Khadgar’s Happy to See Me!

KhadgarI knew Khadgar was one of the greatest wizards ever but damn, that guy is a little intimidating. I got up my nerve and had a chat with him. He sent me on my way. After that it all got a little buggy, I feel bad cause I know he’s depending on me.


I was happy I got to meet Cyrme’s flatulent friend. All I want to do is finally have a garrison but it’s proving harder than I’d imagined. Not the mobs but this:

techdiffI’m either being booted off or I’m actually there but … can’t see anything … or move. I was dumped at the Dark Portal and then anytime I moved anywhere I ended up back at the Portal. This is starting to feel like real life. This can’t be right. I finally found a mini Dark Portal in Stormwind where the Cata portals are. Success! I’m in!

Oh not so fast Missy! Damn, the server went down. I’m taking a breather. This is hard work. I just really wanted to show my Khadgar screen shot. Because giant … ah … WIZARD.

9 Responses to “Khadgar’s Happy to See Me!”

  1. LOL, yes, poor Fnor spends a lot of time on Hordeside being shunted back and forth due to glitches and crashes on the server – hehe, it’s Beta. Maggie has decided to sit in SW for a while and just watch the “men” 😀

  2. I”m getting stuck a lot. Lots of dcs, but I’m playign with my garrison. Gosh I can’t believe I have to level in this beta thing. What a nightmare.

    • I kind of accidentally leveled while waiting for them to fix the garrison. It wasn’t available yesterday here’s hoping they might have worked out the kinks and I’ll get to try it out today.

  3. Is that a wand in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?! ROFLMAO

  4. […] of the Helm of the Fierce Bison clan, after all, and those bonds run deeper than garrison posts or Khadgar fashion. Way deeper. No one gets between me and my […]

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