Warlords Beta: In Search of the Poop Quest

stayregularIt kind of tickles me that when giving a beta key to a long time subscriber, Blizzard had no idea that said subscriber was also a nut job blogger who’s enamored by poop quests. One of my top priorities has been searching for the Warlords poop quest.

Can it be? Has the poop quest been elevated to the lofty status of an achievement? And yes, I tried but they haven’t hooked up the plumbing quite yet I guess.

raidtierOMG! Quick! Someone get a shovel! There’s raid tier buried here! Probably find lots of stuff for transmogging. I wonder if that little dog Pippers did this.

bowlingtCim! I told you not to muck about with stuff! You messed around with that monument thingy and now we’re stuck with … what is it anyway? The Largest Bowling Trophy Evar … I see. Can you please just not touch stuff if you don’t know what it does from now on?

It’s so embarrassing, I know Cim’s a Warlock but look at the way she treats her followers! It’s shocking! I wouldn’t be surprised if they walked off the job on her. Really Cim!

Yeah, guess I’d better get back finding that poop quest. Inquiring minds want to know! Oh, okay … maybe you don’t but I sure do.



9 Responses to “Warlords Beta: In Search of the Poop Quest”

  1. Oh god, I’m sooo thick sometimes!! I saw that grave .. I inspected it, I walked around it, I clicked on it .. I zoomed in on it. I’ve only just now realised what it says!!! Do’h! And I went into the lavvie, but I didn’t get an achievement 😦 Didn’t even get any toilet paper .. or a leaf. *sigh*.

    • I didn’t get it at first but then I remembered something Navi said and I said it out loud and THEN I got it, lol.

      I know! One of those lazy camp followers need to stock up on necessities like toilet paper for that outhouse!

  2. LOL, I’ve been wanting to see the outhouse just so I could get the achievement. Sigh, still no missions, dog, cat or dunny.

  3. ROTFL that has me truly laughing – yep, can’t have an expansion w/o at least one poop quest, however, the achievement is new 😀

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