop I deleted because of space.

  15. The real question is what Cat looks like in cat form?

  16. […] Now, if you were I, which I am, you might recoil in shock at the changed visage.  And possibly be a bit angry, for a good reason. No, it isn’t because I hate change, but because Blizzard made a promise – we would not need a free character modification token, they said, because they were going to make the new models true to the old ones, and thus our new models would be entirely satisfactory.  As you can see, this is not true, and thus a LOT of people are upset2. […]

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