Pippers the Helpful Garrison Dog

pippersI was happy to see that the Garrisons come complete with a dog and cat. I noticed Pippers running out of the Garrison. I was concerned, it’s dangerous out there. Where’s Shelly? No where to be found so I went running after him to make sure he didn’t get in trouble.

Oh! Pippers, thank you! He led me around and took me to places he’d buried Garrison Resources. I’ll be interested to see if he buries more tomorrow.

outhouseI thought I should introduce myself to the inhabitants of the Garrison and found that, YES, I have an outhouse. And that one lumberjack kept knocking back beers so fast I don’t know how much use he’ll be.

surveyA Dwarf was surveying the area and I asked if I could have a look. She graciously allowed me a peek.

view Shadowmoon Valley is shockingly beautiful compared to what exists there now but for my crappy eyes it’s a little dark.

What most struck me today was the incredible difference a day made. Yesterday I thought this expansion would never be ready by December. Today Garrisons have been stable and I’ve not encountered one problem. Evidently I know nothing about game development. Now I’m a whole lot more optimistic.

Makes me want to start over with another character and experience it while working as intended … I’m just afraid. Cat? Could you make sure you stay in cat form and don’t scare me with the Stern Elf of Death?

13 Responses to “Pippers the Helpful Garrison Dog”

  1. Yes, it’s a lot more stable today. Yesterday I was lucky to stay in for more than 5 minutes. It also means that I’ve been able to report more bugs, as I can assume that they are bugs and not something to do with massive lag spikes. They still have a silly amount of work to do judging by the amount of items that have PH names, or are stuck in odd places … hunters are having a nightmare with the pet going awol, and there is something hinky about the mend/revive pet button .. is that supposed to be both on one button? Anyway, it doesn’t seem to work properly :p

    I have also spent a large amount of time “oooh-ing” at various vista’s and little extra’s that I keep finding … I just found a scroll that taught me my next profession level, for example .. I don’t know if that’s just because the trainers don’t have it yet, or if that’s the way we’ll get it .. I prefer the latter, as it kinda makes sense ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I know, poor Cim is without her minion a good deal of the time. He deserts her at the drop of his hat. I wondered if Hunters were having the same problem.

      Cim doesn’t have any curses either and I don’t remember them being the spells that were cut.

      I found a fishing scroll, pretty fun. It made me just want to run around killing anything just to see what I could find. My only problem today has been entering places that aren’t open yet and getting booted back to SW.

      • did you get your fishing scroll off a mob then? I found the herb scroll from actually harvesting a herb (or, I think I did .. I’m starting to doubt that, now :p )

        I’ve not been able to use any of my own characters yet, so I’m using a standard one – and I’ve also not tried horde side either. Well, I did … but it was empty :p

        • I’m pretty sure the fishing scroll was a drop off an Elite, might not have been but I found it right after killing him.

          Yeah, I need to get one of my Horde characters in there and check it out!

  2. Oh wow, I don’t seem to have an outhouse or a dog or cat for that matter. The thing that’s bugging me at the moment is no missions for over a day and I can’t seem to find any outside the garrison either.

    I noticed something funny with my newly copied hunter too. I kept losing the pet but I couldn’t resummon, dismiss or revive and I did notice the two buttons for revive and heal having the same icon.

    • I’ve been told the work-around for the hunter pet bug (which does seem to work) is to switch spec, then back again (even if you don’t actually have a second spec chosen) .. you can then resummon and interact with your pet as normal.

      I suspect … which might make sense … that Blizzard are playing with having the one button do two different things .. mend pet or revive, depending on the pet’s status – I think they still have to iron out a few bugs with it though :p

      When I was first in (Beta), I immediately started with horde, but there were no quests other than the occasional bonus quest linked to specific areas. I seem to recall someone saying that they (Blizzard) had tested the horde starting zone in Alpha and were turning to alliance starting zone this week – I just didn’t realise that meant they were switching horde off completely :p

      • I heard they were switching to alliance but I just thought they meant you couldn’t choose a horde toon to play. I didn’t know they had the nifty ‘copy your toon’ option in-game. I did notice some new quest hubs after yesterday’s build though.

        The mend/revive button does sound good since they did the same thing for druid travel/flying form.

        Thx for the pet suggestion. I’ll try that out the next time I log in to my hunter.

    • Oh no! No dog or cat! Or an outhouse! At least when Cim loses her void she can at least resummon. I’m trying to find plans, don’t know if they’re drops or not but I keep looking. I want to expand!

  3. LOL I am in the process of trying to get my garrison built – poor pet kept disappearing and the last quest item I need to finish the phase and actually get into my garrison can’t be found – by me, at least.

  4. I seriously just spent five minutes wondering why Blizz were giving warlocks armadillo minions…purple…armadillos…>.>

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