Somnolent Cats, Self-centered Warlock and Real Life

catsleepSo things haven’t been going smoothly lately or at least not as planned. Last Saturday I was looking forward to an evening with the Old Lady Raiders. I had told Breige I’d see her there and I was sure we’d have lots of fun.

I missed it. Stolen by gypsies? Abducted by aliens? Yeah, I wish I had a cool story but … no. I was asleep. The previous evening fireworks in our neighborhood went on until the wee hours, I didn’t get much sleep. I sat down on the couch about a half hour before I usually login.

In my defense my husband had formula one racing on. I’m sorry formula one fans but that stuff put me to sleep faster than you can say Lewis Hamilton. Three and a half hours later I woke up. Yeah … missed it. I guess that’s what old ladies do. Snore …


I’ve come to realize that, big surprise, my Warlock is pretty self-centered. The last thing she did in the beta was take advantage of a death-free photo-op with Grommash Hellscream and then she split. She does not have it in her to selflessly explore the beta. She doesn’t want to know. I told her Cymre and Euphyley were doing it and she said, fine I’ll read them instead.

I kinda know how she felt though because aside from Garrisons I was running around just killing a bunch of stuff hoping it would complete one of the quests I had because I didn’t want to ACTUALLY READ the quest text. Because I don’t want to know what’s going on.

I mean I met Yrel and covered my ears and ran off like a madwoman. I hope she forgets that by expansion launch. I didn’t mean to be rude but I just want to save it.

So I decided to head back to MoP. I was thwarted in that too. That’s what I’ll do. Nope. Nope. Nope. Not happening.

My husband is off work for a week. He has PROJECTS, we must then drive around securing materials (much like garrisons) to complete said projects. And while out we must dine in style … repeatedly. By the time his week vacation is over I’ll have accumulated enough material to make one banging GIANT garrison not to mention the ten pounds I’ll have gained.

So sleep on little Cat, we’ll make up for it when I return from real life. I promise.

11 Responses to “Somnolent Cats, Self-centered Warlock and Real Life”

  1. Just reading “formula one racing” made me doze off…

  2. LOL I nap daily – it’s not totally an age thing either, it comes from waking up at the crack of dawn and playing WoW until lunctime – hehe, sometimes early and sometimes late. šŸ˜€

    • I never nap in the day but that’s because I’m wearing contacts and they’re the old hard kind so not very comfortable. But I took them out that evening and see what happened, lol.

  3. Naps are good for you.

    I wish I could nap more, like Cat.

  4. Don’t give the Old Ladies a second thought. I think we read each other’s minds, actually – the Helm of the Fierce Bison has telekinetic properties I am certain – I am in a lazy, nappy-kitty kind of mood these days, bordering on ennui and apathy (the twin sisters from a post 90s grunge band I think…)…I am pushing Momokawa to get her cloak, and perhaps Fandral will be so dazzled he’ll back the flip off.

    • I really do miss it, it’s the only time I get to talk to other wowish people. I was in an apathy kind of mood too until husband and home repair kept me from it. OMG! Another cloak! I don’t see how you do that! Go Momo!

  5. I haven’t been reading the quests much either (not that I’ve done too many) or rare killing. I just like collecting their pics mostly. Looking forward to doing it for real though and I feel the same way about formula one racing or similar.

    • Yeah, when the garrison came to a stop because she’s not an alchemist I decided it was for the best. I’m not uninstalling the beta just yet but haven’t been back in. So ready to be there for real!

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